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Desert Essence, Thickening Shampoo, Green Apple and Ginger, 8 oz

Award winning Desert Essence Organics Green Apple & Ginger Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo is a gentle but effective cleansing system based on sugar and coconut oil. Organic extracts and oils provide moisture, minerals, and vitamins that hair needs to grow stronger. Upon use, hair is softer, shinier, and more manageable. Sugar and Coconut Oil Cleansers: Gently lift and remove everyday environmental pollutants from hair. Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Ginger Extract, and Ginger Spice: A proprietary blend of ingredients that acts on the scalp to leave the skin feeling moisturized and revitalized. Organic Kelp and Nettle Extracts: Provide iron, calcium, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals that absorb into and help strengthen each hair strand.

Key features

  • Does Not Contain: Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, Phthalates,
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Colors, Silicones
  • EDTA, Glycol or Petroleum Based Ingredients.
  • Sugar & Coconut Oil Cleanser
  • Organic Ingredients

Honest reviews


My hair is drying and falling!

I had oily hair, but now its stripping my hair of all its oil. My hair is dry and falling. i tried using shampoo and conditioner and washing 2x a week. i tried using the shampoo and conditioner at the same time. i try using only one or the other. it doesnt matter, my hair is getting worse and worse, HORRIBLE product!

Germaine Abbeville, LA

works great

I bought this for my granddaughter’s oily hair. She didn’t like shampooing everyday. This shampoo reduced the necessity to twice a week. Very nice and a large tube at that. It is concentrated so a little goes a long way. 2 shampoos are necessary.

Ebony Corydon, KY


basically, i bought this shampoo (lemon one) thinking maybe if i wash in the morning i would not be greasy by the end of the day. i normally wash my hair every day since it is so oily, or stretch it to every other day and use dry shampoo in between. ive tried clarifying shampoos, volumizing shampoos, moisturizing shampoos, no shampoo, conditioner as shampoo, shampoo soaps, etc to fix the problem. nothing works so i usually dont care what i use since i have basically given up on the problem, but i have to say this shampoo is terrible.pros: very good lather, you only need a little.thats it.neither pro nor con: leaves hair feeling very stripped when you rinse it out which i guess you would think means its good for oily hair. but no.cons: does not clean as well as even regular dollar store shampoo. on top of that, hair got oilier even quicker. and im talking waaay oilier. by the next morning my hair was more like third day hair. what a letdown.i used this for a few weeks just to be sure it wasnt hormone related or whatever. in fact im gonna continue to use this since im not wasteful, it smells sorta nice, and its natural. if i change my mind, ill change this review. for now, definitely would never recommend this to anyone.UPDATE: this gave me scalp pimples whenever i used it, and that is not a problem i have had to deal with before from a shampoo. i believe its possible this is just too harsh on my scalp. i tried not using it then going back to it, several times, and each time it broke out my scalp. so thats another reason it sucks.

Bianca Avila Beach, CA

Great Product!!

I am really like this product so far. I have used it about 5 times. My hair is sometimes oily by midday and I can’t stand that. I had never really thought about buying shampoo online, but I decided to when I saw this. I love the lemon scent that it has. you only need about a dime size dollap of the shampoo. Start lathering up at your roots and let the suds fall down to the rest of your hair and use your hands to get all of the hair too. It works great!

Lesa South Heart, ND


I have med thick wavy hair, porous, that gets oily on top.The last 8 or so shampoo’s I have bought have been a disaster. They weigh my hair down, build up the more you use it, and make it so I must wash my hair every day.I bought the Lemon shampoo and conditioner as I read someone else say that it was the best ever. Now, I can wash my hair every other day, and the second day, my hair is bouncy and full just like the first!Other shampoos have silicones in them to slick the hair shaft. The second day, my hair looked flat and greasy.The conditioner also allows me to put it even on my scalp and not just the ends. Other conditioners were so heavy I couldn’t put them anywhere but my ends because they would flatten the scalp hair with too many oils.Also….the tea tree does your scalp wonders. My scalp had been a little itchy, and if I scratched it, there was that moist white “coating” under my fingernails. Just one shampoo with the Lemon shampoo and your scalp will feel “normal”, and if you scratch your head, there will be next to nothing under your nails.My hair just feels so much healthier. Not dry, not oily. Just perfect. I have also used it about 3 times now, every other day, and it does not build up to make your hair flatter and flatter. It’s bright and fluffy every time.Will stick with this one.

