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Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush – No More Tangle – Adults & Kids – Pink

Life Changing Brush- No Matter What Your Hair Type! Long or short, curly or straight… it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, this brush will make your hair soft, shiny, silky and soft. How? Upon contact with hair, the flexible bristles loosen knots so that the brush glides through hair ensuring each strand is treated in a delicate manner to produce shine and minimizes breakage. No More Tears, No More Fuss – Kids Really LOVE This Brush! It’s time to leave the house and you prepare yourself for battle. There’s chasing and yelling. You’re mad, your little ones are crying, everyone is miserable and now you’re running late. If all that could go away wouldn’t it put a smile on your face. Of course it would! And if this brush doesn’t do what we say, you get that money back, Guaranteed! Why This Brush Will Be The Last Brush You Use: ✓ Detangles with ease ✓ It’s pain free ✓ Kids love it! ✓ Use on wet or dry hair ✓ Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss ✓ Smoothes the cuticle layer increasing shine ✓ Massages your scalp to promote hair growth How To Make EVERY Day a Good Hair Day! 1. Order the Glide Thru Brush by clicking the ADD TO CART button. 2. Get the brush in the mail. 3. Use the brush every day and never have another “bad hair day” again! TRY IT RISK FREE We are so certain you’ll love this brush, we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so order TODAY! You have nothing to lose and beautiful hair to gain! Copyright 2014 Crave Naturals. All Rights Reserved.

Key features

  • ORIGINAL GLIDE THRU BRUSH – Ever since the Glide Thru Detangling Brush launched, other companies have tried to copy it! But only the Glide Thru Detangling Brush has firm, quality bristles that will not lose their shape!
  • THE BEST AT REMOVING KNOTS AND TANGLES – Ordinary brushes work against the hair, basically ripping through and pulling out the knotted hair instead of detangling it! But the unique cone shaped plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently unraveling even the toughest tangles.
  • CHILD FRIENDLY – No more fits when it’s time to get ready to go out! The Glide Thru brush doesn’t dig into the scalp or rip out hair like other brushes. It takes out tangles without yanking or hurting. One customer review states, “My daughter used to cry every time Mommy brushed her hair. This brush is the best thing I ever bought for her.”
  • LIFE CHANGING BRUSH – Other brushes have beads at the end that can dig into the scalp and cause pain and get caught in tangles. The Glide Thru brush has painless bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation, which may help increase hair growth. One customer writes: “I brushed my hair for at least 2 or 3 minutes because it felt so good.” It also smoothes the cuticle layer, making your hair shine!
  • LESS HAIR LOSS, LESS STRESS – No more ripping out hair just to get rid of tangles! Listen to these customer comments: “I looked at the brush when I was done and there was one hair in it. Just one! My other brushes were pulling out a lot more than that!” and, “All my brushes before were always ripping out loads of hairs in chunks, but not this brush.”

Honest reviews


Nice brush

This brush glides through my hair with absolutely no effort or pulling of tangles. It feels really great on my scalp, too. However, I have extremely thick hair and I find that the shorter bristles don’t seem to reach down deep enough for me. I think this brush will work well for someone with shorter, thinner hair than mine.

Lynda Gilbert, MN

Fantastic Detangling Brush, I use this every day and my hair doesn’t snag anymore!

This brush is wonderful! I love it, it works so well and goes through my hair with no discomfort and doesn’t snag, so much easier than the one i had before that claimed it could do it!I remember when i me and my sister used to brush each others hair and it would hurt! when we hit the tangled spots, it was fun until it came to be my turn then it quickly turned into pain and suffering. I always hated it when tons of hair would get ripped out at the same time.I’ve tried other brushes including some of the high end brands on the market and this one is beyond fantastic compared to the others this one is way above. All my brushes before were always ripping out loads of hairs in chunks usually, but not this brush.It took out my tangles very quickly. I bought this brush because I have always used a comb which is hard on my hair. Using this brush was a breeze and nice on my hair!I’m going to buy a second brush to keep with me in my purse. I am very happy with this brush!

