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Deva Concepts Devacurl Microfiber Drying Deva Hair Drying Gloves

Features ten soft microfiber fingers to provide a smooth surface that surround curls to absorb just enough water to allow DevaCurl styling products to set curls, keeping them frizz free and intact.

Key features

  • Deva curl microfiber drying deva gloves was launched by the design house of Deva Concepts
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • 1 pair hair drying gloves

Honest reviews


I have not tried these but ….

…for the same price you can buy 2 packs of 8 men’s 100% cotton white t-shirts and they work great! Just a tip.

Sallie Terryville, CT

Not so sure

My hair is curly and frizzy. I’ve tried every product out there, including this one, to try to tame the frizz, but none have worked. Maybe it’s a little better, but if so, it’s not enough to tell. Plus, I live in humid Houston and we’ve actually been enjoying some cool, dry weather, so I can only imagine that things will just as normal when summer is here…even with the use of these gloves.

Justina Stevensville, MI

Must have

The whole idea behind these was right on for drying. I knew that microfiber does a terrific job of drying all things no matter what they are used for, but to make gloves, no way was I going to do that. These are terrific for really getting up close to the scalp and getting moisture. Bought for my natural wave curls after reading how important it was to use the right towel, and they make a huge difference in how your hair looks when 70-90% dry. On those days when I want to style a straight look, wouldn’t be without these also. They just speed up the whole drying process no matter your hair length, cut, thickness. If you have the time and pattern to make your own, go for it, otherwise these are a must have investment for anyone with hair.

Josefa Leetonia, OH

What can I say

My hair has never been healthier than it is since I’ve begun using the Devacurl system. I’ve read the “Curly Girl” book and I follow the system religiously. My curls are soft, shiny and so healthy, I’ll never go back. I was recently very ill, and I lost a great deal of my hair. What was left was a horror. I mean, it was the stuff of nightmares. Thin, straw-like strands of sad,little wisps was all I had left. I got most of it cut off and started using this system, and my hair looks so good now, I stop and stare at it in the mirror often since I was almost certain I’d lost my hair for good. That it can look as healthy and lustrous as it now does is nothing short of a miracle for me.Probably, I have an abundance of good reviews for stuff I have purchased here. There is a reason for that, though. I research everything exhaustively before I spend money on it. Money is too darned hard to come by to throw any of it away if you can avoid it. I can honestly say that the research has paid off in spades with these hair products. The gloves seemed excessive until I got the towel free with a kit and saw that the microfiber, and these are a thick, lush form of it, really does make a difference in the gloss of the hair. Since this Curly Girl process requires gently “scrunching” the hair and never combing or brushing it, the gloves play a major role in keeping your curls frizz free and super shiny. So, my twenty bucks isn’t wasted at all. I use these even in between washings when I spritz or rewet to refresh my style.

Mable Netcong, NJ

dries faster

I just figured I would give it a try since the Deva line works so well for me. Thought the glove shaped microfiber towels( MF towels that I can buy in giant bags for just $12) were just a gimmick. But since I air dry for the best curls, getting more of the water out of the hair with the gloves has cut my air dry time down and that is fantastic. I did not give 5 stars since I think these are overpriced. FYI, when I read the instructions, I saw that microfiber towels should not be washed with other items in the washing machine as the lint reduces efficiency of the MF towels. good to know.

Sylvia Des Moines, IA

Better than the towel

Forget the towel, get these gloves! I’ve had the towels for years and I use it intermittently. I’m not a great fan of the fact I have to wash it separately because it collects lint like crazy. I LOVE the gloves though. I use them much more often than the towel and I use them correctly to get just enough water out of my hair without damaging my hair like I would with a regular towel. They’re super comfortable and easy to use. Are these a necessity? No. You could easily use a man’s Hanes undershirt and get the same result but I really love the ease of use.

Annabelle Swiftwater, PA

OK, but not really necessary..

These are ok, but are not really necessary… and therefore, not worth the money. It works just as well to use an old cotton tee shirt.

Alyce Blachly, OR


I wasn’t sure about these. I am a strict-Deva follower from the time I wash it to the time I dry it (DevaFuser). I have used the Deva towel and I love it…but it’s not very large. My Deva stylist told me to use cheese/flour cloths instead, so I bought some of them. They’re not super-absorbent, but they worked very well and they’re very large. So I wasn’t sure about these, but I decided to give them a try.I’m not sure what I’ll use my cheese cloths for (dusting?)…I am in love with these gloves. So much so that I drilled a hold in my bathroom wall to put up a special hanger for them (because they have cute little tabs so you can hang them up!). YES, they are snug on the wrists – you could probably cut out that band if needed, or make a slit just to get the band to not be tight. For me, they’re fine, but I know it was a complaint. They are sturdy and scrunched my hair beautifully. The Deva Towel did, but it was hard to get your hands just right with the towel. With these on, wherever I move my hands to scrunch, it scrunched my curls in the shape of my hands/fingers and got out the water nicely! I took them off, added in my ArcAngel (now the UDG/Ultra-Defining Gel) mixed with the Styling Creme – put these back on, scrunched, clipped my roots and used my DevaFuser to get gorgeous curls.They are worth the money. I’m thinking of purchasing another pair so I have back-up when I travel since I travel a lot for work. Even though they’re large, they’re not awkward once on and you start scrunching. I recommend them! They came super-fast.

Libby Pass Christian, MS

Good for curly hair

These gloves help remove the moisture from my curly hair without causing frizz. They are a little awkward because they are very wide and the closure is tight on my large hands.

Eleanor Ferron, UT

Works Great Like My MicroFiber Towel!

I got these wonderful gloves and used them as described. Styling my hair has never been more easy and really fun. I look forward to every morning after I get out the shower, I put my gloves on and pull the excess water out and start designing right then. It holds water well like microfiber towels

Lucille Normal, IL