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Designer Skin Angel, 20-Ounce Bottle

Silky-soft, sensuous skin, velvety to the touch. Angel Daily Moisturizer Anti-aging and Firming Lotion by Designer Skin is indeed heaven – sent. Unlike other moisturizers, this guardian of your skin also protects, firms, and nourishes your most precious asset. Potent anti-aging and firming ingredients visibly improve skin’s firmness and texture. Hemp seed oil provides the ultimate moisturization. So spread your wings and get ready to fly. This Angel is going to nourish your body and soul.

Key features

  • Kiwi Pear
  • Firms and nourishes your skin.
  • Ultimate Moisturizer

Honest reviews


Recent User

I just tried using the Angel Kiwi body lotion because it was free with my lotion purchase and so far I am SUPER happy with it. I am obsessed with the smell, my tan seems to be lasting longer, it smells fabulous, great for guy or girl, it dries pretty fast, and doesn’t make you look oily or greasy. I couldn’t be happier!

Kathrine Ruby, LA

Truly in Heaven with this lotion!

I will never use another body lotion as long as I live! The scent alone got me hooked! It goes on so smooth and leaves my skin so silky and the moisture lasts all day long! It also preserves my tan so well! I love this stuff! Happy Tanning!

Whitney Coahoma, TX


Well this is my second time to order this product so that tell anyone that I like the product very much. It absorbs into the skin great leaving my skin feel the same.

Gayla Oronoco, MN

Nice fragrance

I have recently started tanning and use this to help keep my skin moisturized. I love the fruity smell and the way it soaks right into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy at all. When you first put it on, you are expecting it to feel super greasy, but then it just soaks in and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Faye Hillpoint, WI

Not my cup of tea

It looks like I am the odd one out. I did not like this lotion at all. Everytime I wore it, the smell got to me after a couple of hours and I would get a nasty headache. Perhaps I am sensitive to one of the chemicals? I had to give it away to a friend-she says it’s ok but not her favorite.

Sharron Montreal, WI

Great Lotion

I used this stuff a long time ago when I went to the tanning salon… Then ran out and never really thought about it again… Last summer I went to Florida and wanted to get brown before I went… and so I bought this because its a great lotion to moisturize your skin… And it smells great 🙂

Tia Plymouth, NC

Love this lotion…

I have loved this lotion for years. I used to get it at the tanning salon that I went to but they closed. I couldnt find it anywhere because it was sold there under Hemptation, my guess is that is the label they put on it for their store. Anyway, the sent is very light and refreshing. I love the fact that you dont have spend forever rubbing the lotion it because it absorbs really well almost immediately. I have very sensitive skin and this has never bothered me or cause any breakouts from using it. Most scented lotions I cant use because it irritates my skin and causes breakouts.

Denise Platteville, WI

Great lotion

Doesn’t leave you sticky, has a great refreshing smell, and it’s a very big bottle. I love this lotion and will be purchasing again.

Sheryl Southwick, MA

Not as Moisturizing as Forever After or Kisses

I love the smell but it does not moisturize very well, even compared to store bought lotion. Australian Gold (Forever After or Kisses, IMO, are way better moisturizers. I had to keep applying throughout the day whereas with the other two products I’ve used in the past 2 months, I only had to apply once or twice for ultimate moisture. Not trying to knock anything but I wanted to let other people know that Forever After is less in price and MUCH better, especially if you are an avid tanner like myself.

Jeannie Burlington, IA

Great lotion

I have been using this product and feel that it makes my skin soft and moisturized. At first I did not know if it was worth the price I paid but after awhile of using I really liked it and could tell a differnce in my skin. I have been applying to my skin 2 x per day and on occasion have applied 3. (I originally bought a bottle from tanning salon / was recomended by tanning salon for after tanning in tanning beds)After tanning it seems to hydrate my skin well. The smell is nice but not overwhelming very fresh smelling to me The price is very good on Amazon, it is a large bottle. I would recommend this product.

Ina Elkview, WV

Best stuff for the money

Wonderful scent – even a man can use without feeling girly. My wife and I tan and use before and afterwards. Thicker so it does cover a lot of territory.

Enid Rushville, PA

great after tan lotion

I bought this to put on after I got out of the tanning bed and after bathing. It has a very nice, light smell to it. It absorbs very quickly into my skin too. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the pump doesn’t always work and when I get a dry spot on my body, it takes days for this lotion to make it not dry.

Pamala Chocorua, NH

Great fragrance

I have always wanted this body lotion; thanks for amazon for carrying this product…It has a great fragrance….I love to use it 2 times a day….

Elisa Fosters, AL