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Designer Skin Bellezza, 13.5-Ounce Bottle

BellezzaTM Magnificently Rich 18(XVIII) Bronzing Blend Exclusive Dark Tanning Juice Color-AdeTM Type: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough Overindulge your skin in beauteous, bold, bronze color and exquisite skincare found only in BellezzaTM18(XVIII) Bronzing Elixir. This potent GratifruitTMcocktail feeds your skin through its exclusive Juice Color-AdeTM formulation, while resplendent bronzers satisfy your darkest desires. The gaze of the beholder is upon you… Magnificently rich 18(XVIII) bronzing blend delivers gorgeous, dark color for maximum results Exclusive Acai Berry juice-based formula quenches your skin for the ultimate tanning cocktail Utilizes GratifruitTM to bestow exotically smoothing antioxidants while 2X Opti-GlowTM enhancers deliver a radiant glow for fabulous effect Fade-DefyingTM Formula helps maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your tan Oil-free for the discriminating tanning connoisseur SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES! Fragrance: Sicilian Sunrise Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.

Key features

  • Moisture rich formula prolongs the life of your tan
  • Instant and long lasting color
  • Oil free dark tanning lotion

Honest reviews


The best!

I’ve tried almost all of the Designer Skin lotions and this is by far my favorite. It sinks right into the skin making it feel silky smooth, no greasiness, smells beautiful but not too strong, no burnt after-tanning smell, and I actually saw results the first time I used it. Didn’t stain my clothes either. I think I’ve fallen in love with this lotion. I can’t imagine there ever being one better!

Rosemary Todd, NC


I’ve been looking for a lotion since the discontinuation of Bohemia by deisgner skin – a while. Months in fact. I’ve gone through many, a lot thin, smelled weird or produced no results. THIS my friends is the ultimate tanning lotion (for me at least). It’s on the thicker side which i like, spreads well, and the bottle is pretty big. It has a citrus-like smell which is great because I like to tan on my lunch hour and not smell like crap when I go back to work. I got really dark results with this after just my first use. I’m really happy with the lotion, the shipping and the company 🙂 great deal.

Cornelia Westover, PA

nice product

Definitely one of the better tanning lotions I have used. Great color and goes on smoothly without feeling sticky. The only downside was an unappealing smell after tanning. I would purchase this again and recommend to others.

Kate Utica, KY


Smell was good. Liked lotion but needed to switch it up mid way through just wasnt getting any darker but have no complaints about the lotion at all. Worked for me.

Angelique Uniondale, NY

Fresh scent!

I am an avid tanner and have tried tons of lotions and this is the first I have truly loved. It is thin and not oily so it is easy to apply. After tanning it does not rub off on your clothes and leave you feeling greasy for the rest of the day. The scent is very pleasant and not overpowering. As a matter of fact I have had a few people tell me that they love the perfume I am wearing. I also find it to be very moisturizing. It leaves my skin feeling soft even after I shower. The price on amazon is way lower than at the tanning bars and a bottle will last a LONG time.

Nancy Stanton, ND

Great Tanning Lotion

Really like the feel and tropical smell of this tanning lotion but it did not have as much bronzing effect as I expected….seems like you get more from Black.

Jean Iron Mountain, MI


this isn’t a magic lotion….it didn’t get me extra dark, it definitely protected my skin than tan it. I found myself tanning easier without the lotion. It’s not greasy which is great! wish the smell was something else…it smells fruity.

Carmen Benedicta, ME

love the smell

I love the smell of this lotion. I doesn’t make you smell burnt once you get out of the tanning bed. The bronzer hasn’t stained my hands. Over all its a good lotion for starting to build your tan.

Juanita Elk Point, SD

really good

great good as designer skin’s obsidian ..but I still like Belleza better because it smells nicer and there’s no tingler

Gilda Brainerd, MN