Tina Purchase, NY

Smells good…that’s about it.

I was recommended this shampoo/conditioner by a few forums, so I thought that I’d give it a shot. It’s formulated for dry hair, but leaves my hair so dry that it feels like straw! Won’t be repurchasing…

Elena Schererville, IN

My new favorite shampoo!

I am so glad I tried this Desert Essence Coconut shampoo; I love it. The scent is perfect for me, just strong enough but not overpowering. I have a strong sense of smell so that is usually a problem for me.I love the sudsing ability; it takes very little to create a nice lather on my thick, long hair…I find that I am still dispensing too much. Some of the natural shampoos I have tried in the past don’t last very long because they just don’t lather well and I have to use so much.I have normal hair and this leaves my hair clean and light and not dry but I can see how it might be a little too harsh for people with delicate hair because it does cleanse so well. Since a little goes a long way maybe using less of the shampoo would help.This comes in a tube which I am a little concerned about as I have had problems in the past with tubes when you get down to the end, usually have to cut the plastic to get to the rest. This is still half full so I don’t know yet if that will be an issue.I also like the conditioner, will review that in the appropriate place.

Geraldine Foley, MO

Nice Shampoo

I ordered this shampoo and its matching conditioner in the hopes of having something all natural that wouldn’t irritate my scalp. And happily this gets the job done while smelling nice too although it’s not as heavily scented as I thought it would be. As with the conditioner my only complaint is it’s not that great for my hair when it gets dried out in the winter. However it does a fantastic job of removing product buildup and on those few days when my hair is oily. I think it’ll work great in the summer months and in the meantime I reserve this one for when I need to do a deep cleanse of my scalp and hair rather than using it on a daily basis. And an added bonus is the fact it does not have all the chemicals and crap like sulfates in it that irritate my skin so badly.

Rosalia Meadow Vista, CA


I have oily hair and try to always use organic products, so I thought I would give this a whirl. The lemon scent is barely there. It would have been nice if it was stronger. It did not leave my hair as soft and shiny as I prefer, so I won’t repurchase.

Erin Tamuning, GU

Save your money!

I bought this for my husband not realizing “for oily hair” meant it would make his hair more oily!! My daughter even tried it and it made her hair oily too. I was so pleased to order this for a great price, but it was a big disappointment.

Lynn Sheridan, MT

Pretty good

I have used it for a couple of times and I like it a lot. It takes away the oil pretty effectively, but I don’t really like the scent… I mean it smells nice, but it does not give the impression of being "organic"… but that’s the only thing I find that I can complain. Overall it is a product that I would recommend.

Krystal Ashland, PA

I love it!

This shampoo is really great. It’s my first time using a natural shampoo/conditioner and I was not expecting much. First thing I noticed as how amazing it smelled. Like true coconuts. It also lathers VERY VERY well, just like regular shampoo. It rinses right out. I follow up with the Coconut conditioner, which is also great. My hair smells like coconuts for days after washing. I love it. I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s not AMAZING though, it works just as well as any other shampoo/conditioner you can buy, but I prefer this because it’s natural, light, and smells amazing.

Bernice Bodfish, CA

Smells horrible but does great things for my hair!

I hate the smell of this shampoo. I bought this and it’s conditioner and am pleased with the results of body and softness of my hair but the smell just really turns me off of it. Yes it’s fragrance-free but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a smell… It’s a musky kind of mildewy smell. It’s not pleasant at all. But my hair is very soft and easy to comb through. The smell lingers. My hair is dry but I still smell it when I toss my hair around. I hope it goes away as the day progresses but if not, it’s not the end of the world.I really like what it did to my hair but the only thing keeping me from ordering it again is the smell of the product. I will be trying another shampoo in Desert Essences’s line and another conditioner as well since I like how it changed my hair.EDIT: I thought I loved this shampoo, but the day after I wash my hair, it’s a greaseball again. GRR! I shouldn’t have to wash my hair daily. It’s just not healthy to do so. I just bought (an am waiting for it to arrive) Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo. I guess I need a clarifying shampoo for my oily hair. So we’ll see how that goes. If I like it, I’ll post a review of it on it’s page here on Amazon.

