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Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic 16 Xvi Bronzing Blend Cream Oil Lotion, 13.5 Ounce

QueenTM Majestic 16 (XVI) Bronzing Blend Decadent Cream Oil Formula Enriched with Royal Bee Jelly Type: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough Bee royal, bee luscious, bee beautifully bronzed. Treat yourself like a queen – a majestically bronzed queen – and give your skin the royal treatment it deserves. QueenTM Majestic 16 (XVI) Bronzing Blend delivers exquisite, deep, dark color while this oh-so-special Royal Bee Jelly formula provides sumptuous nourishment, leaving skin soothed and richly hydrated. Beautiful, luxurious color to behold. All Hail the Queen! * Majestic 16 (XVI) Bronzing Blend, containing Multi-Action Mega MelamaxTM, delivers a robust blend of bronzers and intensifiers for the deepest color potential * Highly-cherished Royal Bee Jelly nourishes skin with exquisite moisture and powerful antioxidants * Decadent Cream Oil Formula, containing Sunflower Oil, naturally soothes and hydrates SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES! Fragrance: Citrus Honeysuckle Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.

Key features

  • Advanced 16x bronzing formula gives almost instant and long lasting color
  • Moisture rich formula prolongs the life of your tan
  • Promotes a healthy looking glow after use
  • Helps to reduce the after tan odor
  • Fragrance: Citrus Honeysuckle

Honest reviews


Softest skin you’ll get with a tanning lotion!

I have used a ton of different tanning lotions. Bronzing, silicone, tingling, etc. I guess you could call me an experienced tanner. I used Queen because I had always wanted to try it and heard that it was really good. My skin never felt so soft with a tanning lotion! The royal bee jelly really does the trick! It gives you beautiful color, too. Some may not like the smell, but I thought it was a very pretty perfume smell. If you layer it on evenly and not too thick, the smell won’t be overbearing. If you apply just enough, you’ll be fine.My skin didn’t look or feel greasy either!

Wilma De Kalb Junction, NY

Feel good about using this lotion

I purchased this lotion after debating over a few. I was reading some mixed reviews, but I am glad that I went with this one. I’ve heard and seen good things about royal jelly. Honey and royal jelly are high up on the list of ingredients too. I feel a little better about putting that on my skin than silicone, ingredients from nature are more appealing to me. This lotion goes on smooth, smells nice, has a fairly light scent, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it but green apple, pear and honey comes to mind ( I don’t understand the reviews that say it smells terribly strong and perfumey ) and feels quite moisturizing. My boyfriend smelled me after I just came back from tanning and playfully commented on how yummy I smelled 🙂 he said he really liked it. That’s a positive about this lotion, I’m not left stinky after tanning like often happens. It is a little bit thick feeling and I feel slightly sticky for a little while after tanning, but that fades after about half an hour or so. I’m satisfied with it and the color I’ve gotten with it.

Jordan Woodberry Forest, VA

sample tried x2

When I was at my darkest.. (ppl said angel stop tanning!!!) I needed to get my arms to catch up to the rest of me. im naturally pale as that guy from the movie powder. so it works. lol I couldn’t get anything to get me darker, i switched beds, laid outside, used oil and salt water, and I didnt like black (my tan washed off with black)and yes i got skin cancer if you’re wondering…so be smart and dont burn. always use lotion! i quit tanning after that for a year .. now just here and there for sun as i work third and suffer from seasonal. Sooo. I used Queen twice or more on my arms and shoulders… for a few sessions. I seen a huge difference in my arms and the rest of my body that i used beautifully brown on. My arms got darker, and felt softer, almost silky i guess… And the smell was awesome. I dont like vanilla scents, or to smell like an apple pie or other foods. So this was a nice perfume, feminine type of scent. I like it a lot. Just dont want to dish out the money for it haha… it is just lotion anyway,, right?

Eva Russell, PA

Love it!

I got this off my wishlist, I like this lotion it has no silicone in it and the oil base really leaves your skin moisturized and tan, It also smells REALLY GOOD before and AFTER tanning. You also need a real little bit and spreads easy.

Charlotte Atlantic, VA

Works but smells GROSS

I have been tanning for years, but I am not loyal to any particular brand of tanning lotion. Queen was recommended by one of the girls at my salon. It does work (I have been complimented on my tan after only going once or twice a week for the past month, but the smell is AWFUL. It is SOOOO perfumey…and not a good perfume smell…more like an old lady White Diamonds kind of smell (R.I.P Liz). I can barely wait two hours to shower this stuff off, and my boyfriend hated the smell. Soft skin and a decent tan (with some redness) is worth finishing this bottle, but definitely not worth buying it again.

Lourdes La Crosse, KS

Wonderful Smell!!

I really like this lotion. Im really big on smells and I dont like to smell like a fruit or chocolate or any food. This smells really good! like perfume! and its not too thick… it also did help me with burning…UPDATE!!! After about 2 weeks of using the products I was able to sun tan my sun spots… ok let me explain… sometimes people get confused on what sun spots are, well the ones im talking about at least…. There not the ones that are like blotches on ppls faces there the ones that no matter what you do everything thing else will tan on your body but these spots will stay light. Well I thought I would always have them… on my upper stomach and my lower back… I even started wearing different bathing suits to hide them on my stomach… well, they have completely went away I have even skin tone! I don’t kno if this sounds normal but I used to be jealous of woman with even skin tone. But kno I put this on and go and tanning and I have an even skin tone!! FYI I used to tan indoors before and still would have white spots…

Phoebe Lebanon, OR

smells perfumey

i like the color i got in one 12 minute bed session with tanning from this lotion but i can’t get past the smell. it smells like an intoxicating perfume. i usually tan in the morning and run my errands so when ever i caught whiff of myself i wanted to go home and shower. probably won’t use again

Renee Jacksonburg, WV

Better in Comparison

I have used several tanning lotions and this is my favorite. It smells so elegant and sweet; I get many compliments. I am also tanner than my boyfriend who uses Obsidian 🙂 We tan for the same amount of time. I have used Luminary in the past and it was okay, but this is better.I am golden tan and when I’m darker than my boyfriend who has Native American in his blood, I am pleased.

Jean Greensburg, PA

great lotion

great lotion, much better price on the internet then at the salon (OMG). Lotion smells good and dont feel like you need to run home and take a shower.

Paige Sweeden, KY