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Deva Curl Set it Free 6 oz.

Put an end to frizz with this 24-48 hour moisture lock. Adds shine and defines curls with a long lasting hold. Scented with zesty lemon-lime. Not tested on animals. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Moisture Lock contains extra reassurance to hold, define, de-fizz and hydrate your precious locks
  • Separates and secures your curls with 24-48 hour moisture lock holding power

Honest reviews


Didn’t reduce frizz, didn’t seal in moisture…DID SQUAT, but smelled nice

I’ve tried most of the products in the Deva line, and while I use and like the LowPoo and One Condition in the DEVACare line, and I like to refresh with Mist-er Right, and I use B-leave In to refresh with conditioner on 2nd and 3d days, and I like Arc Angell, THIS STUFF DID NOTHING as promised. Frizz was not reduced. Moisture was not locked in.Now, granted, I have dry 3b hair with high porosity. Maybe it works better on lower porosity hair or less dry hair. But for me, nada. Zip.It does smell nice, though. That earns it at least one star. I have one bottle that I’ll finish up–I use it when I use Mist-er right to add a layer of nice scent, citrus over lavender. Careful not to spritz too much, or your hair gets a dull, sort of waxy feel.But, really,can’t recommend it.Ingredients:IngredientsAqueous Extracts of: Achilea Millefolium, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria), Cymbopogon Schoenanthus, Humulus Lupulus (Hops), Melissa Offcinalis (Balm Mint), Rosmarinus Offcinalis (Rosemary), Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Acrylates/C12-22 Alkylmethacrylate Copolymer, Ceteareth-20, PVP, Beeswax, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Lipids, Sodium Hydroxide, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance.

Liza Lakeland, LA

Saves me from “bad hair” days!

I have 3b curls that look more like 3c in high humidity, mostly corkscrews with some botticelli waves too. My hair is fine, but there is lots of it. Past my shoulders.I really love this product. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because, unlike most other reviewers, I find the smell to be too strong. Granted, I have lots of allergies so my nose is probably more sensitive. But I deal with the scent as this works so well.I use this product 2 different ways:1. On dry hair, this will fix a bad hair day (frizz, stringiness, some curls fell straight, etc.). Sometimes I spray in my hands then smooth over the offending sections of hair, give it a little scrunch, and it will dry in 30 minutes or so into shiny curls, like magic!2. On wet hair, after leaving most of my One Condition in, I will scrunch out some water, then spray my hair thoroughly with Set It Free (maybe 12 pumps). This was my routine when I lived in humid Florida and I actually had shiny, bouncy curls that would last at least 2 days with some slight refreshing with the spray. Only thing I don’t like about this routine is that your hair stays wet for a long time (I don’t diffuse) and it is expensive.So my routine with it now is to fix bad hair days on dry hair. It’s just more affordable and I live in a colder climate now and don’t want my hair wet all day. Angell and B’Curls didn’t work for me but I Love SIF.

Leticia Gwynn Oak, MD

It’s fairly awesome

While I absolutely love this product, I do have some down-points about it. I use immediately after applying my AnGEL to wet hair after my shower, I let my hair air dry as recommended and then after it’s mostly dry I spritz some more on. While it does add shine and definition to my curls, I feel like it also weighs them down makes them heavier, and adds a slightly oily look to my hair sometimes. I would still absolutely recommend this product, but use sparingly.

Kristi Nicholson, MS

Set it free? I tried.

Once again, I was sadly disappointed with Deva. This spray (like the Deva Curl Mister Right), left my hair feeling sticky. I didn’t see where the “moisture” and “oil” came in. It left me just wanting to go through my hair routine all over again. The smell was okay, but what’s that mean if the actual product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to?! Sorry Deva, but I will NOT be buying this again, feels like they use some sort of “glue” in this. I will stick with real natural oils like jojoba and argan.

Camilla Sandia Park, NM



April Springfield, CO

Like glue

This product was like spraying glue in my hair. It gave my curls a very dry/powdery appearance and made them so hard that I could barely separate them. There was not any moisture to the spray and I can’t figure out a purpose where I would prefer to use this product at any time – especially with how dull it left my hair looking. It was not for me – curly 3/3b hair.

Lakesha Ashland, PA

Fantastic Product

Set It Free can be used on wet or dry hair to define curls and hold in moisture all day. It reactivates gel and it helps curls bounce into shape without frizz. This can be used throughout the day on my hair, because my hair is so dry. Set It Free smells like Key Lime Pie, so my hair looks and smells fresh.

