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Designer Skin Goddess Tanning Lotion Goddess Extreme 200xxx Sizzle Lotion 13.5 oz

Designer Skin Goddess is an anti aging and firming formula enriched with Vitamins A, C, E and Avocado oil for healthier skin.Extreme tingle lotion increases microcirculation of the skin.Skin firming lotion for tone appearance. Please note that date on bottom of bottle is the manufacture date.

Key features

  • Firmer, smoother, radiant skin

Honest reviews


Worth it 🙂

This is a really good lotion- first off, if you love tingles- try it. Each person has a different preference and some lotions work better on different people. If it was my sister writing this review (which she probably has written one on here for this product) she would give it 5 stars- it is her favorite lotion and she has used many, as have i. I wouldnt go to say it’s my favorite- i achieve darker results from trinity3 (my fav) or stunning my 2nd fav. My sister has also used both of those and she really does get darker with this lotion over the other 2 i like better. So its just a matter of how it works with your skin! Either way though, you will see results. The smell is pleasent, and the lotion is thick and a little bit goes a long long way! There are no bronzers in this lotion which isnt a bad thing, you get a more natural color without the DHA loaded in the bronzing lotions out there. I like switching up lotions so i would def get this lotion again. 🙂

Laurel Alpha, MI

To me…the tingle is actually weak. Results are amazing, though!

The only other tingle I have used is the “Fiesta Sun Grapetini.” I thought that was really weak. So today at my salon, I wanted to try a better tingle and get darker results than with my typical “Luminary” lotion. This stuff is GREAT! The scent is Coconut Lime. I only went in the level 3 bed for 8 minutes and I look like I got back from an island trip. There was definitely a change in my skin tone! Yes, I was and still am very red (its only been 30 minutes since my trial), but the tingle did not bother me much (only on my face, but that’s because I never put a tingle lotion on my face…but I didn’t have anything else with me). I’m definitely buying the full bottle!

Trisha Bloomingburg, OH

not good for the whiteys but just fine on tan skin

Like my title states, i believe this lotion’s pain factor goes up if you do not already have a tan. I have a tan and I was nervous after reading the reviews about what was going to happen to me when i put it on, but i decided to buy it anyways. It was fine. i did put this on my face even though i don’t think you’re supposed to and it did tingle with a mild burning on my face but just a slight tingle everywhere else. It will make you appear red for like an hour after putting it on. This doesn’t have a bronzer in it so what you see is what you get. When i hugged my husband afterwards it got on his fair skin and he was freaking out about the “pain” and i had already been wearing it for an hour… so there’s my theory on the fact that it doesn’t mix well with pale skin!

Candice Young America, MN

Good tan, but very very hot!

The first time I used this I didn’t know it was a tingle lotion, nor had I used tingle lotions before. That was a bit of a shock when every part of my body started burning like crazy. Gives me a great tan; one session ends up being the equivalent of two. But I look like a tomato coming out of the booth as the tingle-stuff brings blood up to the skin. The more you use, the better it works – better tan and harsher tingle. No bronzers, which I like as every bronzer seems to make me an unnatural and I end up looking a little strange when I use them. So if you don’t mind tingle and don’t want a bronzer, this lotion is great.

Elma Waterville, PA


Smooth texture. Pleasant aroma. I’m so used to tingle products, so to me there’s no tingle here. Even so, if your abeginner tanner, work your way into tingle lotions a little at a time. Starting with low tingle lotions first.

Catalina Spearman, TX

Worth the burn

This lotion definitely stings, but it’s worth it. It bumped up my tan color to a new level of darkness. I love it.

Tina Cave Springs, AR

Great lotion, but not worth the double price it raised!!!

There isn’t a tingle except small amount on sensitive areas but then again, only one lotion burns me and that I got this for for half the price, but a month later when I went to order it again, it’s popularity I guess, raised it’s price double!!! I’m not paying a fortune for lotion-I don’t care how good it is. Plenty of lotions/tingles as good or better for much cheaper. Hate the smell to this though-it smells like nair hair remover, but it does give great color- will never pay over 24.00 for it though. I got it when it was like 23.00 I think-maybe cheaper. Save your money-the smell is awful!!!

Beryl Fort Atkinson, WI


I’ve been tanning for years and am used to tingle lotions. I was excited to try this product after reading rave reviews on it. Once I tried it though, I wasn’t as impressed as everyone else seemed to be. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to tingle lotions or if this lotion just wasn’t that good, but I barely felt a tingle. It does smell nice and give OK color, but it wasn’t as amazing as everyone had said it was. Bombshell is 100xx bronzer/tingle and I felt the tingle a LOT more from that than I did with Goddess. I think I’ll stick to my other lotions for now.

Debora Conasauga, TN

A Must Have !!!

Goddess is a lotion that must be in every serious tanners rotation. I love the smell and the way my skin feelsafter tanning with this. Really boosts the color !!

Genevieve Mclean, NE