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DermOrganic Argan Oil Sulfate-Free Shampoo 12 oz.

Gentle sulfate-free formula made with pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

Key features

  • Color-Safe formula.
  • Revitalizes damaged hair.
  • Restores shine and softness.
  • Enriched with omega-6
  • antioxidants

Honest reviews


Have not try it yet!

Once my son reports -during his spring break- I’ll remember to post a rating for this product. I beat is as good as advertised.

Luz Wallingford, PA


Let me start of by saying….I am a African American female with thick, coarse, shoulder lenght hair. Its also permed and colored….This shampoo works really good and you only have to use a little at a time..ususally i have to squeeze like 3/4 times out of a regular sstore brought shampoo bottle….but no way not with this i dont i would say bout a 1 quater size would do me good….and it leaves my hair and scalp so clean and it smells fresh for days….i was riding down the road in the car with my sister and when we made to where we was gng she told am glad u didnt where no perfume today because you r hair smell good and strong but soft…i also use this with masque and leave-in….and its perfect for a daily wash or my once a wk wash….Do highly recommand this product to any one…i have using this for a month now…and nothing has gotten worse but better…for me..i looked in my local stores at the time i was comparing prices on Amazon while in Target and CVS Pharmacy in my local area…Amazon prices or a little bit cheaper and reasonable then those two stores….for DermOrganic Argan Oil products…

Victoria Lamont, WA

hard to use, doesn’t foam much

The shampoo’s hard to get it to suds up so I wind up using a lot. I’m not sure it’s really worth it since the other products seem to be enough. Its nice though. Good scent.

Faith Waverly, MN

The luster didn’t last long

Well first of all, I have dark/black hair that is medium thick that is at the middle of my back.I got this because I am one of those who washes my hair every day, because I have oily hair and as well oily skin. I wanted something gentle so it wouldn’t strip my hair.At first sight, it’s very light, it smells very nice. It doesn’t lather a lot like others have said, and the first time I used it, I could seen the difference in my hair.But after awhile, I’m not sure… my hair started to look dull. I then reverted to use this shampoo any time I wouldn’t go out and just use it as a daily shampoo (and I used the conditioner as well).You definitely need the conditioner or else your hair will be dried up and can’t be combed.It lasted a very long time though, possibly 2 months or 1.5 months. And I used it almost everyday.Also when my hair needed cutting since it was long at the time, this started to actually take a lot of my hair out…. I noticed a lot of my hair all over in the bathroom. I know it was my hair’s length that contributed to that, but I don’t remember it being that bad with other shampoo’s. That concerned me A LOT….I don’t plan to buy this again. I really did like the smell though.

Alberta Una, SC

Great stuff, will buy again.

I color my hair pretty often, using red dye, so I have to use sulfate-free shampoos. This stuff has a nice smell, not too strong, just kind of a clean scent. It doesn’t sud up much- this may take getting used to, but it’s really good for your hair. Lots of suds can really dry it out. I’ve had some sulfate-free shampoos that sud too little, though, and left my hair feeling greasy- I didn’t have that problem with this one. The price is a bit much, but I think it’s worth it. My hair’s in pretty good shape since I’ve started using this stuff. Also, DermOrganic claims to use no animal products or animal testing, but they’re not endorsed by Leaping Bunny, so take that information for what you will.

Caryn Clarksdale, MS

Smells good, works well, great with matching conditioner

Pros: healthy, not-toxic ingredients, low lather which is fine, cleans well, doesn’t dry scalp/hair out, fragrance is very light and naturalCons: hmmmm. none? I guess it doesn’t lather well with my water supply, but I don’t equate suds with cleansing power so its fine by me.

Eddie Cedar Bluff, AL

Awesome product

I came across this shampoo in a store and decided to try it because it has Argan oil (pretty high on the list of ingredients), which is very good for your hair and scalp, and it is sulfate-free. It lathers just fine, creates soft foam and has almost no smell. I just bought another 33.8oz bottle (the first one lasted me a few months of every day shampooing). My hair looks and feels very healthy, soft and shiny even though I color it every other month. Love this product and will try a conditioner or a mask of this brand in near future.

Aurelia Summerdale, AL

Good Color Care Shampoo

I like this sulfate-free shampoo. I lather, rinse and repeat and on the second “repeat” it lathers very good. It’s not too moisturizing, I still have to use conditioner. Next time I’ll try DermOrganics conditioner. I would recommend this product.

Haley Hester, LA

Great shampoo

One thing I hate about shampoos or conditioners is when they leave my hair feeling coated and heavy. My very fine, very straight hair loves many of the DermOrganic products. This shampoo is creamy and does a great job cleaning my hair. It always leaves it light and healthy feeling. The fragrance is a little peculiar, but while I don’t love it, I don’t hate it either. It doesn’t linger, so it isn’t an issue anyway. I follow with the DermOrganic conditioners (alternating with both Daily Hydrating and Intensive Hair Repair Masque) and my hair hasn’t felt heavy or coated once. I love it.

Angelia Doyline, LA

Wonderful Shapmoo.

Leaves hair clean and smooth without any harsh chemicals or other nonsense. Organic shampoos usually do not later but this one actually does a bit. It smells clean and it is pH balanced. Not tested on animals and vegan, this is a great natural shampoo for those who care about their hair.

Lottie Bajadero, PR