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Deva Curl Light Defining Gel, 32 oz

A lightweight, moisturizing curl defining gel for maximum frizz prevention that holds without feeling stiff or sticky.

Key features

  • Salon Professional hair care product
  • 100% Genuine

Honest reviews


My hair LOVES this stuff

And I do too. I have naturally curly hair that I’ve always struggled with (I’m in my 40s..). I recently had my hair done at a Deva salon and tried these products there, and I have never looked back! The Deva line of products works so well in my hair, and this gel is no exception. I find that I need to use quite a bit of it, maybe 6 or 7 pumps for my just-longer-than-shoulder length hair. This size bottle will probably last me 6 months or more, since I wash my hair no more than 2x week using the Deva system.

Doreen Nebo, KY

Good gel, not quite enough hold for me.

This gel has a pleasant smell and works ok. I do mix it with another part of the Matrix gelee and it’s the perfect hold for me, since this one is a bit light and the other is a bit heavy.

Rae Uniontown, AL

Great product!

I’ve been using this product for along time now. Im reading other comments saying this is a watered down version. But my no means is it watered down. The name was changed only, I actually have bottles of both. Deva Curl Angell, and Deva Curl Light Defining Gel. Both are of the same amazing quality – just different ways of marketing it.Always leaves my hair with the best hold on it, it’s not like that garbage mouse or any of those cheap gels that leave you hair hard as a rock with massive amounts of flakes.I recommend this to all curly hair people.

Jana Antelope, OR

curly hair

This stuff is awesome….my hair is to my bra and it’s loose ringlet curls, type of curly hair. So literal a palm full is perfect to squish in my hair while still in shower and hair is dripping. Then you squish excess water out while your putting this in. Then take a old t-shirt and wrap your hair, put a regular towel over that if you have a lot of hair. Remember you finger comb your hair out in the shower…NEVER use a comb again, EVER!!! When hair isn’t dripping anymore…take towel off and try not to touch your hair a lot..and get it to the way you want it to dry. When hair is dry you can finger fluff to release the curls. This gel is not crunchy at all, when dry. Also I realize, I used the work "finger" this "finger" that…it totally sounds wrong, I know. My hair takes 4-5 hours to dry…I have really thick crazy I let it dry for a hour…then take a diffuser and flip head and dry..not all the way but mostly. Listen if your just starting a curly girl regiment…stick with hair was fuzzy mc fuzzy, and now I get complaints on my hair constantly. I finally love my hair. DON’T get me wrong I still have bad hair days..but not as many. Good Luck.

Hazel Allston, MA

Best gel I’ve used!

I’ve got 3a/3b, high porosity, very fine Botticelli curls with a few corkscrews. For the past two months, I have been transitioning to curly after hating and straightening my hair most of my life. It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned a lot about my hair’s needs. Following what many of the others have written here, I apply this liberally after my leave-in conditioner. My hair is about two inches past my shoulders, and I use 4-5 pumps. I used to rake it through my hair, but that messed with my clumping, so I stopped doing that. Now I rub the gel between my hands and glide them over the surface of my hair. My big clumps are back! This gel is great. It offers strong hold but never, ever flakes. For extra soft curls, I mix this product with the DevaCurl styling cream. In a million years, I never would have thought I could have beautiful, well-defined, frizz-free, soft, bouncy curls…but I now do. If you are transitioning and having a hard time figuring out the right combo for your hair, don’t give up! It is a harder process for some of us, but it is one well-worth undertaking. Experimentation with products and reading a lot of forums on have been integral to my transition. Good luck on your journeys, my Curlies!

Leola Perrysville, OH

love it

Works just like I hoped it would. Makes my curly hair perfekt looking….thanks Deva. Again a great product…will stick with it

Stephanie Belle Rive, IL

Love Love Love!!!

