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Deva Devacurl One Condition Conditioner, 12 Ounce

It is an ultra creamy daily conditioner.

Key features

  • This ultra creamy
  • Daily conditioner provides
  • Maximum hydration and is perfect for all curl types

Honest reviews


Pleasantly surprised…

I did decent research into the product and received mixed reviews. I bought both the shampoo (No-Poo) and this conditioner and have been quite pleased with both. There was several complaints to the smell, but to be honest it’s not bad, just a heavy “natural” smell to it and I’ve even received compliments. For those that have curly hair (mine’s natural) it’s been great! My hair seems to be more moisturized, with soft and improved curls. I fully recommend the product.

Roxie Ennis, MT

Not impressed

I was really looking for more fromt his product. There is cheaper stuff that does a much better job! It’s not worth the money! Not for Black hair!

Isabel Kansas City, MO

There are better products out there!

To be clear, I have thick wavy hair that is bobbed. I thought that since this stuff is for curly hair it would be good for making my waves more pronounced. I bought this, the Low Poo Shampoo and the B’Leave-In styling gel. First off, all the scents smelled over-powering and fake to me. They actually smelled like laundry detergent (talking Tide etc. here, not Mrs. Meyers). Worse, they left my hair dried out and dull! The first time it happened I thought it was the leave in styling gel, so the next time I just used the shampoo and conditioner and let my hair air-dry with no product. My hair was still frizzy and felt like it was dead. I have come to the conclusion that these are obviously not for my hair! I went back to using my old stand-bys, EO Organics French Lavender shampoo and conditioner (much more natural, cheaper, more pleasant smelling and no nasty sulfates either). Also applied Beauty Without Cruelty’s Leave-In Conditioner. My hair is back to being soft and shiny, just looks healthy. I’m really sorry I wasted my money on this stuff.

Nona Deloit, IA

Discovered by accident but

This product was discovered by accident but it is amazing if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. It seems a little pricey. But it lasts a good while as it doesn’t take much even with long hair. I recommend it highly.

Bonita Varney, WV

Hands down, my favorite conditioner

When I first went CG, I started with some drugstore brands of conditioner, because they are cheaper and I was experimenting. Unfortunately, none of them did much for me. They usually resulted in very limp, greasy strings and completely destroyed my curl pattern. Apparently, I needed protein. So I started using this stuff, and, voila, my curls returned. OneCondition is great, because it is not overly moisturizing, and it contains a bit of protein which adds volume to my hair. The slip isn’t as slick as that of the ultra-moisturizing conditioners, but it suits me well. It really just seems to be a well-balanced conditioner. If you have super dry or super thick hair, this may not be the best choice, but for my fine 3a/3b Botticelli curls it is perfect.It’s terrific as a co-wash too. I’ve been using it for months and haven’t had any build-up or general ickiness on my scalp yet. Despite the price, this one is a keeper!

Eliza Iola, KS

Love it

This is the only brand of Shampoo/Conditioner that I trust with fantastic results. Keeps my hair nice and clean and it doesn’t "foam" which keeps curly hair from getting any more dry than it already is. The nickname "no-poo" alludes to not using a sulfate shampoo, because sulfates tend to strip the hair of its natural oils. Once you take away the sulfates, your hair can retain its natural moisture. Since it’s all natural, it’s much better for the hair than regular shampoo/conditoner which has the same active ingredients found in detergents (sulfates). Another added bonus is that it can be used as a leave in as well. Keeps my hair soft, I wont trust anything else. It’s not cheap, but no salon quality product is. Do yourself a favor, you wont regret it, and you’ll toss your old shampoo/conditoner and never look back.

Lela Oceanport, NJ

Good Product

Great detangler, good slip, curls pop, no white residue in hair, its just the smell is a bit much and it last until u wash it out.

Jill Potrero, CA


This is an incredibly moisturizing conditioner. I use it in conjunction with No-Poo and Set it Free. I "wash" with No-Poo, condition with One condition, they apply more as a leave in after my shower. I follow up with Set it free on my damp hair, and scrunch. It has brought my hair back to life and beautifully defines my curls. I love you Devacurl…don’t ever change!

Marcy Saltillo, TX

great conditioner

i like it a lot, smells nice and fresh, only need small amount, would definately recommend it for just about anyone with curly hair

Laurel Studio City, CA

Not impressed, hate the smell.

I hate the smell & I’ve got other conditioners that I like much better. Heck, I’d use cheap V05 instead of this (which I do love, actually!) This Deva Curl One Conditioner really does nothing impressive for my wavy hair. Won’t be buying it again. I’d rather use something else.

Sheila Hamburg, IA

Not what I expected

I’ve been purchasing this for years. The two that I received before Christmas were definitely watered down. I just purchased the from another company and the are thicker just the way they should be.

Jenna La Center, KY

One Conditioner

This is a must have!I use this as a leave in conditioner too!It does not leave my hair greasy not sticky.I make sure to rinse in cool water but I do not rinse completely out.

Myra Centrahoma, OK

Hydrated, Beautiful Curls!!

This is my one and only conditioner. I absolutely love it.It simply melts into my curls leaving them hydrated and soft. I wouldn’t use any other conditioner. Plus, like many other Devacurl products, it smells AMAZING, but doesn’t linger if you are scent sensitive. I even use a little as a leave in conditioner.Totally recommend to my curly girls!!

Bobby Mendon, OH

Not so great

This is just ok. I did a review on the wash and I don’t like either. I spent a lot of money on mediocre products. I would suggest Terressential hair wash. It’s a wash but it leaves your hair silky smooth.

Margot De Kalb, MO

Love this

I use this all the time so I do love this. It’s the only conditioner I know of that is light enough for my curl. I have a really light curl and any amount of weight causes them to flatten out pretty quick. This conditioner is really light and still gives my hair the conditioning that it needs.

Martha Walton, WV

Curly Girl

My hair is so much softer and more manageable now that I have been using the Deva product line. I love it so much and I try to get everyone who has curly hair to use it. I never loved my hair until I read Curly Girl and started using the product line. Now I’m so proud of my unique curls. Definitely give it a try and give it a good month or so for your hair to start changing. It doesn’t happen overnight!

Elisha Ozawkie, KS

conditions real well.

works very good on my hair. it makes my hair smooth and less tangely. even my husband likes using this conditioner.

Brittney Newburg, MD

Good everyday conditioner

This conditioner was very different from the last one that I bought from Deva Curl. It is very light so I have to use a bit more to keep the same moisture level in my hair. However, it is convenient on the rare occasions that I wash my hair several days in a row because it keeps it from getting too greasy or too dry. Normally I can never condition my hair near the scalp, but this is lightweight enough that I can get away with it on occasion. My only complaint is the smell. It smells a lot like Tide, which I am extremely allergic to and I do have to try to keep it from getting in contact with the skin on my back or neck because it will cause a rash.

Neva Covel, WV


Love the smell and how soft it leave my curls. Wish it didn’t cost so much! Amazon has the best price!

Petra Mount Carroll, IL

great product, love the smell

i use as a leave in

Marian Mckenna, WA