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Designer Skin Saving Face 4 Oz

Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic, Saving Face is specifi- cally designed for the delicate facial area. Enriched with CoQ-10, Vitamin C, Carrot Oil and soothing botanical oils, it will promote golden facial tanning while potent antioxidants minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key features

  • – Designer Skin Saving Face Facial Acc 4 oz

Honest reviews


yuck. won’t get this product again.

It doesn’t smell like anything special. It looks and feels like a regular, cheap lotion. There is not a brown pigment to the lotion, so I don’t trust that it is actually bronzing me while I tan.

Tina Granby, CT

great results

keeps even my fair skin hydrated and extreme color for a irish girl w freckles. no odor, recommend to everyone!!!

Constance Minerva, KY

LOVE this!

Look, baking in the sun/ tanning bed is bad for you. But if you’re going to do it… (and I will…) at least give it some moisture and anti-oxidants. I can be in the sun for several hours and my face still feels soft and healthy. I’ve used this in tanning beds as well. I ended up using it on my whole body when I ran out of body tanning lotion, and it felt great!

Mariana Kaylor, SD

Not as good as the red one!

Designer skin has another facial tanner called "Amazing Face" and it’s a red bottle. The "Saving Face" does not have the awesome bronzing color that the ‘Amazing Face’ provides. I’d choose "Amazing Face" over this one any day. Works ok, no bronzing effect.

Jade Summit, NJ

No complaints here

I like that this product doesn’t smell or clog my pores when I use it.It does not have bronzer it in, either, which I prefer for my face. I want my face to have a more natural look to it & I think bronzer can look kinda fake on your face if you’re using the wrong product or tan too much. This creates a very natural tan & I haven’t burned since I’ve been using it.

Hazel Santa Fe, MO

It’s pretty good for face

This is a pretty good lotion for your face. Keeps a tan longer but doesn’t really do a lot to GIVE a tan. I love the smell. I would recommend it, because it leaves your face feeling really soft.

Chandra Perry, OH

Works great

This product works great and left my skin feeling smooth and bronzed. Before I just used regular moisturizer on my face before I tanned and Im really glad I have this now.

Leola Bevinsville, KY

Love this product

In the first day of use I got a really nice, dark tan. My skin feels soft and it glows. Will buy again.

Sherry Cedar City, MO

Burnt my face 🙁

I use a tanning bed with a special “no-burn” face lamp which emits less burning rays and is supposed to be lighter on your face and neck. Before buying this product, I just used regular indoor tanning lotion on my face and neck (underneath would be my face moisturizer with sunscreen in it, so I don’t know what good I was even doing)… I had no problems… I used this product one time and I burnt my neck and face pretty bad… I haven’t had the courage to use it again and I probably won’t. 🙁

Joanna Howard, OH

Not oily – no breakouts!

I really like this face lotion! I use it both for my face and for my upper chest and I seem to tan more evenly that way. I usually wash my face with an aloe wipie first and then apply the lotion. I don’t break out, it doesn’t feel oily or greasy, and it soaks in fast. I really like how it has no scent too. My sister and her best friend are hopping on the tanning train and bought a bottle each after I told them how wonderful this face lotion is!

Estelle Ridgway, PA

Love it!

My face gets very dark after two uses! No harsh smell, very gentle, and really works! Plus anti aging benefits!

Elizabeth Sinclairville, NY

not good for sensitive skin

this made my face break out and it clogged my pores. I’ve got sensitive skin and i thought this was good for delicate skin, but guess mine is too delicate. it really clogged my pores.

Winnie Gowen, OK


This product is awesome. Not only does it not make me break out, but it also has helped me make my face considerably darker and it is so light feeling. I don’t feel like I need to wash my face after tanning. It’s got almost no scent at all and what little scent there is, it’s gone by the time you get out of the bed. I also think this product has helped me from having my freckles tan with my face, before using this product I noticed my freckles were starting to get very dark and very unattractive. After using this product my freckles are MUCH less noticeable. I don’t think I will ever tan with out this product again. 5 stars!!!! Great buy!

Nelda Chanhassen, MN


I was using luminary for face and I reached a plateau. I read the reviews for this product and I have to say after going to the tanning bed daily for two weeks using this product, I am still no darker. I do not recommend this.

Dixie Norton, VA

Best Face Tanning Lotion

I love this tanning lotion for the face. I have been using it for a couple a years. Its gentle on the skin and I have sensitive skin. It protects your face.

Cortney Conway, AR

Awesome solution for faces that don’t tan easily!

My body tans very well, normally my face however does not. This lotion has helped tan my face tremendously. After only a few uses I noticed a big difference. It doesn’t have much scent so it doesn’t irritate my face. It also keeps it moisturized, which without this face lotion my face tended to be rather dry post tanning. A little goes a long way! After tanning 10 or so times with this I can’t even notice a dent in the bottle, still seems brand new and full. Awesome product, good price. Would gladly recommend this to anyone looking for some help tanning their face.

Ivy Shirley, AR

Designer skin for your face.

Great smelling and smooth over the skin. It lasts longer and seems to really do the job on my tan. I have used this many years ago. Good to see that they still have this facial lotion.

Cassandra Hillsville, PA

It is ok

This product is ok as it keep my face moist and smells great but it also left my face a little irritated.

Jennie Bradley, FL

good lotion

This lotion is great and it seemed like it was working. Unfortunately I have really picky skin and it broke me out. Really a shame because I love designer skin products and I know it would have worked.

Lupe Dysart, IA