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Dermorganic Fast Dry Shaping Spray plus Hold, 10 Ounce

Everyday working spray for texture and support.

Key features

  • Great texture and support
  • Dries on contact
  • Humidity resistent

Honest reviews


My Wife Loves It! And So Do I (I Think).

Let’s just say that I’ve seen more than my share of beauty products go through our home. My wife and two daughters see to that. It seems like every week there is a different shampoo in our shower, sitting closely to the newest conditioner, next to a new beauty soap, by the latest feminine razor, and close to this week’s preferred shaving cream. I can’t even begin to comment on all the makeup and beauty products.But one thing I’ve noticed in the past several weeks is the constant use of this Dermoganic Fast Dry Shaping Spray Plus Hold. Maybe I’ve noticed because of the long name, possibly because of the bright green can, most definitely because my wife sent me to the local drug store where I had to pay $19.95 for this product. Obviously they all love it.I personally didn’t understand the magic until my wife used it on my “ugly stage” first ever pony-tail. Lots of wispy blond hair, but not all of it is long enough to gather properly yet. A few quick puffs of Dermorganic and suddenly I look like Norman Bates mother in Psycho. Just in time for Halloween.Save yourself $5.00 and buy it here.

Bernadine Teigen, MT

great spray

I got this to go with my collection of dermorganic products. I love the way it holds and it does not have a harsh odor

Rosalinda Interlaken, NY


Love, Love, Love, Love. This is great stuff! Very soft, not stiff at all. Mid day you can easily run a brush through your hair and respray if needed.

Bobbie Powellsville, NC

Great spray

I really love this shaping spray. I use this lightly on my fine, straight hair before using a curling iron. Just a light spray, let it dry and then use my curling iron. It’s excellent at helping my hair hold a curl.

Jimmie Glenburn, ND

Breathing free

I now have the spray gel, shaping spray as well as this hairspray.. I love the fact that this is natural, organic AND you can actually breathe after you spray your hair

Zelma Saint Leo, FL

Derrmorganic Fast Dry Shaping Spray

This is really nice as it has a soft hold and doesn’t give hair that hard shell like a football helmet feel. I dries instantly as they claim as well.

Aurora Scobey, MT