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Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – Original — 8.5 fl oz, Pack of 1

We at Desert Essence believe in renewal. Renewal for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the healing spirit of the desert, our sustainable, natural products draw from nutrient rich desert botanicals like Jojoba, Aloe and Tea Tree, all revered in native cultures for their deep healing properties. naturally effective, without harsh chemicals, our products work in harmony with your body to nurture, soothe and restore. Desert Inspired. Beauty Renewal This gentle and unique cleansing solution leaves your skin feeling clean and silky. Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil, a known antiseptic leaves skin feeling thoroughly clean and oil-free. Extracts of Goldenseal, Hawaiian While Ginger (Awaphui), and essential oil and extract of Chamomile soothe sin. Mineral-rich Bladderwrack, harvested from the sea, nourishes the skin to leave it looking vibrantly healthy. Regular use ever so gently helps improve the texture, clarity and radiance of your skin.

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  • We at Desert Essence believe in renewal
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Honest reviews


Kelp – horrible smell

Kelp face wash has a horrible smell, I could not stand it – I am washing my feet with it. It also dries your skin a lot, and I did not like how my face felt after that. I am not buying this again.

Elsa Englewood, OH

Really Good Cleanser

This cleanser is great. My skin always feels very clean after I use it. Although, I agree with people who have said to use a soap pump bottle with it. It is almost impossible to hold on its own. Before I bought the product I read a lot of reviews that said the smell was bad, I disagree. I actually really like the smell. It is an unusual smell but not bad by any standards.

Henrietta Sandyville, WV

Didn’t work for my face, but works great elsewhere!

I purchased this cleanser when I was struggling with moderate acne. I’m a redhead with fair, sensitive skin. My pimples were located on my forehead, chin, and sometimes nose. I know that tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent) can be effective at fighting acne, but this cleanser did not clear mine. Also, it was much too drying, even though I diluted it (half water, half cleanser) and used a moisturizer afterwards. I stopped using it on my face after a few weeks and have since found another skin care line that works great for me. Luckily, the Desert Essence cleanser works well for other purposes. It’s super effective at cleaning my makeup brushes. I also use it to wash minor cuts, scrapes, and blisters; it stings a little but helps things heal so quickly! One time I even used it for a few days when I ran out of hand soap. I’m happy that even though this didn’t work for my face, I can use up the rest of the bottle on other things. And this is a bit weird because others have commented that they dislike the smell, but I love the smell! It’s so natural. Give this cleanser a try – it’s not very expensive and even if it doesn’t work on your face you can use it elsewhere! Also, FYI: Trader Joe’s sells the same product with different packaging if you prefer to purchase locally.

Lesa Ripton, VT

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

When I first received this, the smell really bothered me. Now I love it and I associate it with a clean feeling. I have suffered from acne for many years, and this in combination with a good loofah has really helped keep breakouts at bay. I will warn against how strong this is though due to the tea tree oil. For the life of me I cannot understand why but my husband washes his face with his eyes open and then lets the water run down his face, then shouts when the cleanser gets into his eyes. I think he learned his lesson after this face wash arrived in the house. Make sure you really rinse your face before opening your eyes!

Tricia Grand Tower, IL


This is great for myself, my husband, and my Tween girl! It does dry out my older skin a bit, so I use it over the trouble spots and then lotion the dry areas I tend to get. I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It’s great for my face, back, and the backs of the arms. Seriously, it’s worth a try. I recommend this to friends and family. I also recommend their Blemish Touch stick!!

Vivian Calliham, TX

Good Product

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash gets my face clean, smells nice, and has natural ingredients. It does tend to burn my eyes, which is odd since obviously I close my eyes tight when I wash my face.

Dianna Gore Springs, MS

Love it

This stuff is great! I’m so used to buying products that are oil free, but I have been shedding my old ideas about oils and I’ve been getting great results. I have combination skin that is prone to blackheads and breakouts, and my skin has been totally clear since I started using this stuff about a month and a half ago. Recommended.

Tameka Coram, MT

Great natural product!

I like this a lot.

Thelma Whitesboro, NY