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Designer Skin Obsidian 30x Bronzing Matrix Tanning Lotion, 13.5-Ounce

Enriched 30x long wear bronzing matrix combines unparalleled bronzing power with stamina enhancing potency for a long lasting, gorgeous glow. Fragrance: caribbean mist.

Key features

  • 30x long wear bronzing matrix
  • Long lasting
  • Caribbean mist fragrance

Honest reviews



I agree with MarMar! I’ve used this lotion 3 times already and I am DARK! It’s amazing! I first thought “30 bronzers? Isn’t that a little much?! I don’t want to be orange.” It gives you beautiful color and, as promised by Designer Skin, it lasts a while. The smell is “Caribbean Mist,” which smells nice in the bottle and on the skin. It smelled a bit musky after a while. Just be aware of that. This lotion also makes your skin feel very soft.To me, it’s a mix between a tingler and a normal lotion. Just enough heat, but without the burn. It’s actually relaxing with the tanning bed heat, with a few fans going, and then the volcanic minerals working on you, too. After tanning, your body will feel a little more hot than normal.Be careful around your face, especially near or under your eyes. The warming part may make you feel uncomfortable. The first time I used a packet at the salon, this happened to me and it felt weird. Not burned….just uncomfortable. Either way, I loved it enough to buy a whole bottle! :)EDIT: While I still love Obsidian, the after smell really started bothering me after a while. I switched to Queen for a better smell

Jessica Mechanicsburg, OH

horrible smell.. not even close to other designer skin lotions

I like black 20x, I like 14 karat gold, I like Luminary.. but obsidian,, is not anything special… does not feel as good on your skin as any of the others.. and has a horrible after smell.. I would not recommend to anyone.

Lula Cabo Rojo, PR


Ok, let me start by saying this stuff is not for the faint of heart or for beginners. If you are just beginning to tan, this will probably burn you like your first day on vacation in Florida without any sunscreen and you are from a northern state and never get out there as it is. I’ve used a lot of different lotions; including some fairly powerful tingle lotions like Bombshell and Pink Diamonds. At my salon, I was warned that Pink Diamonds was more powerful than Bombshell, but I disagreed. I’ve used Luminary that I’ve ordered through Amazon before also, and that has a SIMILAR effect to the Obsidian…but not nearly as powerful. Let me start by saying THIS IS NOT A TINGLE LOTION. This is just a standard silicone bronzer like Luminary by Designer skin, but a step more powerful. This is supposed to be the strongest bronzing lotion that Designer Skin makes as far as I know, and after trying it I wouldn’t doubt it. So I begin like I always do; with application. Depending on time of year (I live in Indiana,) I put my lotion on just before getting into the tanning bed. If I begin to feel warm or sweat, I’ll turn the fan on before hopping in (which is sometimes odd in late December, but this has been an odd year with days that the temp was in the 60’s.) The first thing I noticed while applying this lotion was a general warmth. I also tan nude, so I apply even below the belt, and this turned out to be a mistake. I’ve applied tingle lotions below the belt, and generally I’ve never had a problem, but I got so worried with this that I almost decided not to tan. I’ve never felt that kind of warmth from a regular bronzing lotion, and in certain (private) areas this was more than just a warmth…it was downright uncomfortable. I decided to just be a man about it, and go through with it. I wasn’t about to waste an entire application of the strongest Designer Skin bronzer on the market. Immediately I noticed extra heat in the tanning bed, (which is normal. The stronger a lotion is; the more heat you will feel because its like you are getting more sun into your skin, just like a high UV day in Florida where I grew up.) I pulled my full 20 minutes in the bed; which is the maximum amount of time allowed per day in the type of bed I was in; (on a side note I had decided not to use the regular bed at my salon, but what they call a Sunstorm which has burning bulbs above you and bronzing bulbs below, so you do 10 minutes on each side for an even, BUT STRONGER THAN USUAL tan. This may have been another mistake with this lotion.) So I finally get out of the bed, and immediately feel like I’m going to fall over. It was like instant sun-poisoning; I felt nauseous, weak, and shaky, and I probably could have passed out at any moment…BUT I WASN’T GOING TO TELL ANYONE THAT LOL. I’ve always rotated my lotions daily, and I have 6 different bottles of lotion right now (5 Designer Skin and 1 bottle of Australian Gold’s Sinfully Black.) I read somewhere that rotating lotions allows you to get the darkest by giving you a broader spectrum of light coverage. I’ve always used my Luminary about once every 2 weeks due to the strength, and more as a touch-up than anything else. From this point forward, the Obsidian is taking the place of my Luminary (which I’m almost out of,) and considering it feels even stronger than the Luminary I will not be using the Obsidian in anything other than a regular bed (which at my salon consists of regular bulbs and 2 high pressure facial bronzers.) On a last note, this lotion is amazingly (surprisingly) powerful, and should be used in moderation. If you can handle using this every day in the best bed your salon has available, more power to you. I’m sure you’ll be getting comments about how you look Mexican in no time; I’m always getting comments like that as it is, but my ancestry is half European Jew so I have the olive complexion that gets dark fast already. However; until you are used to this lotion…PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I think people can actually hurt themselves with this one. Make sure to drink plenty of water before going to tan with this one, and of course, don’t spray any perfume or cologne directly on your skin before tanning or while letting the bronzers work for 2-3 hours after tanning. Perfume and cologne absorbed through open pores can intensify heat sickness, so just use common sense and be careful. Also, maybe the first couple times using this lotion, go a little less on your usual time in the bed to see how you’ll react (AGAIN THIS STUFF IS REALLY STRONG!) One last warning for those who didn’t notice the earlier warning lol; keep away from private areas…actually just keep it away from any sensitive areas of the body and all mucus membranes. This lotion will get you dark, but it won’t do you any good if you kill yourself doing it; then you’ll just look good in your casket (like you died on a tropical vacation!) =p Happy tanning all.

