DEVA CURL Flexible Hold Hair Spray 10oz

Devacurl flexible-hold hair spray by deva concepts for unisex 10 oz hair spray.

Key features

  • 10 oz Hair Spray
  • DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hair Spray was launched by the design house of Deva Concepts
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


I don’t see it

I love the line and use the gel, shampoo and conditioner. But this spray is not necessary for my hair. I use it maybe once a month and I don’t really see the benefit.

Pansy Clarkdale, AZ

A bit sticky

This hairspray was a bit stickier than I was looking for. I was hoping it would help to revitalize curls and add hold after styling. Instead, my hair got sticky and a bit frizzy if I ever touch my hair.

Ada North Richland Hills, TX

Super Hold

It holds SUPER well, but I sort of have to separate my hair after using it so it’s not one big mess(well not mess). It’s no joke. It definitely works. I use exclusively devacurl and haven’t really been disappointed with any of their products.

Sherri Bassfield, MS

Recommend for curly hair

I like to use this hair spray on my curly hair. I don’t think it has quite the holding power as high-end "non-curly" brands but it works well here in AZ with its low humidity.

Avis Manchester, GA

Dulling, Sticky

I love Deva Curl products generally. I use the No-Poo and Lo-Poo shampoos. I use the One Conditioner, the ArcAngel gel, the light defining gel, the spray gel–nearly every product for s-wavy hair. This Flexible Hold Hair Spray doesn’t hold well unless you use tons, and then you have dull and sticky hair.In addition, the dispenser has been faulty for me. The button sticks in the “on” position. So, I’ll spray a bit and then move it away from my hair to set it down–and, as I set it down, it’s still spraying. I’ve tried to clear the button with hot water, but that didn’t help.It has a so-so lavender fragrance. My biggest problem with DevaCurl products is that every single product has a different fragrance–from a pleasant rose fragrance to lavender to fruity scents to vanilla to some just strange fruit-flower-god-knows-what scents. Why can’t DevaCurl make all their products with one neutral scent?!This just isn’t a good product for me, and I will not buy another can of this spray.

Cecile Wheatland, CA

Spray over gel

I love to use this after I have applied my hair gel. It gives a little extra hold to support my hair gel.

Tara Chilhowee, MO