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Deva Concepts Curl Set Up and Above for Unisex, 3.8 Ounce

CURL SET UP & ABOVE 3.8 OZ Design House: Deva Concepts Fragrance Notes: Botanically Infused And 100% Sulfate Free. An Interchangeable Product Line Gives You The Simplicity And Freedom To Focus On The Specific Needs Of Your Individual Hair Type.

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  • Design House: Deva Concepts

Honest reviews


Don’t waste your money!

ladies, please don’t waste your money on this product. It’s gluey and sticky and builds up! I will never waste my money on Devacurl products again. It is not for mixed or black hair!

Morgan Mogadore, OH

Product itself was a let down.

It smells strange and has too much stickiness to it. I have to pre-condition my hair before putting it on or else it will turn my curly locks into a rat’s nest. I expected more from a Deva Curl product. Shipped fast and had great box etc. Just the product itself was a let down.

Kim Lapoint, UT

Lift me up baby!

I’m giving this 5 stars because it does do what it says. It is a tad sticky for my tastes, but not worth taking off a star. I have thick wavy hair and use clips to add some lift while it dries. However, naturally it tends to still droop at the top and lay flat as the day goes on. I started using this just at the roots and wow! I put a little on my finger tips and just massage carefully (as to not give me frizz!) in certain areas at the scalp – wow! Gorgeous lift to go with the rest of the curls. Personally, I don’t like it for the rest of my hair. As I tried to scrunch it in, it just started to separate the curls and give me frizz. I tried it when wet then and still doesn’t give me the look I like when mixing the UDG (UltraDefining Gel) and Styling Creme. I like soft curls and this wasn’t giving it. However, it is just awesome for the lift I need.And, I KNOW…it’s not good to flat-iron the hair, but on the rare occasion I do, this still adds great lift at the scalp.I’m happy with it – don’t use it daily because of the build-up, but it does exactly what I bought it for!

Bettie Castalia, IA

Love it!

I will agree with other reviews that this is not their best smelling product. However, it does not linger in hair at all. A little goes a long way. It really makes my hair more voluminous and I love the curl definition I have. I only use about a dime size amount, or less. My hair is pretty thin and tends to lie flat, so this product is amazing for me. Don’t let the smell put you off to it, because it dissipates. Make sure you use a little, or I would imagine it might weigh your hair down.

Susanna Becker, MS

Perfect “finisher.”

I have fine hair with a light-to-medium curl. I always look for ways to increase the curl. I’ve been using Deva Curl products for a while and really like them, but only recently started adding this to my regimen. I use gel in my hair fresh out of the shower, and then I use the Set Up & Above after my hair starts to dry and is only damp. It’s like a magic “curl increaser.”I think those who find that it makes their hair waxy might be using far too much product. It takes a very small amount even for my long hair. I rub a tiny dab into my palms and scrunch it in to my hair (with head hanging down). My hair dries very soft… far softer than it did before when I just finished with gel alone. In fact, it seems to take some of the crunch out of the gel without taking out the hold.For second day, I spritz my hair with a teeny bit of water or the “Mister Right” spray and then dab a teeny bit more of this product, and my hair is set for the day.I don’t feel it makes my hair stringy or waxy in any way when used conservatively. I really love this stuff.ETA: The reason it doesn’t say “amazon confirmed purchase” is because this came as a part of a devacurl kit I purchased on Amazon. I just wanted to give this product it’s own review.

Kerry Whites Creek, TN

Another solid DevaCurl product

I have curly long fine hair, type 3b, and use this product as a pomade when I have my hair in a ponytail or bun to keep the frizzies at bay and to add shine and definition. I am not a huge fan of the scent, but this product is moisturizing and washes out easily (even though I use a sulfate-free shampoo), and does what it’s supposed to do.

Monica Tuthill, SD

Best ive used yet!

This set up and above styler is the best i’ve used yet. I love this and the arc angell products by Deva.

Georgina Nobleboro, ME

It can be greasy if you use too much.

It doesn’t take much of this cream/gel. It is a very creamy gel texture which gives a greasy pomade texture if you use too much. I’m use to gel so I guess I haven’t figured out how to get the right amount in my hair yet.

Adrienne Deep River, IA