Randi Falmouth, MI

I love how it feels and rubs in but..

unfortunately I get absolutely no color boost whatsoever with this lotion. I also dont feel any warming at alll. I will use it up though because I love how it feels on and it dosent have dha so i`ll keep it in my rotation but sadly I will not repurchase.

Danielle Paxinos, PA

Nice lotion

This tanning lotion has a nice smell but does not have near the bronzing action that I expected. I have used indoor tanning equipment and lotions for the past 24 years so I have used an array of products. This is a good product BUT I have used much lower priced lotions by Designer Skin that have had more bronzing power.

Leanne Two Rivers, AK

You have to see it to believe it!!

This is by far the best tanning lotion on the market!!! I use all of Designer skins products, but this one in my opinion, is the best of the best. This is the Mercedes Benz of tanning lotions. It is a high-end product and you really get what you pay for with this. I just love, love, love it!!! I highly recommend this to any fellow tanatics/tanaholics who feel they have reached their peak and feel they are not getting any tanner. Trust me on this :)PS. NEVER ever pay full price for this in a tanning salon!! They will rip you off and charge you over $100.00 for it. Amazon is the cheapest I’ve seen.

Jan Warren, ID

Got sick of the smell

With designer skin it’s obvious that you are paying sooo damn much just for the packaging. Screw that. Waaaaay too much fragrance. Don’t even think about putting it on your face

Lourdes Downing, WI


If you’ve ever made the investment at the salon then you know this is an amazing lotion, but what I received was not real. The lotion I received smelled right, but was thinner, did not have the "warming" this lotion is supposed to have, and most importantly did not improve my tan like it should have. As I said I’ve purchased the real Obsidian before and it gives you a rich dark color and leaves your skin feeling hydrated after tanning. This fake lotion also flakes off your skin after your tanning session. So my suggestion is invest in the real product and don’t waste your money on this fairly convincing fake one.

Twila Malcom, IA

Love this lotion

Your skin will feel silky smooth when using this lotion to to mention the great tan you get! Love the amazon prices.. Makes these lotions affordable!

Alexis Concord, NH

Great Price!

The lady at my tanning salon tried to get me to purchase this from the store but it was $85 (ON SALE!). Needless to say I was not willing to pay that. I will be purchasing this again (online) once mine runs out. It works great and it’s much more reasonably priced. I’m happy it could be shipped quickly as well so I didn’t have to wait long to receive it.

Guadalupe Buffalo Mills, PA

works great smells even better!

I love this tanning lotion and would definitely buy again! it feels so silky and smooth when applied. It feels warm against the skin while tanning but no burn or tingle. Smells good before and doesn’t acquire weird after tanning smell. The bronzers are great and don’t appear orange just a nice warm tan!

Alejandra Tannersville, NY

Not impressed

Not impressed at all and it stinks! I didnt notice any difference in my tan at all. wont buy again

Trina Etters, PA

Would maybe buy again…

This lotion gives off more of a tingle than a warmer, in my opinion. I hate that the silicon peels off my skin almost after using it, too. However, if you want to be brown then this is your "go to" lotion. Even though the silicon peels off, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. Do not pay the salon price, though.

Lilia Ovapa, WV


I have been in the tanning field for 9 years. I swear by designer skin and once again this product didn’t let me down. It’s amazing and a great buy! Will buy again from the seller.

Barbra Lees Creek, OH

Got nice tan with this

I have been tanning for some time. Used many lotions. Read the reviews on this and have to say. It’s great. Soaks right in, pleasant smell, not overpowering. No just been tanning smell to this. I do get tons of compliments on my tan when I use this. Slight tingle at the end of tanning, nothing crazy. I keep this on after tanning for at least 8 hours to get the bronzing and when I shower I use Hemp lotion afterwards and it prolongs my tan. Will purchase again.Edit 5/1/2011: Don’t know why I went off to a few others in between this review, they were not as good as this product. Now I won’t be fooled by the new hype on other lotions. I will be sticking with this one for as long as it’s available.

Janell Liberty Center, OH


Awesome lotion, I got really dark, but beware of the tingle after. I don’t think it’s a tingle lotion, but there’s definitely some heat after you get out!

Aida Middletown, CT

great smell

It really helped take my color to the next smells great even after u get out the tanning bed. It does have a slight warming feeling but its never all over just in certain spot.will definitely use again.

Clarice Niceville, FL


This product made me sooooo dark! I am absolutely in love with it and will continue to use it every time I tan!

Frankie Michael, IL

Pretty Good except for the scent

Lotion works great, love it, but not feeling the scent…that’s the reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars….the scent gets on my nerves…love the scent of designer skin aphrodisiac..was hoping for something similar

Daisy Girvin, TX