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Designer Skin Love Notes Hydrating Intensifier Tanning Lotion 8 oz

Words will escape you! Once you experience this color accelerating blend of conditioning minerals with hydrating Aloe and a touch of Silicone, you will fall in love. Golden color sealed with a kiss!

Key features

  • Special blend of minerals from the sea hydrate and intensify dark color
  • Extra dose of Aloe for the ultimate feeling of moisturization
  • Clean fragrance of Freshly Picked Daisy

Honest reviews


loves love notes

lovely color enhancer.. a mellow brown for me I am EXTREMELY PALE.. i turn orange with almost alllll lotions with any kind of color, bronzer, enhancer etc. so if youre already super dark IDK how youd like it. BUT I CAN PROMISE YOU THIS.. You will smell amazing for the rest of the day. it smells like an amazing perfume not tanning lotion at all. At the salon it costs like $60.. and $4 for a 20ml sample. so I would say definitely a good buy. Also… i dry out major! esp in the winter (now) and this lotion has actually helped my skin from drying out as much as it normally does after tanning. I still need to apply something though within a couple hours… but it def is an improvement.

Megan Edelstein, IL

Works well for me

This lotion, although the tanning place employees look down their noses at it every time I come in with it, works really well for me. It hydrates, but doesn’t make my skin oily or anything. While I tan, I can actually feel it working, and I like mixing it with my bronzers. This little lotion is great for my skin!

Erica Addison, MI

not the quality i am looing for

just another lotion for after shower. smell good, cute bottle, but not on the designer skin level of quality you expect from the company.

Dixie Geary, OK

Love the smell of it!

I love this product. I would say buy it. I really love the smell of it. I think its great for the price and I would buy it again. I love the feeling that my skin has after I use it and all I can say is that I am really happy I got it.

Cassandra Durand, WI

take it or leave it

I was not a fan of this lotion. Scent was plain and I didn’t notice a better tan with its use.

Leona Cummington, MA

Good lotion

This is a good lotion. I wanted one that did not have a bronzer and would not smell like I had been in a tanning bed. (I tan on my lunch break at work and do not like going back smelling like the tropics) The smell of the lotion is nice and sublte. If looking for a tanning lotion with no bronzer and no heavy smell this is a good lotion. Feels moisturizing but is not greasy which is a plus. I do not think there is a huge difference in most of these tanning lotions I do not like the ones that tingle and other stuff just wanted a nice simple tanning lotion and this fit the bill.Note: the bottle is only an 8 oz bottle does not take up alot of room I carry it in the tanning salon in my purse.

Faye Williams, IA