Melva Dryfork, WV


Perfect brush and perfect timing, I ordered this brush with my prime account and I love it. I had just got back from picking strawberries with my ratty haired little girl who managed to get candy in her hair as well, when I found that her new brush had arrived just in time. A quick bath and then I used this brush. It worked like a charm. My daughter used to freak out at getting her hair brushed but today dad was able to do it pain free. Thank you for a great brush. You made dad a hero!

Alexandria Seanor, PA

Not good at detangling

This brush is not good at detangling at all. I had to fight to get this brush to go through my hair, and I have fine hair. Skip this brush and buy something else.

Lela Rockville, MD

Run away unless you want split ends!

This product is just awful. It rips your hair to shreds. You can even hear it. I threw it away and do not recommend it for anyone. It’s causes split ends!

Dona Island City, KY

Bristles aren’t long enough

The bristles are so short that it doesn’t actually brush your hair. My daughter’s hair is thin and still this brush doesn’t work. I can’t see how this removes any tangles. If anything I believe it actually caused more of them.

Meagan Murray, NE

No more tears

On of my daughters has this way of tangling her hair like no other. She always has these huge knots that are impossible to get out without pulling out some of her hair. I thought that I would have cut her hair on more than on occasion. So when I received this brush she was the one I knew would test it to the fullest. The design/ shape of the brush is very nice. The small handle make it easier to manage and glide through stubborn hair. The bristles are different sizes and they are made of a plastic material. They are strong yet giving not to put up too much resistance. My daughter immediately put the Detangling brush to the test with lots of little tangles. It glided through her hair with little effort and pulling minimal hair out. Her hair as tangle free after two brushes and she was not crying or fussing. She even commented how the brush didn’t hurt her. All of my girls use the brush after their bath because it can be used on wet hair and they love it. I would recommend this brush for anybody who has long haired little girls. I received this product complimentary but the opinion expressed is all mine.

Maude Saint Anthony, IA

Best thing for my daughter’s hair since detangling spray!

My daughter is incredibly tender headed, but she loves to keep long hair. Every day and night is a struggle to get her hair brushed. She pulls away, whines, complains and generally hates the experience. I was tender headed as a little girl, so I understand how she feels. The first night I tried the Detangling Brush by Crave Naturals, brushing her hair was easier than sliding a butter knife through partially melted butter. The brush took care of the tangles, and even the tougher ones came out more easily while using the detangling brush. I’ve found a new favorite for my kid’s hair, and I’ll continue to buy this product after the one I have wears out. Love it!!

Aline Galesburg, ND


My daughters hair was in a ponytail for 8 hours as soon as we got this I used it on her hair it went right through and not much effort and didn’t hurt would recommend to anyone!

Arlene Malmstrom A F B, MT

Not my first choice

In my opinion the bristles aren’t long enough for people with LONG hair. I tried using the brush with dry hair, wet hair and I always work from bottom up a little bit at a time, it still was very difficult to use and wouldn’t get the knots out of my daughters hair, which is center back length. I bet it works like a charm on short thin hair though.. Love the shape of the hand, it fits in the hand perfect, ergonomic.

Margery Deweese, NE


I have to say that I love this hair brush! My 6 yr old daughter has super long hair (down to her bottom) and it is curly so to say that she has some pretty severe tangles on a daily basis is an understatement. I admit that I was pretty skeptical about this hairbrush being any better than others I’ve tried along with detangling sprays. But, this hairbrush really does minimize the pulling and snagging of hair while brushing it! It has helped our mornings before school have a little less stress. I would definitely recommend that anyone give this brush a try. I use it on my own hair on a daily basis now as well 🙂

Sybil Colgate, WI

Love the brush!

