Deva Curl Mist-Er Right, 12 oz

All sales are final for this item. No returns please!A lavender infused, curl revitalizer, refresher and rejuvenator for all curl types.This versatile \”hair-freshener\” can be used on the beach, after exercising, smoking or other outdoor activities for both scalp and skin.

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Expensive and horrible

I hate to diss DevaCurl as the Curly Girl method that the owner created has changed many people’s curls for the better and helped people to accept and love having curly hair, but this product was awful. I heard it didn’t used to have all this glycerin in it, and I think that’s what my hair reacted to. I followed the directions and everywhere I sprayed it, I got horrible frizz. This spray created my worst 2nd day hair ever. Of this line, if I want something that refreshes my hair I will stick with Set It Free. I love One Condition and like ArcAngel.

Ashleigh Webster, KY

Oh how I love DevaCurl

This product is no exception. I became a DevaCurl convert last year and have not looked back. I use this spray to un-frizz my somewhat frizzy bed-headed self on the days when I don’t wash my hair. I mist a bunch of this on my shoulder length + curls, then do the rock and roll head-banger type thrash of my hair, and that sticks the curls back together and eliminates most of the frizzies, leaving me with some nice, chunky, lavender scented locks. I do agree with another review that if you use too much of this, it will give your hair a bit of a funny sticky feeling, but I really have to over-do it for that to happen. I do use all the other DevaCurl products as well, so maybe that is why I love this product too – they all seem to work well together.

Colette Bladen, NE

wont buy it again

I have curly/wavy hair that is also fine. I purchased this product to use on non-shampoo days to give me a lift. It left my hair feeling sticky and didnt really do much deoderizing. It does have a strong lavender scent though. I would not use this product again. I think this product would be good for someone who has very thick curly hair.

Kathi Colony, OK

Bad product

Very disappointing, it makes my hair greasy and gross. I do not recommend it, but I do like Curls Rock, try that instead.

Francis Aimwell, LA

Only for Deva Products

I have found that this only works for Deva products. But since that is what it advertises, I think the product is true to its advertising. Do not use this with other products – your hair will look like an old crone’s hair on a bad, humid day! But it will smell nice, like lavender. 🙂

Silvia Blowing Rock, NC

Deva Curl..sticky curl

Being a “curly girl” I decided to buy this lavender spray and see how it works. The smell was okay, but I didn’t like the sticky part of it. After spraying this on my curls and “scrunching” upwards, I noticed that it got “sticky”. After it dries, it leaves my curls somewhat hard and a bit less bouncy, my guess it’s because of what’s in it. I would say that if you want a lavender spray, buy some natural lavender oil and combine that with some water in a spray bottle, as for this, it’s not for me.

Sybil Paradise, KS



Lottie Polebridge, MT

Don’t listen to complaints

Anybody who complains about this product is not using it correctly, or does not have naturally curly hair. Trust me on this one … buy this and you’ll only have to wash your curls a few times a week.This product is one of the only home runs I have ever had in my life with regards to hair products. It’s worth the money, and it lasts for months, as well.

Melba Dothan, AL

I switched

from Ouidad products that were harsh on my scalp (I have a condition) and my sense of smell (I’m allergic to fragrances). I don’t get the same effect but Deva Curl products are just as light, great on my scalp and the smell isn’t very strong.

Tasha North Bangor, NY

Really helps define my curls

I use this to rejuvenate my curls on the 2nd day without a wash. Don’t love the scent, but it really works to freshen up my curls and define them. I spritz it on then blow dry my hair on low.

Suzanne Pembroke, KY

great on soft curls

great for "good hair" soft curls. Tamed the curls without leaving any evidence of product, was able to place my curls where I wanted them quickly and easily

Harriett Follansbee, WV

Okay spray.

This product is just okay.I have not noticed it doing anything great to my hair even when I use it with other DevaCurl products.I will finish this bottle and move on to another product.

Lori Mount Morris, MI

Great curl refresher, but you must use it correctly!

I’ve been following the CG method for about three months now. At first, my hair hated this product. But as my hair got healthier, I started being able to use this. If my hair is too dry, this just makes it sticky. If my hair is too moisturized, this makes it sticky. But when I’ve achieved a good protein/moisture balance (which happens more and more lately), this stuff is like magic. My hair is very fine, and my curls are very damaged from many years of abuse and straightening. So, when I wake up in the morning (after sleeping with a satin bonnet on), my curls are smooshed and practically gone. I spritz a little water on them, follow up with a little gel, and wait for that to dry. Once dry, I hold the Mister Right about 8-10″ from my head and mist very lightly and scrunch again. All of a sudden, I’ve got plump, shiny, happy little curl bundles! It is like magic. So, if it doesn’t work for you, make sure your hair is balanced and that you are not using too much of this. Make sure you are holding the bottle several inches from your head and that it falls as a mist over the hair. It is very easy to overuse this product.

