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Desert Essence Anti-Bacterial Blemish Touch Stick, Pack of 1

Facial Blemish Stick-Anti-Bacterial with Tea Tree by Desert Essence .31 oz Stick Reduces oil that can lead to blemishes Helps improve and maintain skin clarity Soothes and nourishes skin Powerful botanical extracts of chamomile lavender palmarosa wintergreen and calendula are formulated with tea tree oil in a proprietary blend that works to diminish skin imperfections and give your complexion a fresh natural radiance.

Key features

  • Blemish Touch Stick from Desert Essence
  • Made with tea tree oil
  • Soothe skin

Honest reviews


Blemish blaster

I love this product – works especially well on keeping white heads from further infection. Used to buy it at my favorite "alternate" supermarket chain but they quit carrying it. Thrilled to find it here.

Christa Cuddebackville, NY


easy to apply and works very well on pimplesit has a very strong scent but it is not an unpleasant one

Brandie Drifton, PA

OBSESSED with this miracle stick!

Where has the Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick been my whole life??!! Seriously! I would have loved to discover this product about 10 years ago. I have used other topical treatments for blemishes/spots that have been moderately successful but are very drying and full of chemicals. This stick is full of natural ingredients and essential oils. It does NOT overly dry out my skin, but it does quickly reduce the size/appearance of blemishes (within 1 day, 2 days for bigger/deeper/older blemishes). It feels and smells good and natural to use. I have even used it on emerging cold sores and have been able to get rid of the sore before it became a problem. It is truly a miracle stick. I use this at least 2+ times per day (more often if I have an emerging blemish) in combination with the Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (highly recommended also). In addition to being in love with this blemish stick, I’m becoming obsessed with the Desert Essence line of products because of their natural ingredients and lack of animal testing. If you are looking for a few face regimen, I highly recommend giving this and their face wash a try! This is the first time since I was in high school that I feel comfortable without putting on make up, because my face is so clear and clean!

Germaine Bloomfield Hills, MI

desert essence

I was pleased with this product. Easy to use, comes in a jar with a metal roller top so there is no squeezing and you don’t have to touch it or rub it in. I apply it directly to the area needed. With that said, the only thing I would consider is making this for your use only (ie don’t share with any family members, etc). It’s not overbearing or drying

Sheryl Palms, MI

wrong product

I received a totally different packaged product… i was surprised. I didn’t return it and started using what i received. IT works fine but I hate the smell. Tea tree does not smell good, but it gives awesome results. I’d buy again.

Faye Campbellsburg, KY

its okay…

it helped zap the pimples but the smell was hurrendous and it hurt and burned so bad i couldnt take it

Margie Moorefield, KY

Desert Essence Blemish Tough Stick (Original Formula) B

I first bought this product a number of years ago, for a young relative who was having pubescent/hormonal breakouts and at the time the main ingredient was tea tree oil.So, this review is for the ORIGINAL formula only…The results were great and she really liked it a lot. It is small enough to keep in your glove compartment, hand bag or inside pocket in a sport-coat.(On a side note: If you recycle (and would like to save a little $$$) Save your applicator bottle and buy your own tea Tree Oil and MAKE YOUR OWN with about 2tbsp pure 100% Witch Hazel (alcohol-free) and about 8-10 drops Tea Tree Oil –more tea Tree Oil can be added for stubborn acne -(you can use the dropper to transfer your solution if you don’t have a small enough stainless steel funnel)- )Now, A few people have complained about changes in the ingredient ratios, but it does state that there are still NO synthetic ingredients, so I am hoping that it is still a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to make your own astringent concoctions at home.Overall Grade B (original formulary); or 4Stars.

Alexandra Sharpsville, PA

facial blemish stick

I had high hopes for this product but I was kind of disappointed in the end. It smells god-awful and if you use it regularly, it really gets used up quick. It didn’t really help with any of my blemishes and it just made my skin burn.

Coleen Greenbush, MN

Pimples GONE!