The first time I went on Crave Naturals website, I was immediately drawn to the Glide Thru Detangling Brush. I had seen brushes that were similar to the Glide Thru, prior to them creating their own and had always been interested in them. They were different from the traditional brush that has bristles that are all the same length.The shape of the entire brush is what first attracted me to it. I had never seen a brush shaped like that before. The Glide Thru Detangling Brush had more “coverage” for the hair and would be able to brush and detangle hair quicker because you didn’t have to keep brushing the same spot over and over. Regarding the style of the brush – I wish the handle were a bit larger because it’s hard to use. I have been putting my hand over the entire back of it, which if someone has smaller hands for me, it’ll be a problem. Other than that, I love the style of the brushes. I wonder if maybe putting a little rubbery grip on the handle part would make a difference, despite how small the handle is.Crave Naturals says that their bristles are flexible, firm and will not lose their shape – I’m not too sure about that statement. To me the bristles are flimsy and I feel like they would lose their shape after a while. HOWEVER, I have really thick and long hair, so it’s much more of an effort for me to have to brush my hair than it is for most people.I really like the colors that the Glide Thru Detangling Brush comes in – pink, black and white. They’re much more stylish than other types of brushes are.While brushing my hair, it did not snag any pieces and I didn’t feel any of my hair ripping out, which was a huge plus. I was shocked that I didn’t have a ton of hair in the Glide Thru Detangling Brush afterwards. Usually, I have at least a handful with a normal brush – yeah, it’s seriously that bad!I have noticed that it’s easier to brush my hair with the Glide Thru Detangling Brush when my hair is dry, versus it being wet. When it’s wet, I really have to push the brush into my hair, so the bristles will actually get into my hair, instead of just ‘brushing’ over the top of my hair. I have yet to try it in the shower, but I think it might work a bit better in there, since my hair would constantly be yet. Will have to try it soon.Overall, I am very happy with this brush. I would recommend it to just about everyone. If you have curly or extremely thick hair, I’m not sure it would work so well.Crave Naturals has a money back guarantee with their brush. If you really don’t like it and it just doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back. So, try the Glide Thru Detangling Brush for yourself.*Crave Naturals sent me product in exchange for my honest review!*

Danielle Shauck, OH

No more tears

Crave Naturals makes this awesome detangling hair brush. I wanted to try it because I am so tired of fighting to get my daughter to brush her hair. Her hair is on the longer side and the snarls can be brutal. Long hair doesn’t hold up well to flipping around on Monkey Bars…With the Crave naturals detangling hair brush there are no more tears. Brushing her hair is nice and easy with smooth easy motion. No yanking or pulling. And since there is no pulling, there is less hair breakage and damage. Hair remains healthy and perfect.This brush can be used on wet or dry hair and even on wigs without causing any damage.

Concetta Sea Isle City, NJ


OK.. Here is the deal.. I had my hair burnt by a beautician doing her first Keratin treatment. This Brush is absolutely the best I have ever used and would recommend it to anyone.. not only damaged hair. Nice and shiny hair.

Nell Powers, MI

Great for my daughter

This detangling brush worked great for my daughter’s fine curly hair that often gets tangles in it very easily since her hair is so fine. The brush is easy to use and did not hurt my daughter when I brush her hair in the morning before school. You can also use it on both wet or dry hair so it is an essential brush I keep handy for after bath time. It is extremely gentle so it is painless brushing. My daughter even wanted to try it and she loves the color.

Marcia Woodville, VA

The Perfect Detangling Brush

? Crave Naturals has the perfect Detangling Brush for your hair. For this review, I received the Crave Naturals Detangling Bush! I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this brush, it felt so good just brushing your hair! After I wash my hair, it’s hard to get a comb, let alone a brush through it, but the brush from Crave Naturals is very unique and it detangles your hair as you brush it. Everybody loves this brush, including children and adults. It just glides thru your hair, like no other brush I have ever used!Children really love this brush, because there is no pain or tears if their hair has tangles in it. It’s so gentle on your hair and it doesn’t cause pulling and minimizes breakage. It tackles knots and tangles effortlessly. What I love the most about this brush, is that it feels so good, it just massages your scalp! The brush has smooth, rounded tips that massage the scalp and increase circulation, which may help increase hair growth. I would highly recommend the Crave Natural Glide Thru Detangling Brush!

