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Deva Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment, 8 Ounce

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair

Key features

  • Intense Moisture Treatment
  • Heaven In Hair
  • Its Really Deep

Honest reviews


soft hair

I don’t like to spend the extra time so I rarely use it. It does make my hair feel nice but I won’t be buying more.

Millicent Blaine, OH

8oz is next to nothing

This costs way too much for such little product… Cantu works just as well and is much cheaper in my opinion. I also don’t like the smell of Deva products, so that factored into my low score as well.

Roseann Bruneau, ID

Works pretty good

gives great moisture, i used the advice of other people that reviewed , and put a small amount in my palm and rub it around to make the product expand , a little goes a long way!, i use as a leave in mostly, worked good as a deep conditioner, but i usually just leave a little in after co washing or deep conditioning.

Minerva Tolovana Park, OR

Good Treatment

I bought this for myself and then for my niece. She loved it so much that we went to Deva to get her hair cut – and she loved that too!

Judith Imperial, PA

It’s more like hair purgatory…

Unfortunately for my 3C biracial (black/white) curls, this product couldn’t deliver. It smells and looks great, but when it’s in my hair, it’s almost sticky and impossible to detangle my locks. I think that I need something with more moisture for my parched, thin curls.

Debra Ochlocknee, GA

Very Rich

I originally bought this thinking it was a leave-in, but it’s not, it’s a rinse out DEEP conditioner, very thick. The directions say to coat hair, put a shower cap on, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse out. I don’t own a shower cap but I do leave it in for 5-10 minutes and I’m still happy with it.

Phyllis Bradford, OH


This is a wonderful product.I did not know how dry my hair was until I started to use this treatment.My hair is softer, silkier and the curls are more healthier and look more natural.I let this treatment sit in longer (about 60 minutes) under a plastic cap then wrap up in a towel for the warmth; rinse with cool water.My hair looks and feels amazing!!!

Eloise Miamisburg, OH

Great deep treatment

I use this product after each time I get my hair highlighted, which dries it out. Be sure to let it sit for half an hour for maximum benefit. Buy it on Amazon and it’ll be cheaper than getting lured into buying something more expensive at the salon!

Hope Camp Meeker, CA

Definitely a curl-saver!

I love this mask! I have a portable mini heat-pad for my hair. I put this in, put a shower cap on, apply the heat for 30 minutes, rinse…and soft silky, hair. I use the entire Deva line and it’s really transformed my hair. Happy with this!

Melba Mount Sinai, NY

Deep conditioning

I use Deva Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment on my curly, color-treated hair. I really helps my hair to feel healthy and soft.

Mariana Sylvester, GA

My conditioner of choice

It is heavy, I take strands of just washed hair and condition it, in a few minutes I rinse it off lightly, my hair feels soft after this treatment. There is a fine line between hair being too heavily coated and just right.

Laura Ganado, AZ

Indeed ‘Heaven In Hair’

Talk about having the best deep conditioner treatment ever. I never used anything that came close to this quality. I used this, and barley ever have to use more conditioner at all. I use less product now since starting this

Dorthy Hartford, IA

Sadly disappointed

I try to do as much research before I purchase a product as possible and I read several reviews on various sites (bad and good). I was particularly interested with hops in the treatment. I used the product exactly as suggested and unfortunately it made no difference in my hair. It did however leave a very pleasant scent other than that for my 4b natural hair I will stick withOrganix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Instant Recovery Mask. Like the say if it’s not broken why fix it…

Sydney Boone, CO