Judith King And Queen Court Hous, VA

Smells great, hair feels nice, lathers into a foamy coconut masterpiece of hair product

First and foremost for me: This smells absolutely divine: coconut frosting and pineapples are sweet on each other in this bottle and the result is amazing. Its also not overwhelming or terribly artificial smelling.Secondly: it foams. a lot. I used what seemed like a reasonable amount and had a very impressive quantity of lathering.Third: my hair likes it. paired with the conditioner my hair is soft and nicely scented.

Dionne Midland Park, NJ

Thick and luxurious

This shampoo lathered up like nothing I have ever seen, just a little and then there is the delicious smell. Coconut – yum. This leaves my hair feeling restored and healthy, just what I needed. Love it – a regular addition to my bathroom.

April Cheneyville, LA

Red Raspberry Truly Softens Coarse Gray Hair & Leaves a Brilliant Shine

Gray hair is coarse; the more gray hair you get, the coarser your hair becomes. TheDesert Essence Organics Hair Care Shampoo, Red Raspberry, 8-Ouncedoes an outstanding job of softening coarse hair so that it feels and flows like a teenager’s hair again. It also leaves a brilliant shine. The Red Raspberry Desert Essence Shampoo is rated as one of the top couple of cleanest safest shampoos available to us commercially. I’ve tried shampoos that cost 5-8 times as much as this and they didn’t work as well as the DEO Red raspberry Shampoo. I will continue to purchase this in multiples at wherever offers the best price. If you have coarse hair, please try this!

Corina Walker, WV

Great clarifying shampoo

I’ve found most shampoos tend to weigh down my fine hair, but this one doesn’t leave any residue behind so my hair feels light, clean and fresh. The lemon scent is fabulous too. Unless you have oily hair, it might be a little too drying for every day use. If you have normal hair, using it just a few times a week will help clarify your hair and get out any styling products you’re using. I like this stuff much better than shampoos I’ve spent a lot more $ on. 5 star product!

Yolanda Carver, MA

smells amazing!

First, let me start off by saying my hair type is crazy. Sometimes its perfect, sometimes its dry and hard to deal with. I have long, curly hair that’s really unpredictable and thus takes an arsenal of products to tame. A menagerie of products sits on my shelf all year round, and this shampoo/conditioner is a great fix when those fail.So, this shampoo is a little on the expensive side. Paired with the conditioner, it runs about 15 dollars. But it’s usually worth it. I only buy these products when my hair is in despair, hot summer days that frizz/dry my hair, or the same with harsh winters. So my hair started to feel dry and tired, and I knew immediately it was time. I first tried this shampoo in college (oh you can buy anything organic in Santa Cruz), and it was amazing. It instantly helps hydrate my hair, even to the point where I can skip trimming it as often (trimming my hair makes me tear up sometimes). My only problem is, the opening for the shampoo is horribly small, and it takes DAYS to get enough out of the bottle and into my hands.Like everyone else mentions: these products smell so good, you almost want to eat them. I got in my cousins car after a shower and his exact words were “what the hell is that smell? is that your shampoo? What kind of shampoo is that?!” Awesome. I wish they sold leave-in conditioner or something of that nature as well as the basics because I would definitely buy more hair care products from this company!!

Lenore Farmington Falls, ME

Not as bad as many

I’ll be honest and confess that using this is a concession for me. It’s become pretty much impossible to find affordable, useful shampoos that don’t contain problematic ingredients. Most of these companies have taken to the insulting practice of trying to find slight alterations of problem chemicals to fool customers into believing they are better than they really are.In any event, over the years I’ve found Desert Essence products generally to be good. As I said, this is one of the shampoos I can stand well enough that is affordable. I still get some reactions such as rashes to using some of the variants, such as the lemon version. And I am still actively looking for a shampoo that won’t cause me some form of grief. The only one I found that doesn’t cause any problem is a bar form, but my hair is too long now for this to work well for me (these seem to work well with shorter hair though).

