Deva Curl Travel Kit

Devacurl Travel Kit The perfect way to bring DevaCurl with you wherever you go! Contains travel size (3oz.) bottles of our most popular products: Devacurl One Condition 3 oz; Devacurl No-Poo 3 oz; Devacurl Angell 3 oz; Devacurls Set It Free 3 oz. Not Tested on animals! Made in the USA

Key features

  • Devacurl One Condition 3 oz
  • Devacurl No-Poo 3 oz
  • Devacurl Light Defining Gel
  • Devacurls Set It Free 3 oz

Honest reviews


Disappointed by all the hype…

I spent $60 on the No-Poo, Conditioner, and Arc Angel based on all the reviews last night. I am half Asian and half African American with naturally curly hair with blonde highlights. I’ve been using a combination of the Paul Mitchell line for years, Super Skinny shampoo and daily treatment, then the smoothing balm, then foaming pomade, then styling foam. It’s a lot of products, but so far is the only thing that works – controls the frizz and leaves my hair feeling soft and natural. After reading the reviews, I thought I had finally found something that would eliminate the 5 steps it takes to do my hair every morning. I watched the videos, reviews, and tutorials and was excited to try it on my hair this morning. My hair came out a sticky, tangled, frizzy, spider web MESS! After only 10 minutes with the diffuser, my hair started looking like a rat’s nest! The No-Poo wasn’t bad, but the conditioner made my hair feel almost waxy. After applying the gel and beginning to diffuse, I started seeing white flakes in my hair. Needless to say, I will be late for work this morning, cause this crap is going back to the store immediately!

Elva Barrett, MN

Dissapointed After All These Rave Reviews

I bought the sample kit and I’m glad I did.The products all smelled really good in the bottle but after using each: the nopoo, conditioner, styling gel, and moisture lock, my hair smelled like an old man’s aftershave and it made my hair VERY dry and flyaway. I don’t know if the sample I purchased had gone bad or something but my experience with Deva Curl was awful. I’ll stick with the macadamia nut oil products. They smell and work wonderful on my frizzy white girl curls.

Penelope Hartford, KS

Horrible Smell!

It defines the curls and eliminate the frizz but the smell is so horrible I will not purchase again. I nearly had an asthma attack!

Melissa Samuels, ID

The Smell!!!!

I purchased the DevaCurl travel kit so that I could sample this product I had heard so much about. I read the directions carefully and used the products yesterday morning. I was not impressed with the feel of my hair (I had been expecting some serious softness, but my hair felt no different than usual). What struck me, however, was the awful smell of the No Poo and One Condition. The combination smells like something I would use to clean my bathroom. The fragrance was not too strong but it lingered throughout the day which made me very self-conscious. At one point in the day my coworker commented that something smelled like aerosol deodorant. It was my hair. I should give DevaCurl another chance and I should play around with the amounts I use to try to perfect a routine. Unfortunately, because of that smell, I won’t.

Maritza Cuba City, WI

perfect for traveling

I bought this for my spring break in Hawaii, it was just the right amount of product to get me through a full week. I had never tried the hair spray before and it’s awesome! Great set if you have never tried the products from Deva before too!

Roseann Zanesville, IN

worked well for travel

I needed it for travel and it worked fine especially when the hotel in Copenhagen didn’t provide shampoo or conditioner

Billie Dingmans Ferry, PA

One use for long hair

It’s perfect to do your hair ONE good time once you arrive at your destination. Particularly because we all know how planes can dry natural hair- so get your vacation started right. Not enough for numerous uses if you have 3c or above curly hair longer than ear-length hair…

Jeri Effie, MN

Awesome for Travel 🙂

I am a new convert to Devacurl, and I have been looking for containers for the no-poo and conditioner, as the containers that I had would always explode in transit while traveling. I looked into getting some special plastic containers especially for carry on luggage, but they were just as expensive as this set. I also thought it would be cool to try the other two products as well. I haven’t tried the gel yet, but I like to use the spray on days that I don’t wash my hair. It also helps smooth my hair down when it is especially big. Overall, the packaging is nice, the plastic bag is high quality, and I am very pleased. I’m so happy I don’t have to bring my HUGE bottles with me anymore, as I can’t dream of using hotel products on my hair. Bad hair days can ruin vacations 🙂

Liz University Center, MI

Love this stuff

The smell of this is incredible. It took a little while to get used to. I bought it to try all the products before I bought them.

Marla Ila, GA

What a great way to try the Devacurl Product Line

Wow, I am so glad I bought this and tried Devacurl. I love it! I especially fell in love with the No-Poo, One Condition, and Set it Free. The anGEL didn’t work well for me, but I know some people love it. Everyone’s hair is different, so this is a great opportunity to try out different combinations of Devacurl and see what works best for your hair type. After trying the travel kit for a few days, I bought the full sized bottles (1st the 16 oz, now the 32 oz), and passed the travel kit onto my mom. Now she’s also a devacurl girl too! She calls it the "Holy Grail" for curly hair – LOL! Our hair has never looked so great in this kind of HUMIDITY and HEAT.

Lidia Saxe, VA

Just what I needed

I bought this travel kit to go on a trip, and it was the perfect size! The zip travel bag kept all my bottles protected and together. I love Deva Curl, awesome product!

Mallory Atco, NJ

Didn’t care for the smell.

The product worked as advertised, but for the price, there are cheaper products on the market that work just as well. The smell lingers and was annoying to me. That also was the catalyst to my looking for another product. I mixed it into some old products to use it up and moved on.Won’t get it again.

