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Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer, 13.5-Ounce Bottle

Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this Ultra-extreme sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results. Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelops you.

Key features

  • 100XX Dark Tanning Bronzer With White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10
  • Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this “Ultra-extreme” sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results
  • Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelops you
  • Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.

Honest reviews


Do not buy this unless you enjoy the feeling of your flesh burning off

I used this tanning lotion yesterday for the first time and it made my skin feel like it was on fire. It was horrible. I do not have sensitive skin (although I usually do not use tingle lotions) and did not get sunburned. My skin didn’t stop burning until about 5 hours after I used this. I woke up this morning and now my skin is itching like crazy. It is absolutely miserable . I can’t say that I would recommend this product to anyone unless you like pain. The only good thing about this product is that it smells good, however, I will never use this again. What a waste of money!

Georgette Cedar Park, TX

Wow, Hotter than I Thoughter!

So, a couple days before using this lotion for the first time, I used Swedish Beauty’s Pink Diamond in an Ultimate Bed (45,000 watt bulbs, with 5 high pressure facial bronzers.) The Pink Diamond was my first tingle lotion, and I felt a little warmer in the bed than usual, and when I got out I felt a little itchy for about 15-20 minutes. Then I received this and used it in a regular bed (36,000 watt bulbs) with no facial bulbs. I started feeling warm to hot on my shoulders while I was still putting this on as I got toward my legs, and I made sure to keep this off my face because the Pink Diamond actually caused me to burn and peel a little on my left cheek. All I can say is after reading the reviews that this was a mild tingle, I was blown away. Take into consideration that this was my 2nd tingle lotion use ever, but I used it in a regular bed as opposed to an Ultimate with the Pink Diamond, and the tanning itself wasn’t too bad. Getting out of the bed, however, was a completely different story. I felt like I was on fire in several different parts of my body, and my shoulders looked blotchy. The fire sensation was so strong that I didn’t really notice much itchiness, but I stuck with it and refused to shower for hours to let the bronzers work. It took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before the burning sensation left some parts of my body (namely the front of my thighs because I tan in the buff.) I’ve tanned before, and I’ve been tanning about 3 months continuously, so its not like I went in completely unprepared. I have one hell of a base tan, and a naturally dark complexion due to heredity to begin with. I also didn’t like the smell of this stuff after I tanned…it actually annoyed me, where I can’t say that any lotion has ever gone that far before. End results were fantastic though! I was much darker that evening, and I still see a difference the next day. I will definitely be using this lotion again. Screw the pain and the smell, if it gets me through my tanning plateau, which I’ve had a lot of trouble with, then its worth it to me. I’m still going to use different lotions day in and out, but this will definitely stay in my rotation to help me extend my tan. And who knows? Maybe once I get used to this, I’ll move up to a stronger tingle lotion lol. I’m a glutton for self-punishment if it makes me look good. =p

Lou Groveton, NH

I’m the weirdest reviewer on this product

I don’t tan, so why should I review this product? Well…First off, my mother tans, and this looks good on her, you know, after she tans. She looks good, but she’s a pretty lady anyway.Second, this gets the blood to the skin. After she tans, she leaves the product on the stearing wheel, doorhandles, etc. Not inentionally, but it just happens, and I always get the aftermath. I have to tell you, one time she went tanning on my birthday, then we sat next to each other to go bowling and when I got out the car, no lie, half of my leg was numb, this was a result from touching her leg. It was hilarious, but seriously obnoxious if you’re not used to that feeling. Sure got the blood to my skin!And I lost that game, I blame it on the lotion. ;D

Grace Hays, NC


Somehow I missed the detail that this was a “tingle” product. I thought I was having a severe allergic reaction and rode all the way home from the tanning salon with the windows open and the air conditioning on full blast. I was rouge everywhere that I’d applied this stuff. Btw, it smelled delicious. Anyway, I definitely do NOT have sensitive skin otherwise. I know a lot of people like the tingle products and if you’re one of them, you’d love this. If you’re experimenting, don’t start at this level. I only used it once so I’m hoping to sell it to one of my tanning friends.

