Deva Curl Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner, One Condition, 32-Ounces

Calling all curls. Super Rich – with the invigorating scent of lemon grass. This ultra creamy instant conditioner keeps curls shiny and manageable. For maximum effectiveness use daily. Not tested on animals. Made In USA.

Key features

  • keeps curls shiny and manageable
  • an ultra-creamy super rich conditioner
  • restores, hydrates, neutralizes odor

Honest reviews


I dont think this is the real thing…

CURLIES! DO NOT LET THIS BE YOUR JUDGE OF DEVACURL. SPEND THE EXTRA 5 AND ORDER FROM THE LEGITIMATE WEBSITE. This product seems tampered with.My hair LOVES one-condition. I purchased a sample pack and then a 32 ounce one-condition from the devacurl website. The conditioner I purchased was creamy and had a light, flowery smell. It made my hair buttery soft and smooth as silk when I came out of the shower.I am a college student and I recieve free shipping from Amazon, so when I noticed the site offered 32oz One-conditions for a reduced price, I was excited to do all my subsequent purchases from Amazon. However, the conditioner I recieved from Amazon was not quite as creamy, or flowery as the usual conditioner and had a thinner, watery feel. In the past, a single pump went a long way. With this bottle I find myself running out of conditioner a lot faster, as I need 4-5 pumps to get the same results. I cannot say for sure, but I am 95%positive this is NOT THE ORIGINAL ONE-CONDITION and that it has a higher water content. Shame on the people trying to make an extra dollar by diluting an amazing product. I will be ordering from the devacurl site from now on. 3 stars because the conditioner still works fairly well.

Carla Waynesburg, PA

Curl Baby Curl

I just started using this conditioner. I am a little underwhelmed given all the hooplah over this product, and the Deva line.It does lightly condition the hair without weighing it down. It has an okay fragrance — not great, but it is light enough not to bother me. Does it control frizz? That’s hard to say, because anyone with a serious frizz problem is going to apply an anti-frizz lotion/pomade to their hair before styling.I like the way my hair felt after I rinsed out the conditioner, and I was able to comb my hair with ease. I’ll continue to use this as I bought the big 33 ounce bottle, but when I am done with it, I’m not sure I would buy it again. It’s just too pricey and I get the same results from lower priced products.UPDATE – JANUARY 2010Now having used this product for months, I have to say, it truly is wonderful. Not a total miracle product, but truly a standout.Reardess of labeling, I usually glob on any conditioner. My hair is color treated and needs lots of moisture. But with this product, I don’t have to pile it on to get a nice deep condition.My hair still frizzes in humid New York weather, but I don’t believe there is anything that can totally eradicate frizz when up against the New York elements :)Another user (Kathy) sent me a comment with the following instructions:”… I just wanted to tell you how I use it and that may help you. It is the best product I have ever used and I have been using it for over 8 years. I bought it after reading “Curly Girl” years ago.I have shoulder length hair.Use 3 pumps as you would shampoo, rinse, use 3 pumps as you would your fingers through to comb (I don’t use a comb or brush outside of this step) and then rinse, before getting out of the shower use 2 pumps that you will LEAVE IN. This is all I use, never a shampoo and never a styling gel or pomade. I use a cotton tshirt to wrap my hair after getting out of the shower (never a towel). I really, really hope it works for you, hope you give it a try.”Thanks Kathy — I tried your recommendation, and it did make a huge difference.So, I am changing my review from 3 stars to 4 stars, because the product does work as labeled, as (1) a conditioner and a (2) pomade. I can’t use it as a shampoo, because my hair is often coated with hairspray that needs soap for removal.

Bridgette Richville, NY


I had no idea what I was missing! I have been using biolage detangling solution for years. I did not realize there was something better. I have wavy, curly, easily ratted hair. this is a great condition and i use an extra pump as a leave in conditioner. It works great without leaving any residue. My hair is so easy to pick through…. though I’m still learning about how to treat my hair and no poo is on the way now. can’t wait to try it.