I absolutely love this curl gel- it’s the best one I’ve used yet! 🙂 I use about 3 pumps (about a quarter size) of the product for my hair. My hair is considered Botticelli curls/waves, and I have fine hair. This product is amazing because it doesn’t weigh my hair down. A huge reason I wanted to try it is that it is sulfate-free and paraben-free, which can be tricky to find for hair-care. I would say this is a must-have for other curly/wavy girls like myself! 😀

Sylvia Roxbury, ME

The smell alone……………

The smell alone is enough for me to buy this over and over and over again !!!!!This size is almost $40 at Ulta, so I was super happy to find it on Amazon for more than $10 cheaper.Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it leaves my curls gorgeous ! Love this stuff.

Melody Weston, CT

Great styling product.

This is a great syling prodict for curly hair. It makes my curls soft without any frizz. I love it.

Hilary Whitelaw, WI

DEVA rocks!

Don’t know why they decided to change the name of this from Angel — it’s a great gel and I use it almost every day. I have very coily/curly fine hair and this is one of my favorite products to help me with my daily frizz fight!. Highly recommended.

Amparo Factoryville, PA

light, but good hold

I really like this. I used to have to have crunchy curls to get the hold I need and had to use 3-4 products. Noww I start with b leave in and follow with this in wet hair, yhen apply more once almost dry and its great. I use the devacare no poo and one condition as well.

Adeline Kauneonga Lake, NY

This product ROCKS. Ignore the discontent.

To the curlygirls who are posting complaints about this product; you may not know this, but this is a fairly new product. You may have bought it by accident, expecting to be buying ArcAngell. This is not ArcAngell. Deva does not change or update formulations. Also, if you don’t have the right cut, you will run into the problems you are describing. Make sure you are going to a Deva stylist.OK … all I can say is, if I had only known about this product ten years ago, my fashion history would have been totally different.This product actually qualifies to be called a “miracle”. Just a little bit of this on wet hair, and you don’t have to ANYTHING else to it (maybe a little Mirror Curls, if you want); you can just let your hair air dry and it will look freaking fantastic.I am completely serious. This product, and my awesome Deva stylist, have liberated me from having to do anything to my hair. This is after thirty years of twenty minutes of trauma every day, trying to fix my hair each morning, and still leaving the house looking like my head was wreathed in a puppet wig, or limp noodles anyway.Wash and go. Beautiful words. Actually, I don’t even cleanse my hair. I “wash” it with Deva Conditioner. Ask your Deva stylist.

Ginger Mammoth, AZ

busy busy mom

I have curly hair but it needs a little coaxing to look more than wavy on some days. I really like this gel because it isn’t heavy. I don’t really notice it once it is on and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy, even the next day. Smells good.

Shawna Melrose, WI

The best

I love this gel. It is light holding and does not leave your hair crunchy. I love the difference this product line has made for my hair.

Renee Merigold, MS

great gel for wavy/curly girls

I buy this in the 32 oz size because my hair sucks up a lot of it. It is a great product (and formerly I hated using products on my hair). I recommend letting it set as directed in the Curly Hair book and then scrunching your dry or mostly dry hair to release the gel cast later in the day. It makes my hair look amazing.

Mitzi Poulsbo, WA


I love Deva Curl Products! This gel works great! It doesn’t leave hair nasty and crunchy. It gives it a good cast to help form your curls, it also works great if you like to use a hair diffuser!

Olivia Ryegate, MT

Best ever!!¡

This makes a fabulous addition to my Deva Curl collection, and it is an amazing, light weight gel for my curls!!!! It smells wonderful and refreshing!!! It has changed the texture of my curls and made them more manageable!!!!

Melissa Le Grand, IA

I love this stuff

I have issues with most gel products. They tend to make my scalp itch once I’ve been using it for several weeks. This one does not have that effect on me at all! I have been using it for 18 months now and not a single problem with it. It is a very light hold so if you are looking for really crispy hold you won’t find it here. I love how my curls look with this product!

Henrietta La Jolla, CA