Vonda Catlettsburg, KY

WOW that golden brown

Despite the negative reviews I decided to purchase it anyways. The tingle is in the perfect middle of too much and too little. The smell is to die for before/after! I will forever purchase this in the future. Make sure you don’t put this ANYWHERE near your face and try to clean your hands before touching your goggles.

Maribel Olmitz, KS

WOW tingle!

I have been using Obsidian for the last year and really love the slight warming effect it provided. I wanted to boost my tan and after researching tinglers, I decided to purchase Bombshell. Whoa, this product is powerful!! About 10 minutes into tanning I felt the tingling sensation start to work. Right after tanning my body was completely red, especially my legs. The tingle intensified and lasted a few hours later even after showering. After the redness went away, I was darker, but it didn’t sustain like I have seen with results from Obsidian. This may be a great product for truly advanced tanners, but for me it was a little much. I will use the rest of the bottle though and rotate it in and out with Obsidian since I want to use it up. If you love tinglers you will probably really enjoy this product. For me, just a little too strong.

Ebony Green Valley, AZ

Gets you dark quick

This is my favorite lotion to use when I want to get dark quick. You do get quite a bit of redness with it, but you do with any tingle lotion. But if your looking to get dark fast this is the lotion for you. Only thing is that the tingle is not that strong.

Stefanie Roscoe, NY

Not For Me

This had way too much tingle for my liking (and I was a seasoned tanner). It actually made me break out in a very red rash that would linger for at least a day. It did accelerate my tanning, though. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me.

Rochelle Newport, IN

I’m in tanning luv!

This makes my skin feel hot and a tid bit stingy in the bed. Use a lower bulb bed if it’s too hot for you. I feel prickly for awhile but the nice bronze color I’m left with is something no other lotion has done for me before. If you can stand a tingle this is the one to get! I have luminary right now and I have AG Fierce defense and this is my favorite lotion out of the three. In fact, this is my favorite of all time. The after tan smell is the best and the color is unmatchable. I have been won over as a tingle lotion and this lotion really amplifies the benefits of the tingle lotion.

Nita South Rockwood, MI

great bronzer/tingle combo

I switch up my tanning lotions every couple months but I have used Bombshell in the past and am currently using it. It is a bronzer/tingle combo, and it gives you an overall gorgeous tan. I love tingle lotions and for me this product has only a slight tingle but for someone that isn’t used to tingle this might be a little intense. I love the smell of this lotion, it’s a very fruity kiwi-watermelon fragrance. This product will give you a nice sun-kissed bronze glow without being orange. It’s a great product.

Juliet Milan, NM

great lotion, horrible smell

I love the tingle. Gives me a fabulous tan. However the smell is disgusting. It smells like a burning chemical smell. your clothes will smell like burnt fruit dipped in nail polish remover.

Priscilla Ebro, FL


This lotion is wonderful! The tingle isn’t too strong, which I personally like. It smells great and makes my skin very soft. The price is awesome; my salon was selling this for $58! I tanned fast!

Erica Wardsboro, VT

Love this tingle lotion!

This is one of the best I have tired for a great price. The tingle is not as strong as I thought. If you want a big tingle, try Pyronic Blaze! Still a great lotion for indoor tanning. Will diff buy it again.

Mabel Windsor, VT

Love this lotion !

Im a serious tanner and already had a pretty good tan befoere i used it but my legs were not as dark as i wanted them to be. After my first use i noticed a difference.I was a little worried about staining but it didnt stain me at all. I will definately keep using this product!

Kristie Hillsdale, OK

Great buy!

This is a great price for what you are getting. The bronzer in the lotion is perfect and does not leave that orangy tint that I hate and leave stains. The tingle in the lotion is mild, which suited me fine since I’m not a huge fan of the tingle. It does leave me pretty red for about an hour after I use it, but when it goes away I have a great color with no burning. Even the scent is great and doesn’t overpower. Overall, I love it.

