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Dermorganic Masque Conditioner, 8.5 Ounce

Masque is an intensive deep conditioner that revitalizes and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It has unique properties that won’t build-up, or over-proteinize the hair, making it safe for everyday use.

Key features

  • uses amino acids
  • pene
  • ideal for color treated hair

Honest reviews



Ordered the smaller size to see if it lived up to its reviews, and it is even better I ordered the 1L within 2 days of using this product. It leaves my hair feeling great, I have used it every day since then mixing it with my other conditioner, and once on its own as the Masque and right away my hair is softer, more manageable. I have dyed longer thick straight hair which I flat iron and curl almost every day and nothing has left it feeling so wonderful. I will not order the shampoo, I feel I get better results using my shampoo, then this as a conditioner and using the DermOrganic leave in after.

Kim Wiscasset, ME

Amazing hair product

My hair is middle of my back length, natural curly & combination fine with medium. I use very little heat products & mostly air dry. I’ve tried to get away from chemicals in hopes of finding something to help my hair grow back in. Throughout the years I’ve processed, dyed, highlighted & chemically bleached my hair to the point of it falling out.The shampoo that goes with this masque is great at cleansing. Every night I rub natural oils into my scalp & sleep with them till morning & my hair doesn’t feel stripped after using this shampoo & conditioner. My hair actually is soft, shiny & full of body. I love the way this masque smells. To me it is what I imagine a spa would smell like. Earthy, calming, light & sweet.I started out with the little bottles, but am going to order the larger ones in a set because a little for me goes a very long way & I’m guessing the larger bottles will last a few months.When I condition in the shower, I add this in sections. Crown, back, sides, then length. By the time I’ve worked down to the length my scalp is already moisturized & the ends aren’t much to finish. It doesn’t feel like there’s enough in my hair at first, then by the time I’m done with my shower I can already feel how soft my hair is while rinsing.I’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something more natural & gentle on the hair. This is the only product I have found to get rid of tangles in my hair. Everything else knots tangles up & I want to cry looking at the brush afterwards because so much hair came out with brushing. Not with this product.

Greta Rule, TX

Too heavy for my fine hair.

This product leaves my fine hair weighted down and greasy-looking. However, my hair is left soft and I notice my fly-aways are under control. The smell is pleasant and I like the consistency of the product. I won’t purchase again since it is too heavy for my hair texture.

Imelda Nemacolin, PA

Aboslutely awful

OMG, this is the worst product I’ve ever used in my hair (AA, relaxed hair). It doesn’t detangle, so in addition to pulling out half your hair after you come it (while it’s wet), your hair feels terrible. It was awful. Used it three times and then threw it out.

Ingrid Star, TX

made my hair worse

The problem with a lot of “organic” hair products is that they really don’t do a very good job at hydrating the hair. This product left my hair dry, brittle and coarse-feeling. I will not be using this product again.

Claudia Merit, TX


Let me start of by saying….I am a African American female with thick, coarse, shoulder lenght hair. Its also permed and colored….This condition works really good and you only have to use a little at a time..usually i have to squeeze like 2/3 times out of a regular store brought shampoo bottle….but no way not with this i dont i would say bout a 1 dime/nickel size would do me good….and it leaves my hair and scalp so clean and it smells fresh for days….i was riding down the road in the car with my sister and when we made it to where we was gng she told me am glad u didnt where no perfume today because your hair smells good and strong but soft…i also use this with DermOrganic shampoo and leave-in….and its perfect for a daily wash or my once a wk wash….Do highly recommand this product to any one…i have using this for a month now…and nothing has gotten worse but better…for me..i looked in my local stores at the time i was comparing prices on Amazon while in Target and CVS Pharmacy in my local area…Amazon prices or a little bit cheaper and reasonable then those two stores….for DermOrganic Argan Oil products…

Clarissa Geddes, SD

Ehhh not impressed

For starters, when I think of “masque,” I think of a really super thick conditioner, which this is definitely not. It’s kind of runny; I’ll apply it to my hair and it just drips right off down the drain. My hair isn’t any different or better than it was with any of my drug store conditioners. The smell really turns me off, as well. It’s pungent and reminds me of the old swimming pool locker room at the YMCA I went to as a kid, and it really grosses me out, lol! The pros of this product, is that it’s not tested on animals and it’s sulfate free, which is why I gave it three stars. However, I will not be purchasing this product again.

Patrica Ramah, CO

Wonderful Conditioner.

I have dry hair that is breaking pretty bad from a straightening treatment, this conditioner made my hair look and feel 100 times better right away. I put in on while I shaved in the shower, left it for 5 minutes then rinsed. Silky,smooth hair instantly. Not tested on animals and vegan to boot.

Dorothy Bellows Falls, VT

Dermorganic Masque Conditioner – WONDERFUL!

I have used this wonderful product before, so I knew I would love it. Not only is it organic, which is extremely important to me, but it is a very good, conditioning masque. I have highlighted hair which is course and I use many hot tools on my hair; blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron. This masque is like liquid gold to me! It makes my hair soft and shiny. I love it! 🙂

Mamie Deer Park, NY

Similar to an average conditioner

This masque to me, is like an average conditioner. It didn’t make my hair ultra soft and didn’t leave a moisturized feel. It seemed like a typical drugstore conditioner on my hair. I’ve had better results with other argan oil infused products (in the blue package…).

Cassie Cornwall, PA