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Deva Care Low Poo Shampoo for Normal To Oily Colored Hair, 32 Ounce

DevaCare Low Poo

Key features

  • No Fade Dirt Agent
  • Beautiful Union
  • Sulfate Free And No Fade Dirt Agent Together At Last

Honest reviews


Love having lather and still use deva care

I have been sulfate & silicone free since August 2010. I have fairly tight, frizzy curls and I hoped to cure the frizz by going sulfate free. I can’t say that my problems have been solved, I still have frizz – especially in humid weather. I do feel like my hair is softer and healthier though, also my hair color lasts a lot longer! I have only used Deva Care products for the past 2 years or so and so I have not lathered my hair for a long time. I felt that I needed a lathering clean periodically so I ordered the Low Poo. It is fabulous because it is still sulfate free but gives me a great lather! That being said, I only plan on using the low poo a couple times a month. LOVE the great fragrance with Deva Care – subtle orange/citrus. Deva Care does not disappoint and the BEST prices are on

Sarah Seneca Rocks, WV

Followed the Program Completely and It Works!

My hair has been a problem every day of my life. It is thick, curly, coarse–but still has a fine texture–blows up like a beach ball when short and requires much care. I have used so many products and NONE OF THEM WORKED. Until now. Because this is not just products but–buy the book–an entirely new way to deal with curly hair. I follow the steps exactly–even learning a new way to dry my hair with paper towels! The products work very well. My hair looks beautiful and exactly the way it’s supposed to–curly. If you want straight hair and are still on that expensive time intensive treadmill of blow dry, etc., this is not the book/products for you. If you want great hair, you need to change and this is the system that works.

Debora Capay, CA

Love this low sudsing shampoo

I love this shampoo. It has a nice light citrusy fragrance, is sulfate-free and gentle on my crazy curly/wavy hair. I also use the creamy conditioner.

Tabitha Brimfield, IN

I like how this shampoo works but there is more to it…

The is Deva Curl’s gluten free shampoos and it works well without drying out hair and has a nice scent. My only concern (as with all conventional hair products) is although it’s sulfate free, it still has some chemicals I would like to avoid. I will be exploring organic shampoos in the future to avoid unwanted chemicals.

Helga Clarendon Hills, IL

hated it

made my hair impossible, split ends, not soft, not shiny, made me hair feel like straw, it dried out my hair A LOT!

Sandy Dardanelle, AR

Deva to the rescue

Have I told you about Deva Curl? If you knew me in person, I would have already. These products were created by the greater powers of the universe in order to come to the aide of people with out of control hair. If the ship were sinking, and I could only grab a few items, I would grab this 😉

Juliana Reynolds, GA

Love this shampoo.

A great alternative to nopoo. I really need the suds to get the product to go through all of my hair. This phosphate free product is gentle and I really do see a difference from when I use regular shampoo.

Julie Brush, CO

From 2 stars to one for watering it down. I’d give zero stars if I could.

I have used Deva products on and off for years. Even though I get my hair straightened, I still use the AnGel religiously. I also love the conditioner. I used the No Poo for a little while but couldn’t get used to not having that squeaky clean feeling. I was delighted to see the Low Poo for such a good price for a large bottle and was confident I’d love it. I don’t. It’s so runny, not at all like the quality I expect from Deva Curl.Won’t be buying this one again.Update: I was in a well known drug store today which carries Deva products. The consistency in the bottle of low poo shampoo was wayyyyyy thicker than what I received. This leads me to believe that the company I ordered from is watering it down. Very bad form.

Latisha Greenwood Lake, NY

Great shampoo for curly hair

I have used this shampoo for almost a year and still love it. I have really curly, oily hair and am allergic to almost everything, but this works just fine for me. I can only find smaller bottles at the store, so this larger size is an excellent deal. The only issue is that when I do occasionally use products with silicone or harder to break up substances I have to clarify with a shampoo full of sulphates to get everything out of my hair again.

Camilla Saint Olaf, IA

Best ever!

For having long curly hair like I do, finding a perfect product is almost impossible. Thats what I thought, until I came across this!My hair has never had more natural locking curls, and it’s never been this soft and silky in my life! I love this so so much and will never switch! I should stock up incase they run out, I wouldn’t be suprised considering how wonderful this stuff is.

Cherry Winneconne, WI