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Deva Devacurl One Condition Conditioner, 12 Ounce

It is an ultra creamy daily conditioner.

Key features

  • This ultra creamy
  • Daily conditioner provides
  • Maximum hydration and is perfect for all curl types

Honest reviews


Great Product, Beware Certain Sellers!

First off, I LOVE this conditioner, it has always worked well for my hair. I’m sure anything I would say about this conditioner is already in another positive review.BUT DO NOT BUY FROM CB Select, they definitely watered down this conditioner. It’s runny and not at all like the consistency I’ve known for the years that I’ve used this product. Beware this seller, their other negative reviews all state that the customer received watered down products.

Joann Driftwood, PA

A must have

We love this stuff. If you have curly or wavy hair this is the best conditioner for it. It was recommended by a salon to my son. It is our favorite now.

Leticia Terrebonne, OR

Great conditioner

I actually bought a bottle at Goodwill for two bucks that was over half full so I had to try it out. I love this conditioner, but why does it have to be so expensive? This helps the knots come out of my hair faster and easier in conjunction with curlysexyhair detangler spray. I never apply conditioner to my roots cause my hair is long and it weighs it down way to much, as I imagine this would be the same way. Not sure what i’m going to do when I run out, may have to break down and buy more.

Annette Beaverton, OR

Versatile Conditioner

I like that this conditioner is versatile. You can use it as a leave in or wash it out if you choose. It really leaves my hair moisturized and it smells good too.

Millie Ardara, PA

I love the smell

I’ve used this a few times and love the smell. But I’m not quite sure if it is improving my curl pattern or not. However, it does leave my hair nice and soft.

Lynette Argusville, ND

love it

I love this product for how wonderful it makes my hair feel and act. Thank you to Deva Curl for having the perfect conditioner

Aurelia Delmar, NY

It’s conditioner, no more no less

As best as I can tell, this is probably just the Deva Curl No-Poo shampoo in another bottle marked conditioner. And not a particularly good one at that.When I tried the Deva Curl line on my long, curly hair I ended up disappointed in most all of it, and found drugstore and salon varieties that worked better, smelled better, and were just as "natural" and free of chemical agents. The Dove cream-oil deep conditioning cream in the tube that is a white cream with a golden swirl of oil through it to be far superior in softening, conditioning and defining my curls.

Ruth Martville, NY


I definitely won’t be using this again, since I have an allergic reaction to it (my face itches and gets red blotches and streaks on it). I’m probably an exception as far as the allergic reaction goes. However, I find that I can find a much cheaper "natural" conditioner in my grocery store that I like better than this (Nature’s Gate Aloe Vera Conditioner). It fine as far as conditioners go and its nice that it doesn’t have parabens and such, but you can get the same effect for cheaper.

Elda Dowling, MI

Wonderful conditioner, just expensive

This conditioner is a great detangler and moisturizer. I’ve used it on and off for 5 years. The smell is pretty strong, kind of like lemongrass, lemon-lime, and kiwi. Any stronger and it would be too much IMO. This works nicely if you follow the Curly Girl method the creator of DevaCurl invented and don’t rinse all of it out. I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t so pricey.

Latoya Sumiton, AL

Love it

Leaves hair soft an manageable and when used with other products in this line makes your curls look wonderful. Recommend it highly

Sheree Peninsula, OH

Great hydrating conditioner

I think this is the best conditioner (to rinse out or leave in a small amount) for dry curly hair.

Shannon Adel, IA

Not what I usually get

I’ve been buying this product for years. However, the two bottle I just purchased leaves a lot to be desired. The conditioner is very watery. Usually this product is thicker . I don’t know why it’s so watery. It doesn’t work as well

Justine Carbondale, PA

Love this stuff

I have used many, many conditioners but this is my favorite. I have wavy hair prone to dryness. This stuff is a huge help.

Sharron Doe Run, MO

Keith Urban Fantastic

I think this is a keeper of what I can add to the good stuff . It smells like no other, a wonderful diffent than any other kind of citrus scent, that delivers with making your hair smell great and conditioned.

Loretta Bedminster, NJ

Very moisturizing

Ever since I began using this conditioner, I can get a comb through my hair easier and my curls are soft.

Luella Lindseyville, KY

My favorite conditioner

I have frizzy wavy hair. This product makes my hair feel clean and it smells amazing. My hair is below my shoulders, and I only have to use a quarter size amount. It makes my hair curl when shower at night and go to sleep with it wet. It also looks great when I blow dry straight. I use the One Condition conditioner with the No Poo cleanser.

Shelby Edgar, MT

Very pleasant and effective conditioner

This is the flagship product of DevaCurl and the Devachan salon in New York, whose co-founder wrote the well-known guide to curly hair care called “Curly Girl.” Condition is great for conditioner washes, conditioning, and to a lesser extent, as a leave-in conditioner (I prefer Wen Fig for that). It’s light and has a pleasant citrus smell. I use it almost every time I wash my hair.

Allene Belchertown, MA

Impressive (and smells wonderful)

Given how a bunch of reviewers say they got watered down and/or rancid product, I had trepidation ordering One Condition for the first time this way. I feel confident though, that my Seller "Infutech" supplied an authentic product. I have never seen a conditioner like this; it’s so thick it’s like putting body lotion in your hair. My hair, which I think is "cherub curls" with a smattering of gray in the crown, was clearly moisture-starved and soaked it up. I skipped past any business of applying it, rinsing it out and then applying more as a leave-in – which strikes me as a very efficient way to run a lot of expensive conditioner down the drain in short order – and instead just used it as a leave-in for several weeks. What a difference! It actually looks like *human* hair now, not something you’d see on an old ratty-nest-haired doll baby. Oh, and the scent? Swoon-worthy.

Patricia Hiram, OH


I absolutely love DevaCurl. I recently strayed and tried another product and am convinced that nothing else compares. Very moisturizing. I use the no poo, this, then put b’leave in in my hair, followed by the light defining gel. When my hair is dry, I use the set up and above (a very small amount). My hair looks amazing. It is the best my curls have ever looked. Love it!

Josefa Baskett, KY

Mom In Denver

This seller was quick with the transaction, quick with email info on shipping and tracking. My item was delivered in a timely manner. I would do business again with this seller. This product was doctor recommended I need to use this product because it is sulfate free. I have been using this for years and I love it. It’s a bit expensive but worth it!!!

Sherrie Barbers Point, HI

Good Conditioner

I have longer thin hair and this makes my hair lay a bit flat. I think it would be better for women that have thicker hair. Leaves your smelling clean and airy.

Molly Northport, MI

Staple rinse out condtioner

I use this every time I wash my hair. I like the way it makes my hair feel and it smells great.

Constance Ridgecrest, NC