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Designer Skin Tao Dual Bronzer 13.5 Oz

Tao Dark Tanning Dual Bronzer delivers stunning, golden bronze color while leaving your skin sensuously soft. Dual action bronzers impart immediate golden color while sunless tanning agents further enhance your bronze glow.

Key features

  • Enriched with Vitamins A, E, C and Avocado Oil for immediate dark tanning results
  • Phytoage and Alpha Lipoic Acid provide powerful anti-aging benefits
  • White Birch Extract & Copper PCA visibly improve skin’s firmness and texture
  • Fragrance: Fig
  • 13.5 oz

Honest reviews



After giving DS Queen a somewhat scathing review, I thought I better let you know that not all DS products are created equally. I LOVE Tao…it did a great job getting me dark (in and out of the tanning bed) I took it on my cruise last year and came home BROWN! I am fair skinned and have VERY dry skin, but this did a great job getting me dark and moisturizing my skin. The smell is SOOOOO much better than Queen (not perfumey, but not beachy either). I mixed it with my regular everyday lotion I liked the scent so much! Guess I will have to be using awesome Amazon to order this product though since my salon quit carrying it! That’s OK…cheaper here anyway!

Willa Bryant, WI

Ummm…not sure about this lotion.

I didn’t notice a big difference using this lotion…the one major thing I did notice is that it was greasier than any lotion I’ve ever used before. For a Designer Skin lotion, I guess I just expected something more. I see major results when using Bombshell, but that’s also a tingle lotion. At this point I’m much happier with the feel and effect of Australian Gold’s Sinfully Black (which I purchased on the same order with this.)

Sherry Dutch Flat, CA

Great moisturizing product but not enough bronzing

I know this isn’t one of the best products that Designer Skin has to offer but it does an okay job. I started off rather fair before tanning but after a month I noticed this product stopped working for me. I definitley did not get the color I was hoping for but I can’t say that I didn’t get any color at all from this product because I did. It helped with getting a base tan but nothing more that I could build on. The smell is nice and like most of the Designer Skin products the moisture retintion from this product is amazing. So if your looking for a lotion that will help you build past a base tan you probably have the wrong lotion.

Robin Auburn, MI

It is ok

This product smells great but it didn’t do much but keep my skin soft and moist and it did not bronze my skin.

Justina Brownstown, IN

I love it

I love the smell. This is the first indoor tanning lotion that I really like the smell of after tanning

Juliet Venetia, PA


Without this, I’d be as white as a ghost. Works wonders and would highly recommend to anyone tanning. Love it!

Alberta Mc Neil, TX