Harriet Plumerville, AR

best conditioner/co wash for curly hair EVER

if you have curly hair, embrace it. i have tried probably hundreds of products marketed for curly hair over the years with no great results. until i found deva concepts. this product and the whole curly girl system is a great way to learn to love your curls and let them be free. i use this stuff every single day, i use it to wash/scrub my scalp with one a week or so, and on the other days i just use it to hydrate in the shower. also, the tiniest bit can be left in soaking wet hair for great results once dry. i will never need another conditioner as long as i live!btw, i pair this with the new deva volumizing foam for perfect curls every day 🙂

Keisha Stamford, NY

Awesome for Curly Hair

This product arrived immediately and as described. This bottle lasts a very long time, and it comes with a convenient pump which saves time and aggravation 🙂

Shari El Cajon, CA

I love the product.

I love the product. It came with a pump. It would not come out. I had to work on it for about an hour to get it to work. The product itself is excellent and would recommend it to anyone.

Josefa Ellenville, NY

Miracle Product!

I recently got my hair cut by a curl expert, and she recommended this conditioner to me. It does it’s job so well.My boyfriend can’t keep his fingers out of my hair and my mother and sisters are all clamoring for my secret! Will buy again and again!

Barbara Chesapeake, OH

Best Conditioner!

I use this after Low-Poo and I also put a little more back in as a leave-in conditioner after I rinse. With this combination I do find that my hair is healthier, shinier, and stronger. Don’t hesitate to try this conditioner and definitely use it with a Deva Curl shampoo that matches your hair type. I have very coarse, dry, thick and curly hair — and have used many different types of products, I just reordered this conditioner along with the Low-Poo shampoo and have been very pleased for the past 2 months.

Connie Edgar Springs, MO

Love it

Love the fragrance, love how it makes my curls look. Switched to DevaCurl last year and now only wet my curls about once every 5 days. I use this conditioner every time. Once a month or so I use the No-Poo cleanser, but most of the time a “wash” with this conditioner is all it takes to make my hair look and feel awesome. The time that I have gotten back in my daily regimen by switching to DevaCurl is hard to believe – I used to spend an hour a day on my hair. Now, most days, I just mist and go. Hello, hair freedom!

Carla Geneseo, IL

Love, but not enough

I started using this product when I started doing the curly girl method. I’ve tried a few other conditioners since, but keep coming back to the Deva One-C because of the slip. I like how it makes my hair feel super smooth. It is a little on the thin side, however. It never seems to coat my ends well enough. I’m still searching for the “perfect” conditioner. For me and my 3B hair, that would be something super thick, super moisturizing, a little protein, and a LOT of slip. I do a lot of finger combing in the shower, so I like a product that will reduce friction as much as possible. Since giving up silicones, I’ve not found anything that fits the bill perfectly (I used Infusium-23 before the curly girl switch, which I loved). It’s also a little pricey for how much I have to use. It smells really nice, though. Kind of spicey in a weird way. So far, Deva One Condition is the best silicone-free conditioner I’ve found, but still not what is perfect for me.

Merle Institute, WV

Deva Curl is the best!

I have been using this conditioner for about 2 years. The texture of my hair is smoother and less frizz. I love it and have gotten many of my curly hair friends to use it as well. I’m not sure how it would work on other hair types but I have long curly thick course hair. I also use the no-poo shampoo (wonderful as well).

Estelle Centerville, MA

My favorite daily conditioner.

Curly hair can be a challenge if the correct products are not used. That’s why I love this conditioner. I use this as a shampoo and a conditioner, and my hair feels so soft and is more manageable.

Natalie Ripplemead, VA

Don’t buy this if you have curly hair

This is the worst conditioner for curly hair. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and then you put this in and it feels dry. I prefer S-Factor Smoothing. I always try to find something cheaper but I keep returning to S-Factor!

Ladonna Potecasi, NC

One Condition

Love this product. Seems to not weigh my hair down when I leave it in. Smells great, keeps hair hydrated.