Ramona Rayne, LA

Great Fragrance Free Shampoo

I love that it’s cruelty free shampoo and is fragrance free. It works well on my dyed hair. I would highly recommend it.

Katina Willseyville, NY

Great Stuff

I must say that so far this is great shampoo and conditioner. I am reviewing the coconut. I was tired of all the drug store and salon products so I decided to try this. I am not a health nut but a hair and beauty nut so it is rare I go to health food stores. I have hi-lighted hair and it is fine but yet thick because I have a lot. I washed my hair on Saturday with this shampoo and conditioner and it is Monday and have not washed it yet but I will wash it tonight. It does not smell oily at all like most shampoos if I haven’t washed in a few days. It is great stuff. I know it’s expensive but to me it is cheap compared to most other brands. It is true that it doesn’t take a lot of product it suds up great and yes the smell is heaven if you love coconut like I do. Good luck.

Savannah Pontiac, MO


I wanted an all natural shampoo and conditioner, I was trying things on the internet I’ve read like using baking soda and lemon and cider vinegar.. that stuff just isn’t for me! This shampoo reminds me of how it made my hair feel though when I was using those things, it makes it feel kind of stripped and tough, the conditioner is great and makes it nice and manageable after using the shampoo. I have a patch of dry skin on my scalp and it does seem to help, not take it away but it doesn’t make it worse which a lot of other products will do. I will continue to use!

Patrice Hamilton, KS

Excellent for use once a week to remove build up,

I love this shampoo to remove all the excess build up from hair products and it is great for oily hair too!My hair was VERY oily…i use to have to wash it every single freaking day. However, since using this shampoo, i was able to adjust it to every other day and eventually it somehow trained my hair to only needing a wash every 3 days! its tough to get through the in between days at first but once you get there its amazing! i don’t know how i managed to wash my hair everyday before!!Also a huge plus is this has great ingredients that your scalp will be grateful for in the long run 🙂

Estela Pomona, KS

Where have you been all my life?

I cannot believe it took me so long to find this shampoo. It is exactly what I have been looking for over the past two YEARS. The shampoo has a low score in the EWG database, it smells great, lathers well, and, most importantly, gets the job done! My hair looks and smells great. Even my husband is happy with it. I use the matching conditioner, too, and I’ve been really happy with the combo!

Leeann Moonachie, NJ

Best Shampoo for oily hair!

I’ve tried several and for the price and quality, this is hands down the best product I’ve tried. I had to wash my hair daily and with this shampoo, I wash 3 times a week and a dry shampoo in between work outs does the trick!

Maude Stevensville, VA

Love this

This stuff smells great. I have thin hair that seemed to get oily with some shampoos lately, no problems with this.

Brooke Cowgill, MO

Was Okay

This shampoo seemed to work until I got to the end of the bottle. Three quarters of the way through the bottle my hair started to dry out. I also used the conditioner with this. I would not buy it again.

Kristy Hyattsville, MD


Finally I found a shampoo for oily hair, instead of the ever-present “for dry or frizzy hair,” on the bottle. And it works! My hair feels healthier and cleaner for the whole day. It doesn’t dry out my hair at all. It’s more liquid-y than a regular shampoo but you don’t have to use a lot, just a little circle in your hand.I bought the Lemon Tea Tree-scented one because it was the cheapest one. God, it stunk. I’m not a fan of lemon to begin with, so it probably might smell great to everyone else, but I always smell like I just washed my hair with dish soap. I’ll definitely spend an extra dollar or two on a better smelling one next time because it’s worth it. Don’t hesitate, this stuff really does work!

Della Mount Prospect, IL

Very Nice, Boyfriend likes it too!

I love this Organic product – it has a very subtle coconut smell to it. My boyfriend absolutely loves it and the price point is great, so I don’t mind him using my products ;)!

Juliette Laurie, MO


ordered this after hearing from someone on you tube and they only use products without all the garbage added to them. i was amazed as to ow my whole head of hair felt after shampooing and using the conditioner. i will never go back to drug store products again. i highly recommend the desert essence to everybody that’s for sure.

Adeline Longport, NJ