Summer Mount Olive, NC

Good for travel

The only reason I didn’t give this product 5 stars is because of its ingredients (it’s not as organic as I’d like).I like this purchase two-fold: (1) because I like the products – overall, I’ve had good experiences using the products. I especially like the spray that comes with this set. And (2), because this kit has everything you need for travel.More about the products:I have 3A/B curly hair. These products are light, not too drying, and are great for styling.

Miranda Milledgeville, OH

Great products, great kit

This is a great starter set if you are new to Devacurl, you can try out a full range of products and see what you like. Also great for travel, if you already know you like them!

Nanette Mount Vernon, IN

Deva Diva

Ever since my hair dresser told me I needed to switch up my shampoo and conditioner, I have been addicted. Typically, they tell you that and you spend hundreds and hate it. However, this stuff has truly transformed my ‘wavy’, limp, frizzy hair into absolutely gorgeous waves that are silky and healthy. While I follow her instructions to a T, this works wonders. I stay away from washing it daily, sleep on satin pillow cases, don’t use a towel (flour or cheese cloth or a microfiber towel are best), etc. It lasts awhile when i follow the Curly Girl instructions 🙂 SOoooo…when traveling now, I refuse to use what’s in the hotel to save on packing – I travel a lot for my job, all over the world. This is a perfect travel kit that I can refill with my Deva products. However, I prefer the DevaCARE line and this was the DevaCurl (difference is in the fact that DevaCare is for color-treated hair, and while I don’t typically color, it’s just a nicer smelling formula). Overall, this was perfect.

Juana Cedar, MN

A must for curly girls!

I love everything about these products. They smell great and they make my curls look so beautiful! I bought this to try out and will definitely be buying the full size of the no poo and conditioner. The spray and gel seem like they’ll last a fairly long time.

Ann Burlingame, KS

Perfect size

I love the devacurl products. They have done wonders for my dry curly hair! This travel kit is great to just throw in my bag and have all my products at my fingertips.

Bonnie Reva, SD


The only product I really liked was the No Poo cleanser. The other stuff doesn’t get used very much. Probably won’t purchase anything from this line again.

Hollie Falmouth, MI

Perfect for ON THE GO

Purchased after reading "Curly Girl The Handbook" by Deva Curl, and I now only use DEVA products in my long curly hair.TSA approved travel size to fit in your carry-on or throw in your gym bag

Marcy Windsor, ME

introduction to Deva

Great way to try these products and decide if you like them. On the basis of these I went ahead and orderd full size products.

Casey Avenue, MD

Perfect for trying out the line without committing

This was the perfect way to test out Deva Curl without having to commit to the larger more expensive bottles. It was worth the cost.

Josefa Plankinton, SD


I love Deva Curl! I originally bought this to just try… and I’m hooked, it’s all I use now! It works great in keeping your curls looking healthy (I threw away my straightener and said ‘no more!’)

Juliet Chelmsford, MA

Never seen a better Sample Kit Out There!

I find this sample kit to be almost the heart of devacurl products. Having curly hair and being in love with it, this is a MUST. My hair has never been more soft, my curls have never been more defined until i tested them out on this wonderful kit. For a guy, I get alot of questions by the females on what secrets I use to get my salon quality defined curls.

Laurie Solsville, NY

Love the stuff, dislike the smell

*I ordered this kit from the DevaCurl website, not from Amazon. I am leaving my review of the products here for others to read about how the products are working for me so far*I like all the products here especially the OneCondition and the gel. My fine, curly hair holds its curl better and is soft, less fly aways, and does not feel or appear crunchy.I have only been using for a week, and each time I do my hair feels like more natural oils are kept, but it still cleans well. I notice that my hair only gets frizzy if I wash too much conditioner out, or if I don’t apply a small amount to stay in my wet hair. I live in a humid climate and this stuff keeps the frizz down just fine.My dislike of these products as a whole is the scent. At first, I thought(after checking reviews and a lot complaining of the smell) “It’s not that bad.” It mostly smells like some products they use at the hair salon. The ones that leave that kind of chemical “after salon” scent in your hair, but this is intolerable compared to those which aren’t bad.After a while of using these products the smell(especially the No-Poo)just gets over whelming. Usually my husband compliments me on the smell of my hair after I shower, but he said now it smells “weird.” I have used other products that were natural or organic and they still had a good smell that wasn’t perfumed with “botanicals”, just all natural herbs or plants.I would give this product 5 stars if it wasn’t for the smell and price. I guess the gel isn’t so bad or the spray, but with all the smells mixed together it is like my husband said, a weird chemical like smell.-Also, the price is a bit much when I can get products cheaper than this that are sulfate/silicone free for a better price, and do the job the same way. I really like the gel though. I will probably keep purchasing that.

Naomi Rena Lara, MS

Great trial if you’re considering switching to silicone free products

I noticed my hair was greasy using these at first, but after a couple weeks it settled down. I’m trying different products to see which gives me the best result. I am pleased with this so far.

Renae Denton, KY

Glad I gave it a try!!!

This little kit was just enough to get me hooked on Deva Curl products. Kt was just the right size and value to try it. Also, carried it along on a trip ….. great travel size!!!!! I’m a fan forever of Deva Curl!!!

Geraldine Beloit, WI

Returned It After One Use

I really wanted to like this product. I have dry, frizzy, curly hair and search everywhere for that one "miracle" product that is going to give me those beautiful ringlet curls I love so much. Ha! I used the shampoo, conditioner, gel, and spray and ended up with little, itchy bumps all over my head! I wasn’t that impressed with the way my hair felt, either. Still, dry, frizzy, and now somewhat crunchy. Still on the look-out, I guess.

Leta Clearlake, CA