Kaye Villa Ridge, IL

Not bad…

So I don’t love love the product but I certainly don’t hate it. It does seem to help with de-frizzing and doing a bit of pick-me-up on curls, but for me not much more than what I kind do with water and/or reapply a bit more product. The smell is nice and refreshing.

Marissa Protem, MO

great for getting curl back without washing

Love it. Puts the curl back after curls get flattened by sleeping. So it works great when I am rushed and need to get my hair looking better.

Margarita Millwood, KY

Not as expected

I hoped this would be a good scrunch spray, make my curls less frizzy, and help them hold it. It does none of this. It seems to make the little fly-aways stick out more, so it makes my hair look more frizzy. It doesn’t make it look glossy at all, if anything, it makes my hair look duller. And rather than just making my hair hold my curls, it makes my hair stiff and crunchy. I can hardly get my fingers through my hair against my scalp, its such a helmet. I do not recommend this spray at all. Some of the other Deva Curl products are decent, but this is just terrible.

Veronica Edison, NJ

Might as well use water and lavender oil

This really did nothing for me- I now use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of lavender oil and it works just as good.

Bettie Sinnamahoning, PA

Use this everyday!

This is an excellent product! I use it on dry hair on my non-shampoo days. Works great to repair flat and unruly "bed head." Gives definition and helps control frizz. I spray a few pumps on my fingers then slide my fingers near my scalp to "lift" my short curls at the roots. Then I spray a bit more on my hands and scrunch it in.

Regina Mead, CO

Great for no wash days

I use this product on conjunction with the Set if Free spray on the days that I don’t wash my hair. I spray one of each in my hand then rub my hands together, and lightly fluff the ends of my hair. A little goes a long way, and both these products help my curls come back to life. I have been experimenting with the Devacurl products, and I just randomly tried the two products together, and they work better together than alone. Not sure why. I think Set It Free is a bit to heavy, and Mister Right is a bit too light. A little of both works for me and my fine curls 🙂

John Transfer, PA

Great Curl Revitalizer

This is a great curl revitalizer after a long day or even after sleeping on curly/wavy hair. A few sprays and a little scrunching and my curls look bouncy and fresh again.

Luella Homelake, CO

Leaves hair feeling “coated”

The purpose of this spray is to mist dry hair & “re-energize” the curls with out a full head immersion. However, I find that it does not do that (I have very curly hair) and with almost any amount it leaves the hair w/a slightly crispy coated feeling. I had purchased my first bottle of this product from my salon and it did not do this, so I can only guess that they changed the formula.This was a very expensive lesson, I might try and buy a small amount from my salon the next time I’m there (it was just so much easier to purchase through Amazon) and see if there is a difference. As it stands, I would NOT recommend this product.

Bridget Rockford, IL


Just like the Set it Free, I’ll have to give this product two stars on account that it works for some people and smells alright. That said, it did nothing at all for my frizz – only making it worse. It’s too bad, Deva Curl products seem to be hit or miss – and this one definitely missed the mark.

Jodi Haines, OR

Good buy

I tried it after my hair was dried and it really did liven up my hair with curls. All i did was scrunch upwards while spraying it. The only thing that bothers me is the lavender smell. It’s a bit too strong for me so i usually spray a little bit of my leave in conditioner to outweigh the smell.

Lenora Hackleburg, AL

Must have if I skip a shampoo

This is my all-time favorite go-to product if I skip a day of shampooing. It freshens up how my hair looks and smells. Love it!

Terry Cheneyville, LA

Not what I had hope for

I am not a fan of this particular product. I have mixed girl curly hair and I just wanted to make them a little less frizzy and this was not the product for that. Not only did I not care for the scent it made my hair hard and stiff. I wouldn’t recommend this for mixed girl curls.

Sandy Stanville, KY

Great for a pick me up!

I think this spray is good for glistening over dry hair that you don’t wash except once a week! I do that for a pick me up in between wash cycles after conditioning!!

Flora Boiceville, NY

must-have for curly hair

This is a must-have product for second day curly hair. I wish I liked the scent more (my refrain about DevaCurl products in general), but I can’t argue with the results that this product provides. It re-moisturizes second or even third day hair so I can wear it however I wish, attacks frizz, and makes my hair bouncy and soft.

Ernestine Isanti, MN

Smells good

I like the fresh smell Mist-Er right gives and it does a nice job of rewetting curls, but I didn’t feel like it provided as much hold for my curls after they dried again.

Georgette Jeff, KY

For the Deva Diva

I have been hooked for 2 years on Deva products because they work and because they truly have transformed my hair. I use this for different things than suggested. If I shower at night, this is a great wake-me-up in the hair to revive my curls the next morning. If I overslept and don’t have time for a shower before heading out the door, it’s a great cleanser (with the lavender oil in it) to spruce up the smell of hair and again, wake up my curls. It’s also great in the summer to spritz on the body for a cooling, relaxing scent! Great for in-between hair washes as well!

Lee Colton, NY

smells good

I love the smell of lavender. I spray this on my for a quick refresher but I noticed if you spray too much it will dry out your hair, so spray lightly.

Marcella Beatty, NV