Judi Weyerhaeuser, WI

great for refreshing curls

I like keeping this spray at work and in my gym bag to refresh my curls. It helps tame freeze without making them crunchy. It also smells good (like those soda pop candies?!) and doesn’t feel gross on my hands (just in case i get stuck in a situation where i can’t wash it off).Tip: It’s easier to use if you spray it in your hands then scrunch it into your hair.

Chasity Ilfeld, NM

Light, great-smelling curl setter

I use Deva Curl AnGel as a daily hair gel (I have thick, fairly tight curls), but when I want a little extra definition and shine I reach for the Set It Free. This stuff smells WONDERFUL and goes on really light despite its creamy texture, and it leaves my curls feeling silky-soft and looking really shiny and defined.I find that the main difference between Set It Free and Angel is that the Angel just holds my my hair in whatever shape its in to begin with, whereas applying Set It Free will actually turn frizzed-out curls into soft, smooth ringlets.Set It Free is also a great deal on Amazon (anywhere from $2-$6 cheaper than in my local salons), and a little bit goes a long way (though I wish it came in bottles bigger than 6 oz.). A great buy.

Stephanie Williamsburg, KS

Indispensable to Me

I hate traditional hair sprays because they make me feel like I’m wearing a helmet on my head. Deva’s Curl Set It Free helps to maintain your curls without that helmet-like feel. This product takes away the fly-away nature of frizz and retains the natural curl you get right after shampoo and dry. It is an indispensable product to me and I use it after every shampoo along with Deva or Bumble and Bumble products.

Reba Downers Grove, IL

Defines my curls without the crunchy look!

I have naturally curly hair and my hairdresser recommended this line of products to me. While I do not like the Deva Curl shampoo or conditioner (they dried my hair out and I did not like the smell of the shampoo and especially did not like the smell of the conditioner), I love the Set it Free and was so happy to find it on Amazon as it was much less expensive that what the salon was charging for a much larger bottle! I just spritz a little bit onto my damp hair, scrunch my curls and dry with a diffuser on a warm then cool setting until the dampness is gone and then let it dry naturally the rest of the way. I have had more people comment on my curls since I began using this product and they look so much more natural. It does not take a lot of the product to get the curls defined. The diffuser is an important tool as well and not drying the hair all the way as this causes frizziness. Continue to scrunch while diffusing the hair. I think this a a great, lightweight product that I would recommend anyone with curly hair to try. It has the look and consistency of spraying milk into your hair = light.

Margery Beverly, KS

Not what it’s cracked up to be

I was really hoping to love this product. I ordered it and waited patiently (impatiently) for it to arrive because I was beyond excited.However it just didn’t do the trick. It makes my hair look greasy and flat. It’s almost like it weighs it down. For what I paid for it I am really upset about it. I really wanted to love this!It does smell pretty good though. That’s about all the nice things I can say about it.

Lawanda Summerfield, LA

Not sure…

I didn’t know what to do with this spray. It is supposed to add moisture and frizz control, but instead it felt as if it left a sticky, oily layer on my hair so that when I went to move my hair, pieces of my hair were stuck together which caused more frizz. Maybe this product wasn’t meant for my type of curls?

Nona Saline, LA

I Like Set It Free even better than Mist-er Right

This is an excellent product! I use Set It Free the same way I use Mist-Er Right (which is also a good product)… but I like Set It Free even better!I use it on dry hair on my non-shampoo days. Works great to repair flat and unruly "bed head." Gives definition and helps control frizz. I spray a few pumps on my fingers then slide my fingers near my scalp to "lift" my short curls at the roots. Then I spray a bit more on my hands and scrunch it in.

Candy Refton, PA

favorite deva curl product

my favorite deva curl product. My hair is curly but not very course or thick so the curls will get limp easily. This product will rejuvenate them and bring them back to life. I do however wish it smelled alittle better. It also can tend to be sticky.

Blanche Paxton, IN

Moisture, Softening, Smells good, Non-greasy

Set It Free is a really great product by DevaCurl. You can spray it on your hair, wet or dry. When dry it can be used even as a texturizer, which is really fun. When wet it help your hair stay shiny and silky and gives it some extra bounce. It won’t make your hair curly, but if you already have curly hair it’s a great product that will help you maintain your hair in a healthy gorgeous way. So you can get different results by using it different ways. I highly recommend the product. On top of it, it has an amazing smell. I just LOVE the way it smells. Nothing like it.