Bridgette West Hollywood, CA

Great product

The bristles are hard and they can hurt if you push too hard. The brush did eliminate the amount of hair that will come out of my head when brushing with other products and it did not rip it out along the way. I have ultra fine straight hair that is super long and this product is really good with it.

Janine New Brockton, AL

Do You Ride a Motorcycle & Get Hair Knots? THIS IS THE BRUSH YOU WANT!

Hands down the BEST brush I’ve ever used. Honestly.I am 50 years old and my husband and I get on the Harley at least 2-3 times a week. I have extremely long hair – down to my waist, and occasionally I like to ride without my helmet. I live in Texas and in the summer, the heat is just so unbearable & I hate putting on my heavy helmet, so I go with a Bandana. Unfortunately, my hair gets such horrible knots and tangles in it, that when I brush my hair, I always come away with not just a massive ball of hair that my other brush pulls out of my head, but a nasty headache to go with it.I saw this brush while looking for another product and even though I have about 20 different brushes – I got it to try out. I am VERY HAPPY I did! I opened it up and used it right away. I hadn’t been on the bike so I just brushed my normally wavy/curly, thick long hair. I felt like I was in a Spa getting a head massage! It felt THAT good! We did take a ride the next day and I wore just a bandana, no ponytail, as I wanted my hair to get all kinds of knots in it. It did get a lot of knots.I used the brush on my knotty hair and let me say this. I didn’t feel one tug, there was no pulling, and when I was done brushing my hair, there was only a very small amount of hair in the brush. Compared to the huge ball I had been getting every single time with my other brushes – this amount is nothing. And even better – no headache! I also notice no static electricity in my hair – which is normal for me here in Texas.I. Am. Thrilled! This brush is AMAZING. The way it is made is great…it holds nicely in your hand – very comfortable. The bristles are very firm. It’s very easy to clean the brush after each use, whether you just pull the hair out or you put it in the sink to get a good clean brush…either way it’s simple to do.I was able to get rid of 17 other brushes!! The ONLY problem now is when my husband saw the brush, he actually got excited. He has a brush similar to this one a long time ago and lost it. SO when he saw my new pink Crave brush – HE TOOK IT. He actually took it, used it, smiled at me, and I had to give it to him. So now I need to get one for myself.I have a granddaughter who is 5 with the most gorgeous, thick and curly hair you’ll ever see and she’s very tender headed. I can’t wait to try this on her!!I am 100% thrilled with my purchase. The seller shipped it SUPER fast. And I LOVE this brush, as does my husband. The price may seem like a little pricey but honestly – I’d pay more for it – it’s THAT good.THANK YOU Crave Naturals for making such a great brush!

Edythe Waukena, CA

I love this brush

I received a complimentary Crave Naturals Detangling Brush for the purpose of a review. However, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.I had never heard of a detangling brush before. Sure I have heard of a BRUSH, but aren’t they basically all the same? I thought.All my boys did was scream and fight me when I tried to brush their hair, before the haircut. My hair…well, lets just say I could be in a coma and it would still get tangled. I bet I brush it 10 times a day. It is long too..almost waist length.Enter the Crave brush.I liked it’s color and odd shape, and it’s bristles looked interesting with their swirled pattern and varying lengths.I told my boys before their showers, "You just wait, I have a surprise for your hair. It isn’t gonna hurt when I brush it!"WHAT?!They didn’t believe me. But it didn’t hurt…AT ALL.There must be something about the bristles, bristle pattern…..I don’t know what does it, but it doesn’t hurt.Usually I have to start at my ends and work my way up. This brush allows me to start anywhere I want and start brushing and I don’t get any snags.It helps too that it means less hair loss with my thin hair!

Gina Lackey, VA

THE brush for curly hair!

If there was ever a product that was designed for my granddaughters it’s this one!! Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush!! Both Emma and Alice have curly hair. Curly hair that is a nightmare to brush, even with detangling spray. There is crying, screaming and pulling of hair. That’s just NaNa!!!Bristles are firm and are designed to glide through hair. Bristles that aren’t going to lose their shape or fall out. The bristles also don’t have beads on them which causes snags! Trust me, if you have a curly headed kid you do NOT want the beads on the bristles. The pull, snag and tug at hair.I bought a similar brush at Target. I still have a screaming, crying 2 year old when I’m done with her hair. NOT SO with Crave Naturals brush. There were absolutely NO tears. There was NO fighting. I can’t believe the incredible difference. Seriously, don’t waste your money on others.