I love this product. I’m a 39 year old gal who still gets pimples during “that time of the month.” This product has rid of these pimples with just a few applications a day. I can see an instant healing within a few hours of my first application. I use it about three times a day until the pimples are gone, (in two days). I find it works better than the OTC products with salicylic acid, (Clearasil, Oxy…). It doesn’t dry my skin out or make me itch. The pimple simply shrinks away. My kids also use it for bug bites! When we get a mosquito bite, we put it on. For about a minute it makes it feel more itchy, but then the itch goes away! Sixty seconds of itch is worth the relief it gives.

Nora Lewisville, ID

Works but I’m not sure it’s the best blemish stick?

I’ve use the Burts Bees blemish stick before, as well, and I think I prefer that one. This one definitely works – breakouts shrink really fast when you apply this. It’s smelly but I have never found one that isn’t. I just remember having somewhat better luck with the Burt’s Bees one. Overall, not a bad product, though!

Julianne Greensburg, IN

Ok if you don’t have tea tree handy

This anti-blemish stick is ok but not as good as putting diluted tea tree onto a cotton and cleaning your face with it. I don’t think it’s that strong but it’s good for me when travelling and I can’t carry the tea tree and cotton. I think it works best if you catch your pimples very early and treat them frequently, otherwise its effectiveness is greatly diminished.

Antoinette Elderon, WI

So far so good

This stuff seems to work pretty good. So far all of the pimples/blemishes that I apply it to are gone quickly. I need more time to determine for sure, but so far Im pretty impressed by it.

Madge Denhoff, ND

Miracle Stick

I’ve been using this for years and have gotten many friends hooked on it. It is a nice, natural solution for drying up pimples. It works quickly and is easy to use, just dab it on your zit, and away it goes.

Doretha Matlock, WA

This is truly amazing!

Blessed with perfectly clear skin as a teenager, I was shocked when I began developing acne on the lower half of my face in my mid-20s. It’s only gotten worse over the past few years, and I have tried EVERYTHING. I can’t bear the thought of turning 30 and still battling zits. When I first heard of “tea tree oil” it did not occur to me that this would be an effective acne remedy. But don’t let the word “oil” fool you like it did me – it’s a VERY effective antiseptic that will dry stubborn zits out very quickly.This stick rolls easily over the face and, according to its packaging, can be applied several times a day. (Proceed with more caution if you have dry skin.) It quickly dries and shrinks existing zits and works to prevent ones that haven’t popped up yet. Unfortunately, you don’t get a whole lot of product in the stick – they get used up quickly. Keep extras close by, and try to target just those areas that are prone to breakouts. Be careful using the stick around your eyes as the tea tree oil can aggravate them.I recommend using this product with a sensible face wash routine (such as a Neutrogena or Clean and Clear face wash with 2% salicylic acid) and a 2% salicylic acid gel such as Neutrogena Fight ‘n’ Fade. Experiment where necessary to see what works best for your particular skin type – but for individual blemishes, tea tree oil is the way to go!

Sherry Prosperity, SC

Not that great

I was disappointed in this product. It didn’t help with blemishes it dried out my skin and made any spot bright red. I like some of their other products, this one just isn’t very good for me. Maybe it’s just to strong for my skin type.

Marta Killen, AL

Works for me

If I feel a blemish coming out, I use the stick after I wash (morning and night). It usually only takes until the next day for me. My son waits until a blemish appears and then it seems to take 2-3 days. Discovered it about a year ago after many, many years of using products that either did nothing and/or irritated my skin.

Francesca Bloomingdale, GA

this stuff is awesome

I love the desert essence brand. This tea tree oil blemish stick works magic. throw it on at the first sight of a zit and will definitely help the healing process.

Bernadine Winters, CA

Love, love love!!!

Love this stick! Works great!

Rosella Friendship, OH

clean feel and easy to apply

this is good for daily prevention. I dont think this will cure acne or treat pimples that have freshly developed but i find that this helps heal my acne and keeps it from returning. I use this every morning right after i wash my face. I only use this on my problem areas not my entire face. i often get pimples that are deep under the skin and can’t be squeezed out. so I end up with a lot of purple scarring for months. I like this product because it feel clean when i put it on. Its not messy and very easy to travel with and to apply on my face. a lot of people compare this to witch hazel or a toner but I dont get that feeling. most toners leave residue or some kind of odd feeling layer on top of my skin, whereas this simply feels clean. like cold water. I just enjoy it.

Stella Burkburnett, TX