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Designer Skin BLACK TAN EXTENDER Moisturizer Lotion 16 oz.

Revolutionary mega silicone emulsion provides maximum hydration and promotes smooth, sinfully-soft skin. Fade DefyingTM Formula and SunStay™ Technology maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your tan . 2X Opti-GlowTM Blend delivers a healthy-looking, radiant glow. Advanced Amino Acids (AAA) promote optimal results. Nut Free, Aloe Free and Gluten Free. Not tested on animals. Fragrance: Refreshing Citrus

Key features

  • Fade DefyingTM
  • 2X Opti-GlowTM
  • Advanced Amino Acids

Honest reviews


It’s just ok. Maybe as a back up.

It’s pretty over powering coconut and pinapple smell. Doesn’t work as well as other products I’ve used. I use it as a back up.

Debra Deport, TX

Makes Skin So Soft

This product is a great conditioner for after-tanned skin! But I took it on a plane with me and the pressure made it chunk up all weird, so buy it, but don’t take it on air travel.

Bernice Forestville, WI

Smell is awful, nothing special

I honestly can’t tell that it is doing anything different than any other lotion you would use daily except that the smell isn’t great, and sort of lingers. I believe the marketing in it, is it gets you to use lotion more than you normally would to extend your tan. Truth is, if you just use normal lotion regularly, it will extend your tan without the price, and without the smell.

Nichole Sikeston, MO

Very smoothing

This is a great lotion and the silicone makes your skin very soft. It has, as most of the tan extenders do, a strong smell. It’s not as tropical smelling as the Snookie extender but it was noticed by one of my coworkers after hours of having put it on. I try to use it at night before I put on long-sleeved pjs so I don’t have to smell it. But as a lotion, it is very good. I can’t really tell that it is extending my tan but the moisturizers help, I’m sure.

Eunice Columbia, MO

Great lotion if you really like the smell.

This is an excellent tan extender. The silicone makes it very easy to put on. The smell, for me, got old extremely fast, and now I can’t stand it. If you like the smell of the original Black tanning lotion, then you’ll love this.

Mia Westborough, MA

Used this 2 years

Love this mouistetizer for 3 years! its the greatest! for lines wrinkles dry skin length of tan everything! well worth it!

Christi Coloma, MI

Very silky

I like this product. It smells great and leaves my skin very silky feeling. I don’t know if I’ve been using it long enough to know if it actually works on extending the life of my tan or not.

Jeanine Union, OR

Great stuff

I use this lotion on the days when I don’t plan on going tanning. It smells great and really does make your skin super smooth. And you get a LOT of it also.

Erma Jackson, MT

another winner form designer skin

it is a nice addition to any after shower routine. i dont use all the time but it works well and feel great on the skin. i would tell anyone the price here is fractional to the price in salons, and its worth it too !

Carrie Hessmer, LA

Seems to work great!

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and my 3 tans I’ve had are holding very nicely! The scent isn’t awful and it seems to moisturize for a few hours.I also have very sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it at all, so that’s a plus!

Alberta Medway, MA

Great service!

Have just begun using this tan extender, but I love the way it goes on. The smell is good, also! I am 62 and outside almost everyday. Doesn’t take much of this product to cover body, so don’t overdo, and it will last longer. Guess I will find out how well it extends a tan the longer I use it. Appreciate the fast Great service, too! A+

Jamie Armstrong, IA