Candice Eden, NY

great product, don’t like the scent

This conditioner is great for detangling and moisturizing my fine, dry, curly hair. It leaves my hair soft and easy to style after the shower. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of the DevaCurl products’ scent — I don’t really know how to describe it, it’s probably a "fresh" scent, but it smells vaguely chemical and is very powerful.

Fran Clymer, PA

Not their fault

I bought the wrong kind for my hair type. Don’t know how it would work if it matched my hair.

Tamara Billerica, MA

Ok – but be careful with seasons

I have 3/3b curly hair. This is a heavy conditioner. It did help with curl formation and the fresh scent is very nice. It did not have the slippage I prefer in a conditioner – I typically use, and am very happy with, conditioners with Keratin (smoothing) or ceramides (strength). I also felt like it left my hair a little dull. I think it is overpriced for the results I received. I have been able to achieve better results with some of the Suave Salon Care conditioners. I was also disappointed that this product contains alcohol – a “no-no” in the Curly Girl handbook this product is affiliated with.A note about glycerin in dry climates – OneCurl contains glycerin which absorbs water. The concept is that the glycerin will aid in absorbing water from the air and help supply moisture to your hair continually. However, in dry or winter climates where there is very little moisture in the air, glycerin will still absorb water, but FROM your hair – causing your hair to be much drier than it would be alone. This product may produce unfavorable results in the wrong climate.***Update*** The alcohol listed is considered to be one of the safe/fatty alcohols that Devacurl has listed as ok. I’m still not super thrilled with the product for the price though. I have found that Suave Keratin works wonders on my hair and is also quite affordable.

Hannah Albany, MO

Perfect Conditioner for Curls – OK to LEAVE IN

Purchased after reading "Curly Girl The Handbook" by Deva Curl, and I now only use DEVA products in my long curly hair.Following the recommendations from the book, I do not thoroughly rinse this out of my hair. I have slowly worked up to only briefly rinsing my scalp and then squeezing all the excess out before wrapping in a soft towel to dry. My hair stays soft & curly with no gunky feel. LOVE this stuff!I do use a TON of this to get through my long curls, so I use SUBSCRIBE & SAVE to keep a new bottle coming every month! 😀

Kristina Mount Pleasant, UT

favorite hair product ever

I found the Deva curl line of products life changing when I discovered that my hair is naturally wavy–this conditioner along with the no-poo shampoo and light-defining gel really has given my hair a new life and volume I never imagined it could have.

Bridget New Providence, IA

Good conditioner..not heavy enough for dry/damaged hair though

This conditioner has very good quality ingredients and it will make your hair soft…but after I got out of the shower and my hair started to dry, I found that my hair was on the stiffer/drier side…I think this might be because I have more damaged hair and this wasn’t heavy enough for me…this would definitely work well for someone with healthier hair that wants a ‘natural/organic’ conditioner/poo set…overall im rating it 4 stars for the quality, not my experience..hope this helps, have a nice day:)

Lily Carnesville, GA


I love Deva Curl Products. I do not recommend using this directly on your scalp, but more of your ends and scrunching upwards into your hair. It also works as a good leave in too!

Kristine Suffield, CT

Best Conditioner Ever ( For me)

After searching a lifetime for the perfect hair product for my curly hair. I stumbled across DevaCurl One Conditioner. I will never change products again, nothing compares to the natural curls this product gives. My hairs super shiny, soft, and smells fabulous!

Cecile Longlake, SD

Five Stars

great product and was shipped very quickly

Rosanna Bonham, TX


My hair stylist recommended this but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money. I’m happy I did. I have thick, long curly hair and I love this product. I use it instead of shampoo on nights that I don’t shampoo my hair and my hair feels clean! I’ve used other conditioners to do everything but I’ve never felt like my hair truly gets cleaned, especially my scalp. But this product works! My hair feels light and soft after using it. I usually use a diffuser after I shower and put a little product. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a new conditioner!

Wanda Depew, OK