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Dermorganic Conditioning Shampoo, 12 Ounce

Conditioning Shampoo offers a healthy lather that makes other sulfate-free shampoos jealous! Made with mild lipid and amino-acid cleansing creams, it’s so healthy for your hair that you’ll never have to switch shampoos again.

Key features

  • gentles
  • uses amino acids
  • enriched

Honest reviews


bad batch?

I really love DermOrganic products and have been ordering them from here for several months now. Until this last order. There must have been a bad batch sent out or something because the shampoo was watery. It was so bad I had problems getting it from the bottle to my hair, without it running like water out of my hands.Aside from this batch the shampoo and conditioning masque are absolutely wonderful. They have saved my over processed, sun damaged, color treated hair. 7 months ago I stopped heat styling, coloring, and damaging my hair. I wanted something gentle to cleanse without stripping or putting chemicals in my hair, so I picked up this product and loved it right away. Of course, it took some time of using this and other oils in my hair to keep it in the healthy state it is in now, but once the health came back to my hair it is wonderful.Recently I switched over to 100% Pure products and am using their shampoo/conditioner now because they are totally pure, no chemicals, & cruelty free. Again on my quest to find natural, gentle products that don’t damage or strip my hair I am leaving DermOrganic.IF the manufacture would quit sending out watered down versions of their shampoo and keep business real by sending out what people spend their hard earned money for, and that is the real not watered down version of their products, then I would come back to DermOrganic.This worked great in my hair, i have naturally curly, medium thick hair down to the middle of my back. This does not weigh my hair down, leave it greasy at the end of the day, nor dry. It does not de-tangle at all. Also the shine I got when using these products was amazing. Everyone was complimenting on my hair.

Deidre Midland, AR

Love it!

This has a great scent and luxurious feel. I had no problem getting a good lather. It’s non drying and left my hair clean and healthy. Good stuff!

Nell Baker, NV


This product is so great. I only have the shampoo and it is so moisterizing. I use to think that when you wash ur hair and after it drys its supposed to come out all frizzy cause thats just how my hair was. But all that changed when i tryed dermorganic shampoo. My hair never became frizzy and dull after it dried. I could go straight outside after a shower. I love it, its just a bit expensive so i have to use other sulfate free shampoo on the less expensive side. Dermorganic is like my “CHINA” its my special shampoo. Anyway i recommended it to my cousin who has red colored hair and when she used it she didnt see any color come off her hair . (She uses garnier color shield and her color still bleeds in the shower) So this really amazed her! A must get shampoo !!!!

Vicky New Lebanon, NY

Good Shampoo

Its a good shampoo that leaves hair in a soft condition, except for the fact that the shampoo is kind a think and the bottle sucks. The cap is a kind a hard to work on.It would be great if the nob works better.

Angelia West Nottingham, NH

I don’t see "amazing" difference

After using a month or so I don’t see big changes; my hair are still frizzy and out of control. However, I like the smell and feeling after using it. I noticed overall look of my hair got better, not sure bz of this shampoo or other products I was trying.But is is not so bad and not itchy 🙂

Sherri Beaver Island, MI

Love this shampoo

What I have noticed is that the trick to switching over to cleaner hair cleansing productsespecially if moving from paraben and sulfates to products with neither is to rinsethe hair thoroughly with luke warm or very cool water.I realized that is why hair salons will rinse your hair out with cool water thoroughly then luke warmshampoo, cool rinse then warm because it keeps the residue from all the products used in thehair from becoming glue on your hair strands. I tried washing my hair with warm water when I first transitioned fromshampoo and conditioner filled with parabens and sulfates and my hair behaved like there was gum stuck in it.It was horrible it took online research for me to figure out what went wrong and whythis never happens at the hair salons. I will be ordering this product again very soon in the future.

Doris Ridgeway, NC

Nothing Fancy Here.

This is an alright sulfate-free shampoo. Nothing fancy. I feel like it causes build up in my hair so I have to use a clarifying shampoo weekly. The smell is nice and it leaves my hair soft.

Estelle West Willow, PA

Good stuff

I love the creamy lather this provides when I wash my hair. I don’t use it everyday because I have fine hair but when I want a little conditioning for my scalp, this is my go to shampoo.

Janelle Whitewright, TX

Great product and great service from the retailer. thank you

The best organic hair product I’ve used. A small amount goes a long way so it lasts a long time.

Jacklyn Harpswell, ME

Awesome Shampoo!

This is my favorite so far. I love the fragrance of the Argan Oil and this particular one seems to make my hair fuller than the others. I have baby fine hair and it doesn’t normally look full but this seems to add volume to my hair; Softness and shiny as well. I never thought organic shampoo could be so wonderful!

Tracy Gardnerville, NV