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Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold, 13.5-Ounce Bottle

14 Karat GoldTM Ultra Advanced 14 (XIV) Bronzing Blend Dark Tanning Formula with SunStayTM Technology Type: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough What is better than bronze? Quite simply…Gold…as in 14 Karat GoldTM. Experience extravagantly-rich, dark color as this ultra advanced 14 bronzing formula breaks through your tanning plateau into the next realm of surreal golden splendor. Advanced technology in both tanning and skincare parlayed into one extraordinary formula. Finally…an advanced bronzer worth its weight in gold! * Ultra advanced 14 bronzing blend delivers brilliant, dark color for a gorgeous-looking effect * Utilizes 2X Mega MelamaxTM Optimizing Complex for dramatic, dark color while the 2X Opti-GlowTM Blend delivers a healthy-looking, radiant glow * SunStayTM Technology and Fade DefyingTM Properties help maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your color while Activated Amino Acids (AAA) promote optimal bronze color / Paraben-free SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES! Fragrance: Exotic Fruits & Fig Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.

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no lie dude, someone gave this to me on there way out of the tanning salon cuz they were moving away. so i was like cool this is by disigner skin this will be a sick tanning lotion. i went in the booth and after i read the bottle i pour some into my hand (very liguidy and runny) and started rubbing into my legs and ect..well about half way done i notice this HORRIBLE!!! scent so i smelled my hands then the bottle and i was so repulsed by this smell i had to take baby wipes and wipe this s*** off my body while trying to hold my breath. dude idk if it is just me or what, but i am by no means picky when it comes to scents with lotions AT ALL. idc how bad it smells as long as i get tan lol i just shower after anyway, but this s*** really turned my stomach dude. idk what is in it to make someone like me nausious but it did. i have never in all my years as a tanner been turned off by a lotion by the scent,but i just cant deal w this. its nasty and i do not recommend this even to my worst enemy lol. i see in other reviews people mention the nasty scent well they aint kiddin, DS got it wrong with this stuff. idc how tan i get, cant handle the sour rotten fruit/fremented 80 year old apple cider scent lol idk it could just be me or the girl who gave it too me wanted a laugh lol not cool but i think this is the lotion by seeing other reviews.. do not recommend this deer urine they call lotion to anyone!

Deborah Asbury, NJ

Used to luminary; may make the switch.

I typically use Designer Skin’s Luminary, but I’m running low. So, I bought a packet of what the associate at the salon suggested. Although Luminary is still one of the top sellers and the best of the best, I did actually like this product.Thankfully, she let me smell the lotion first before buying a packet. Some people do not like the smell, but I did. It smelled like a light musky/fruity scent (I DID NOT smell the “fig”, just the exotic fruits scent). Anyways, when I put it on the formula was very running and thin, making it lack 5 stars. What I’m super happy about it is, after using this lotion, I, even my boyfriend, noticed a very dark tan, a nice and light scent to my skin, and best of all soft/moisturized skin. This is definitely one of my new favorites!Here’s the short story: I stick to Luminary (a breakthrough) and Goddess (a tingler/builder). The color I got from 14 karat gold is the best of both! Not too light, but not too dark. Absolutely great and quick results!

Janette Tekamah, NE

smells good, absorbs quick

this lotion isn’t anything to scream about color wise but i never feel greasy or oily after applying it and getting out of the bed, or the sun. the smell is really good, not over powering and it goes on really smooth. i’ve used better lotions but i’d maybe buy this one again. good for those who are just starting to get color

Melba San Juan Capistrano, CA

Golden Tan!

A little goes a long way with this lotion, so it lasts you a long time! It is very moisturizing left me skin smooth! The scent I think is yummy it is fruity yet has a coconut after scent. It had pretty good results the bronzers are nice, left me golden. This lotion would be perfect for a beginner! Happy Tanning!

Merle Carlisle, PA

Worked fine

Smell was good, product was good, just need to change it up now and then when tanning. Felt good and I was happy with the lotion.

Elba Rentz, GA

Saw a difference, not bad smell

I tan a lot, so i am very picky about my lotions, this one is one of the better smelling ones ive used, and i noticed a difference, just not a huge difference. You can get better lotions for the price however

Annette Curtis, WA

deep dark tan!

14 karat gold by designer skin is one of my favorite tanning lotions! I switch off between a few to get the best results and this is always one of my ‘go-to’ lotions! The smells is AMAZING and the results are great! Just like with any lotion, you apply liberally before tanning and it works it magic. The bronzers give you an immediate result, and I’m all about instant gratification! It gives you that ‘sun kissed’ look right away and the more you use it, the darker you get! Of all of the lotions I’ve used, this is probably in my top 3 favorites! On a side note- if you purchase this at the tanning salon you’re going to pay upwards of 80-100 for the bottle, so for sure buy this on amazon!!!

Meghan Clairton, PA

Awesome Smell

This is a great tanning lotion with bronzer. The best thing is it smells so tropical like you are right on the beach!

Catherine Ocilla, GA

A Luscious lotion for those who enjoy very tropical, stronger scents.

This lotion in my opinion, smells quite yummy. Many people love it, Though the scent tends to stay with you after your done tanning. It is one of the stronger ones, and will leave you feeling very sticky after your done tanning because it does not seem to dry up much. It is very hydrating, feels like a tropical drink on the skin.This lotion does produce a lovely Goldon color and lasts a long time because a little goes a long way.Its not my favorite Designer Skin product but definetly not the worst.

Shelley Whitman, NE