Toni Burleson, TX

I am gonna throw my comb away!

This actually really works! This brush glides through my hair without getting so much hair pulled out like with my comb! My husband was very skeptical too but when he saw how much in ease I was while combing my wet hair he was also impressed. He is very much used to me combing my hair after washing it which can be kind of a hassle. I also love that the brush is formed "ergonomically"- it lays in my hand as if it is made for my hand and it is very light weight. I am gonna throw my comb away cause this brush is doing the job so much better! Love it and recommend it highly!

Aimee Kyle, TX

love this brush great for kids

I really like the fact that this brush gets all of my tangles and knots out and its virtually pain free, unlike other brushes that have bristles all the same size and the hair gets all tangled up and gets ripped out, this brush has wonderful bristles that gently grip my hair and detangle every bit of it. I love it and so does my daughter now I no longer have to attempt to brush her hair she lets me do it with this brush and she also gets a nice scalp massage out of the deal as well.

Tina Buhl, ID

Wonderful detangling brush

I saw a commercial on As Seen On TV that was for a detangling brush. Before buying it, I read reviews of customers. I quickly learned that the brush on tv was not so good. The best reviews were for Crave Naturals brush. I bought that for my 11 year old granddaughter who has waist length hair. She absolutely lo loves it. I’m buying two more for my other granddaughters.

Wanda Sherman, WV


I gave this to my niece as a gift. She has really long hair and it always looks like she did not comb it. She loves this brush it fits her hand comfortably, does not pull her hair and her hair looks combed for a lot longer then with a standard brush.

Pat Little Elm, TX

Does the job

Works great to detangle. I bought it so I could keep MY brush in MY bathroom. Although, for those with curly haired toddlers like me… the best detangler ended up being her first haircut! I had them trim just a bit and cut in one layer… and her hair is sooo much easier to brush through. I use this brush… but also realize that the haircut really helped.

Janna Wayne, PA



Brigitte Jelm, WY

Wont rip out your hair

This is one brush I wish I had owned years and years ago. I really like how it does what it says, detangles my hair with such ease and very very little loss of hair. The brush is also so easy to clean and remove hair from unlike my bristle brush. This is definitely one brush every family should own.

Imelda Grizzly Flats, CA

Bye bye tangles!

This brush took the screaming out of brushing my little girls hair. She says it doesn’t pull and loves this brush. Comfortable handle too. My daughter has very long, thick wavy hair and this works like a charm!

Gretchen Avon, NC

Perfect for me and my 2 daughters’ hairs.

My daughters and I always get out of the shower with super tangled hairs. I have long wavy hair, my 5 year old daughter has long, straight hair and my 3 year old daughter has short wavy hair. It’s very difficult for me to comb their hair after they take a bath because they would often protest and cry from the pain of combing through their tangled and knotted hair.I tried the Crave Naturals – Detangling Brush on my hair first since I wanted to test it first-hand. I used it after I took a bath, with my hair still wet and tangled, and I was surprised by how easy it glided through my hair. I finished combing and detangling my hair in less than a minute. It was also painless and the handle made it more easier to use the brush.I love how easy it is to use the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush. It really made combing and detangling easier and pain-free. I definitely recommend this specially to those who have small children and to those who have hairs that tangle easily as well. :)Read my full review and my Vlog demonstration on […]DISCLAIMER: I am a member of Crave Bloggers and have received a Crave Naturals – Glide Thru Detangling Brush product to try however, all opinions are honest and own and are not influenced in any way. No other form of compensation was received. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.

Yesenia Bedford, NH

Amazing for kids with tangles!

I wasn’t to sure how well this would work at first. I feel dumb for doubting it! This brush works great on my step daughters tangles! I will never use another brush on her hair!

Delores Normal, AL