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Dermorganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque with Argan Oil for Unisex, 33.8 Ounce

Intensive hair repair masque with argan oil by Dermorganic for unisex 33.8 ounce masque. Intensive hair repair masque with argan oil was launched by the design house of Dermorganic. It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • 33.8 ounce masque
  • Intensive hair repair masque with argan oil was launched by the design house of Dermorganic
  • It is recommended for normal hair

Honest reviews


Defective pump but problem fixed by seller but second broke too

We love the product and bought this larger bottle after using the smaller one… But we cant get it out of the bottle due to a non-functioning pump… I tried to fix it by cleaning it and priming it with water, but it wont even pump water .. I filed a complaint and will revise this if they can resolve, but I will not buy this again in this size.Seller sent me a new bottle ! WOW ..Revising rating again — down this time, because the pump on the second bottle has now failed… Nice product, junk packaging..

Candy Clarendon, NY


I have long, thick, heat treated, and colored hair, so needless to say that a product that leaves it as soft and manageable as this does I make sure I am never out. It is well worth the price!! I do not like or use the shampoo, it leaves my hair feeling very rough, so I use the store bought Dove shampoo and this every day. I either half and half with Dove Conditioner, and twice a week just use this conditioner and love what it does with my hair. The smell is nice too and when you get use to it you will be able to tell if you get a shady seller not selling the real things. I will never again be without this in my home, Amazon seems to be the best place to get it as I have gotten 2 cheaper but fakes from ebay, never from Amazon sellers.

Jewell Stottville, NY

I love it and it loves my hair.

Great scent: light, natural, yummy. this works so well with my dry and frizz-prone hair. Softens without being greasy or heavy. Perfect.

Victoria Punta Santiago, PR


This stuff is AWE.SOME. I wash my hair every other day and this is perfect for 3-4 washes a week. Some reviewers have noted that their stuff seems watered down. I thought the same thing as it was pumping out very watery stuff, that is, until I shook the bottle. After that, the stuff coming out was much creamier. My hair feels slick, moisturized, and the smell is pleasant. 33.8oz has gone a long way and I use four pumps per wash. I will say that it was not shipped with any padding (I live high altitude) so it was already coming out of the bottle and leaking all over the box. Luckily it was just a handful. I can’t say the same for the shampoo or the leave-in treatment, but the masque is a definite keeper!

Jerry Dayville, CT

good thing

I love it. no sticky or greasy effect. it smells good and seems like it does its job. Definitely can recommend it

Rosetta Woodman, WI


I was looking for something organic and giving really good treatment to my hair since I use a hair straightener all the time. I purchased an organic hair masque before I ordered this one and was not satisfied with the result. No matter how long I would keep it on my hair I could not see any difference. This one soothes and nourishes my hair. I’m happy. Delivered on time. A small portion of it was spilt though. The producer should think of making it leak proof.

Tasha Glyndon, MD

LOVE this product

LOVE this product!!! I’ve done hair for years I now recomend this to all my clients. no sulfates leaves hair soft and healthy.

Vicky Hooversville, PA

Did not like it at all

It feels weird to be the only naysayer amid all the five star reviews, but I genuinely didn’t like what this did to my hair! It felt weird after rinsing out the product – almost rubbery, and not soft at all. I ended up needing to add conditioner AND comb straight-up argan oil through my hair afterward. It definitely didn’t do anything for reducing frizz, and the smell was cloyingly artificial – not what I’d expect from something pretending to be organic. Very disappointed!

Corina Linn Grove, IA

Conditioner of choice by far!!

This is my preferred organic conditioner.I love that this product is organic!! I’ve tried a lot of the natural conditioners and just wasn’t that impressed. I feel like you get a lot for your money with this conditioner. A little really goes a long way and it conditions really well, leaving my hair soft for a few days. I would say that this bottle usually lasts me 6 to 8 months

Victoria Rice, MN

Love it!

I purchased this conditioner at tjmaxx for 19.99 and just love it. I’m trying to use all natural products in my type 3 hair. It does a wonderful job making my hair soft and moistuerized. Definitely a keeper. Plan to pick up more to keep on hand, I tend to wash my hair everyday in the summer.

James Corea, ME

This is definitely a “WOW!” product for me

I have been having issues with the top layer of my hair being dry, straw-like, and brittle. My hair is fine and quick to get oily between washes. I could not find ANY products that helped with the dry frizziness, but I was also trying to limit my selections to natural or EWG-approved products.First off, this bottle is HUGE. It will last you a while. I use it every time I shower as a normal conditioner and once a week as a heat treatment. At first all it did was make my hair feel soft and silky when rinsing it out (after which is promptly dried and got frizzy again), but over a period of a few weeks… AMAZING. My dry frizziness is being tamed, and the straw-like texture I was suffering from is smoothing out and growing softer. It helps with tangles as well… no issues brushing when using this product. Plus it smells amazing without the aid of synthetic fragrances, which give me headaches and asthmatic reactions.This is undoubtedly my go-to conditioner AND weekly masque. The best one I’ve tried yet, and I have no reason to change.

Matilda Alcolu, SC