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Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer, 13.5-Ounce Bottle

Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this Ultra-extreme sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results. Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelops you.

Key features

  • 100XX Dark Tanning Bronzer With White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10
  • Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this “Ultra-extreme” sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results
  • Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelops you
  • Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.

Honest reviews


Tingle is tolerable

I love the smell of this lotion it reminds me of watermelons. The tingle isn’t overwhelming like some tingle lotions. The bronzers are pretty decent compared to goddess which has none. It goes on smooth and doesn’t have any funky after scent. I am pretty satisfied with this lotion. Happy Tanning!

Luann Bethany, OK

It works!

This product does work….if you can handle it. That is what I tell people that use my tanning bed and want to use my lotions. This product does tingle, and it turns me red as a beet anywhere I apply. You can definitely tell when I get out where I couldn’t reach to apply. But….it does work. If you don’t mind tingling all over and turning blood red for about 30 mins after tanning…go for it. I have given it to people that hated it and people that love it.

Terrie Dover, MN

This stuff is hot hot!

If you like the tingle stuff, you should like this. I don’t love feeling like my skin is on fire so I won’t be purchasing it again.

Felecia Muenster, TX


Another great product by Designer Skin. Smooth texture, great aroma. Produces first rate results. Use almost daily, mixed in with other lotions. Will buy again.

Kelsey Raleigh, NC


i first tried the lotion at the salon that i go to ..the first time i used it i fell in love !!!!! it gives me such a reddish bronzed look very sexy. the smell is great and as far as the tingle factor goes indeed it gives that tingle but nothing you really cant handle (i love extremely high tingles) so if your looking for a well feeling medium tingle to work your way up to the higher ones or maybe for that little extra hot factor this one is for you most def feel like a bombshell when you look in the mirror :)I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE !!

Marian Grenville, SD


I love it!! I forgot how hot your skin gets though. I definitely suggest to mix it with another lotion (not a bronzer) until you get used to it. I just started tanning again so its going to take some a while to get used to again. It smells really good and leaves your skin so soft. It won’t stain clothes as long as you rub it in good.Good luck and stay beautiful!!

Ronda Chesaning, MI

Awesome smell, awesome color, awesome lotion

I have my own bed at home and I tan daily, even though I’m Irish with light skin and natural red hair. A lot of lotions won’t work for me at all, and I have had my share of duds. I bought this one mainly because I love the name and wanted to try something new. I was really impressed with it. It IS A TINGLE, and a high one at that, so if you aren’t used to tingle lotions – don’t order it yet. Built up before you do. If you are used to tingles, this one is beyond great. It doesn’t have that “burn” tingle like some of the other higher tingle lotions do, and it offers you a really sexy color afterward. To top it off, it smells SO awesome, like candy. I’ve had people ask what perfume I’m wearing and my husband loves the smell of it. I would recommend this lotion to anyone that loves tingle lotions and wants a really sexy look and feel after tanning.It didn’t take me long with no base tan this spring to have a really nice sexy all-over tan with this lotion. It does not feel oily or greasy afterward either and you don’t smell “burnt” when you’re done. Bombshell is worth the money – just make sure that you like tingle lotions or you’ll hate it.

Roxanne Cupertino, CA

Not my fave

Maybe I am just not a “tingle girl” but this is NOT my favorite lotion. It will stay in my rotation until it’s gone, but I do not think I will order it again. Not only do I not love the hot burning feeling I have for an hour after I tan, it seems to somewhat dry out my skin. This is definitely a lotion that I only use when I know I am going straight home. The smell going on is not offensive (although not extremely pleasant)but it becomes much more acrid after tanning. I feel like people see my red face and body (which goes away after a couple hours) and smell that sour smell and KNOW where I have been. I think it DOES give me some decent color, but unless I am in for the night, I don’t use this lotion.

Rena Hurley, VA

This is one of my favorite lotions

I love this product. I first tried it years ago in a salon. It does tingle (brings the blood to the surface of your skin to create a better tanning experience) so I only recommend for those who have a base tan. The fragrance is ok – not a deal breaker for me. The lotion is cream/off white color. It is a decent size bottle as well. I can easily get 10+ uses with 1 bottle.*Caution* – this lotion, if rubbed off on someone else, will have the same effect on them – they will turn red and feel the tingle as well – even after hours of it being applied.

Adrienne Arthur City, TX