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Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash-Original

The extract of Hawaii’s fragrant awapuhi plant brings additional softening properties to this gentle, but effective cleanser already rich in soothing extract of goldenseal and essential oil of chamomile. Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil leaves a clean that feels oil-free, and with regular use, helps improve your skin’s texture and radiance.

Key features

  • Desert Essence – Thoroughly Clean Face – 8 oz

Honest reviews



this is very very drying but when i need some serious help with my face and my face is very oily, this is the only thing that will do. i dont use it unless its dead summer though, but regularly all year round i use it to clean my makeup brushes because its the only thing that gets bit of makeup off. strongest face wash i have, but not made all s***ty by fragrances and menthol or SA or BP.

Elva Sidney Center, NY

Removed all the Guck!

Picked up this product because I read so many good reviews about this facial wash. I usually cleanse my face with Clean and Clear which is also a really good cleanser. I wear concealer and pressed powder on my face so at night when I clean my face, I want squeaky clean result before I go to bed. I will admit the consistence of the cleanser is like liquid/water but as soon as you message the product in your hands the foaming action is really good. After washing my face twice, I used my astringent to see how much make up or basic residue was left on my face, to my surprise there was very little. I like this cleanser because it is a great product to get all the bad stuff off my face. A lot of reviewers complained about the product leaving your face dry, all I have to say about that is, moisturizing is a MUST after using any cleanser.

Callie Elwell, MI

Love the product for sensitive skin, faulty pump

This is a great face wash for sensitive skin. It leaves a great feel on my face and seems to be cleaning well… although I changed some other things in my routine – like adding the burts bees exfoliator beforehand and moisturizing with cold pressed virgin organic coconut oil (hippie, I know) – so it’s hard to tell if it’s just this stuff working the magic.However, the pump doesn’t work. The liquid oozes out the side of the pump (near the base) instead of coming out the top. It’s just such a basic expectation that on principle, I can’t rate a good thing more than 3 stars if they can’t even get the product to me. I have to screw off the top and leak it onto my hands (spilling/losing a lot in the process) to get the stuff out of the bottle.

Maggie Whitewood, VA


I am in LOVE with this face wash. I use it daily in combination with the Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick (highly recommended also). I have struggled with acne for the last 10+ years and have tried nearly every face wash/treatment under the sun. Most products dry out my face, leave a filmy cover over my face, and/or simply don’t help. Within days of using the Desert Essence face wash, my face actually felt CLEAN and started clearing up very quickly. The Blemish Touch Stick is perfect to use both after washing my face and throughout the day to keep spots/blemishes in check. This is the first time since I was in high school that I feel comfortable without putting on make up, because my face is so clear and clean! In addition to being in love with this face wash, I’m becoming obsessed with the Desert Essence line of products because of their natural ingredients and lack of animal testing. If you are looking for a few face wash, I highly recommend giving this a try!

Maura Fonda, IA

similar to Trader Joes face wash

This is a great wash for oily/ acne prone skin, leaves my sensitive skin clean and tight feeling without irritating.

Fay Boxborough, MA


I received a different product. Bottle in a different shape. It is a cleanser and I suppose it works ; the smell of it is similar to an old nasty soap ( that’s the tea tree smell ). I would by again.

Cathryn San Luis Obispo, CA

Dont buy this unless you have severly dry skin

I have acne prone skin and it made me break out worse! I also causes my face to be a dirt magnet after a few hours of and oily looking face.

Carolina Pungoteague, VA

Great Product

This face wash is really nice – my skin feels clean & fresh after I use it, and it doesn’t dry out like with some cleansers.

Camille Little Lake, CA

My only staple

This has got to be the only product I’ve stuck with religiously. I’m completely uninterested in even looking for anything better. It’s so nice not to have a tight dry face after washing it, but actually have something that removes makeup. It has always been gentle on my sensitive skin. I really love this stuff.I will say though, clear the pump regularly. If a little gunks up in the pump it could squirt out erratically and getting this soap in your eye is literally the worst pain I’ve ever felt. It BURNS something wicked. I use eye makeup remover pads on my eyes because this soap will never go anywhere near my eyes. I would sleep with my eye makeup on before I use this in such a risky area, it hurts that badly. It doesn’t aggravate my acne-prone skin or burn in cuts or anything, but this soap hates eyeballs and I’m pretty sure wants to melt them inside my head.

Mai Walnut Grove, MN


I really love how my skin feels after using this. Very clean and oil free, almost tight. I think if you have dry or sensitive skin, this would probably be too strong though.My only con is that the pump on my bottle was broken when it arrived, but hopefully that’s an isolated incident. Also be very careful to keep this out of your eyes. Even a little bit leaking in has made my eyes red and hurt for awhile afterwards.

Tamra Riley, IN


I love this face wash by Desert Essence. I own a couple of their products but I use this one religiously now. I was having trouble with different face washes for a while, I wanted them to help with my blemishes but often the ones that did help also dried out my skin. This face wash is an excellent alternative to more popular face washes, it cleans the skin without over-drying it. This face wash requires a specific process to be effective: lather your face with the soap and warm water and wash for about a minute before rinsing it with cold water.The warm water opens up your pores to let the soap cleanse deeply into your skin and the cold water closes up the pores again for cleaner, soft skin.

Estelle Fontanet, IN

Good natural cleanser with a Clarisonic

This cleanser has mostly natural ingredients. With the clarisonic brush, it removes all my makeup (sans very heavy eye makeup). Without the brush, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, it severely burns the eyes, so it’s not great for eye makeup removal unless you are very careful.

Letitia Greens Fork, IN

Good clean without dryness

I have purchased this item through Trader Joe’s before, but cannot find it at my local store anymore which is a shame because I love this face wash.I have oily and acne prone skin but also have areas of dryness and this is perfect for everything. I use it once a day or once every other day. It helps keep the oil away and does not over-dry my face, but my face feels perfectly clean.It does not smell froofy or girly. It is very natural smelling.The newer bottle is improved both design wise and aesthetically than what it used to be.I love this product and will purchase it again. It lasts a long time even with daily use so I may not purchase for a while.

Agnes Benson, MD

great product

i love this product because it’s truly all-natural. only problem is that it can dry you out easily, especially if you have sensitive skin. I normally don’t have too sensitive of skin and can use it occassionally, but not daily.

Sherri Larimore, ND

Left wondering

The bottle shown is not the one you will get just FYI. Also when I contacted the seller to get a full ingredient list before my purchase, I never got a response. Still haven’t. As far as results from actual use, that is TBA….

Francisca Pandora, OH