Gail Hulbert, OK


Let me start by saying, I LOVE DEVACURL. I especially love Set it Free, because it has saved me from serious pouf head this extremely HUMID and HOT summer. In combination with No-Poo and One Condition, my hair is very moisturized and my curls have lovely definition! I am so glad I found Devacurl and Set it Free! I started with the travel kit, which i recommend (B000QSDHPGI loved everything but anGEL, however tons of people have had great success with it. If you have naturally curly hair, try Devacurl!!!!! Mix and match products until you find the perfect combination for your hair type.

Lashonda Batchtown, IL

Curly hair loves it

I recommend all the products in this line for curly hair. They work great and really get a lot for your money. I highly recommend.

Kelli Sunderland, MD


LOVE THE SMELL!! Leaves my hair soft, and bouncy. I can put it when it is wet or dry and still get the same results. After a full day of school, i come home and my hair isn’t tangled at all… which is a big deal since i’m mostly outdoors!

Shauna Newkirk, NM

hair-changing products

The entire DevaCurl (Care) line is fantastic. If you’ve got curly hair, these products will change the way you feel about it.

Adele Monroe, OH

A great product.

If you have curly hair, you should try this product. It helps keep your curls in place all day. Use this with their other products.

Therese Leblanc, LA

Great Product

Set it Free smells great and makes my hair soft and shiny. I use it in place of styling gel. It doesn’t exactly spray in an even mist since it’s more like the texture of a leave-in conditioner, but you can spray and scrunch or spray it in the palm of you hand, rub your hands together, and then run it through your hair. Holds well enough not to have to use traditional hairspray and fights frizz and static very well!

Lenore Pine Forge, PA

Helps with the Frizz!!!!

Talk about helping with the fizz!!! This stuff works. I spray it in while my hair is wet and it really helps with the texture. My hair is course and curly, this product feels like very watered down conditioner. It lighty sprays on and helps define your curls. Its great!

Kasey Holland, MN

Watch the Price

These is a great product for naturally curly hair – HOWEVER, watch the price. If it’s over $18 just go to the store and pick it up. If it’s $15 and on Prime Shipping then it’s worth the purchase.I do not recommend the Deva daily conditioner but I do like the shampoo.

Vicki Bethany, KY


I have enough products for my curly hair to open a small boutique. So far, I love this one . When my curls need a little perking up, I spray some Set It Free , and they look great again. Often helps me avoid having to put my hair up the second day

Jordan Husum, WA

My “everyday” anti-frizz/smoothing product

I use this as my everyday frizz tamer because it does an adequate job. It’s a great value for what it does and the fact that it’s gentle on your hair. It has a stronger scent than I’d like, one that I don’t necessarily care for, and it overpowers my perfume. I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll continue using it or look for something I like better.On important days, I use a combination of WEN styling creme and oil, and generally my hair is so smooth, shiny, and silky on days 2 and 3 that I don’t need to rewash my hair if I don’t want to. If WEN products were cheaper, I’d use this combination every day. I see a lot of similarities between the WEN and Deva Curl lines, although it seems as though Deva Curl spends less on marketing and more on making good products that are gentle on your hair, competitively priced, and can compete with high-end salon brands.

Clarice Orlando, KY

awesome product, larger size would be even better!

This stuff is great, I just wish I didn’t have to order it in such small quantities–I ordered two bottles in the 6 oz size after discovering that I love this when I tried it from the travel set. A little bit goes a long way ,it smells good (but not overpowering) and definitely makes my curls (which are looser/wavy) look more defined. My boyfriend even noticed that my hair looked "amazing" when I used this stuff. Recommended!

Cecilia Funkstown, MD

Great product

Just an amazing product to keep your hair hydrated and never going dry or damaged. Has a very sweet unisex smell to it. The whole family uses it, we love it.

Faye Fox Lake, WI


This product is so wonderful and refreshing to my curls!!! It adds zeal, life, and luster to my curls!!! It’s a nice way to refreshing the texture of my curls during a humid day!!¡

Corine Silver Creek, NE

Loving it

This gives great moisture to hair that is dry without using heavy creams. Heavy creams causes you to rub in the product and mostIkely cause frizz. What is the point of having nice curls and taking the time for braid/twist-outs if you are going to mess up your curls

Melba Lyndon, IL