Kimberly Big Sandy, TN

hot hot hot

Wow seriously hot! Definately do not use if you dont already have a good base tan developed. The smell isnt bad….could be better. But with as hot as it gets and the results that follow…i can overlook the smell. All in all, i like the product and will continue to use it.

Renae Tuscarora, MD


This lotion is another long time favorite of mine. Has a moderate tingle to it with a good bronzer built in. Produces great results. I’ll put this lotion on before I get to the tanning center, and then apply a second lotion when I arrive at the tanning salon itself. The tanning results are even better. Will purchase again.

Esmeralda Clay, TX


I guess I just have gotten used to using a bronzer so when I used this lotion, it burned like crazy! I could defianatly tell a differnce afterward thouhgh. I cool feel the heat coming off of me for a long time. I actually like this lotion.

Lesa Henryville, PA

It’s works, but BURNS BABY BURNS!!

SO i got this for in and outdoor, but only use it on my legs and stomach because it burns like freakne CRAZY and I stay red after a couple hours later so I need t take a cool shower to and I’m still flushed. I don’t tan from chest up and use self bronzer, but I have to get some color on my legs and this is a really good product. I actually bought this in 2011 and used only a few times, because I love my the Iluminating bronzer one, but I’ve used it 3 times in the pass 2 weeks and it still works Great! You don’t really have to worry about tanning lotions like this going bad because the only thing that expires is stuff with SPF, which obviously you don’t want to use to get color. I feel like my legs and thighs are in a hot sweatsuit sitting in a Hot steam room though. If you can tolerate the heat, I’d say get This.. THe first few times you use it, you may itch, but it all depends on th person. I do HIGHLY recommend triple washing your hands with good soap and then using baby wipes and then washing AGAIN, because It’s hard to get off and even small trace amounts left behind and BURN the heck out of your face or if you rub your eyes.. Even after precautions of washing, I still managing to be a bozo and rubbed my eye and was DON’t buy this at the salon even if they say sale untle it’s under $30.. The cheapest I’ve seen this in salons even good salons deals wast $68 and that was last week. I like to price my stuff. I always buy my Designer skins on Amazon and have yet to have any issues with any of them.. Ebay has good pricing, but they are not consistent in their price value.

Penelope Wakefield, MA


this is my first bottle ever of a tingle,… i’ve used packets but this is my first’s not hot enough and the color i got from it was very minimal… i’d rather just use a bronzer over this.small ato but nothing gross..the smell is like a vanilla. it’s rich and creamy. if you’re looking for a starting-out tingle, this is a good idea. however, if you’re experienced with tingles this is not a good idea.

Gracie New Millport, PA

Highly Recommended

This is SUCH A GREAT lotion! This is one of my favorite lotions from Designer Skin. The tingle doesn’t bother me, as I am used to tingler lotions. I love the color I get immediately after, that deep red. The scent is great, too! GREAT COLOR from this lotion.

Annie Oronoco, MN


This extreme tingle is just that… I forgot & put some on my face… I got blood red on my face. It doesn’t affect my legs or arms.

Leta Stahlstown, PA

Love This Lotion!

I’ve tried MANY different indoor tanning lotions, but always come back to Bombshell! The perfect amount of tingle although I like a strong tingle, and results are almost immediate. Also ordered the new Playboy Hottie Hot tingle lotion so when it comes in we’ll have to see if my opinion changes.

Mallory Chichester, NH

one of the best lotions I’ve used

I have used this for several years after I get a good “base” tan. It is an excellent lotion to use if you want instant “dark” results.Once you put this product on, you will feel heat (like you are on fire) and turn your skin red. It brings the blood to the surface of the skin in order to help “tan” you better. Do not shower at least for 1 hour after use as it could wash away your results.DO NOT TOUCH CHILDREN FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR AFTER THIS PRODUCT IS USED ON YOUR SKIN–IT WILL TRANSFER TO THEIR SKIN AND CAUSE THEM TO BE RED IN THAT AREA THAT WAS TOUCHED/EXPOSED! I highly recommend wearing long sleeves and pants and washing your hands if you must touch/carry your child.

Shauna Morrisville, NY