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dermalogica ultracalming cleanser, for face and eyes

A skin care system researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute. Ultracalming cleanser for face and eyes. Recommended for environmentally-sensitized skin. An extremely gentle cleansing gel-cream designed to shield against external environmental assaults with Dermalogica’s exclusive Anti-Ozonate Complex. Contains Lavender, Echinacea and Raspberry extracts for their calming properties. Effectively removes eye make-up, and can be either rinsed off or removed with cotton. Leaves no irritating residue and is formulated for even the most hypersensitive skin that cannot tolerate water. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Product guaranteed when professionally recommended. Ask your skin therapist for a Face Mapping analysis and your customized zone-by-zone prescription. Made in the USA.

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Product changed this year

Sadly, the ultracalming line has changed and now people are reporting that this stings their skin. I used this product for years and it was great for my sensitive skin. Other Dermalogica products can sting because of the fruit acids. However, ultracalming products did not sting and the masque did not sting before (My esthetician actually gave me her ultracalming relief masque because everyone was complaining about it). Please see the Dermalogica website and read the reviews for this product. The rating has really dropped because the beloved formula is different but not just different it is harsher. I was hoping to repurchase, but will not. I will stick with the essential cleansing solution and skin smoothing cream for now.As always, you can get a facial and try out the products from a licensed esthetician. They are trained to recognize skin issues and effectively treat them. They can recommend different Dermalogica products and if they don’t work for you they will give you a full refund. But, you have to do what they tell you. You can’t mix different brands and complain that Dermalogica doesn’t work. You have to follow the regimine.

Marilyn Three Rivers, MA

Great gentle daily cleanser

Dermalogica products have really helped my skin – the Ultracalming line has nearly eliminated all the pinkness that I usually have (from Rosacea) and now, when I do get a bit pink, it’s much less and I’ve got stuff to clear it up faster. I can’t say that it’s just the cleanser all by itself that has made the difference – there are a lot of items in the line to choose from. My personal experience was that I wasn’t getting the kind of moisture I needed for my skin with just what was offered in this line, so I use Active Moisture or Skin Smoothing Cream, depending upon the season. But year-round, and daily, the Ultracalming Cleanser is the most important part of taking care of my skin. Highly recommend.

Lucile Milford, ME

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser is my all-time favorite cleanser. It’s not cheap but it does a great job. My face always feels so clean after I use it and it doesn’t dry it out. It’s not cheap but it works great. A little goes a long way. If you have dry or sensitive skin or just want to pamper your skin you can’t go wrong with this!

Lynnette Euclid, OH


All genuine Dermalogica products have the following:1. Original grey box with barcode sticker sealing the lid of the box2. Silver stay-fresh seal on the opening of the tube, same as most seals on a new jar of peanut butter or medicine/vitamin bottle3. If you are buying a larger size bottle with a pump top there will be a half barcode/ half dermalogica brand name sticker that connects the top of the bottle with the bottom of the lid, proving it has never been openThese barcode stickers and seals are only put on by the dermalogica company. If your product does not have them YOU ARE GETTING A TAMPERED WITH, EXPIRED, or KNOCK-OFF PRODUCT!!!!Please list the seller who sold the inferior product so we can avoid them! I love a good deal but these products are expensive and I don’t want anyone to loose their money on a scam.I was going to buy these on amazon and ended up chickening out and paid the extra from a legitimate salon company because I didn’t want to get screwed over. Now I’m glad I did as I hope this info will help any ladies who are buying on amazon find the honest sellers and avoid the scammers.**Product Review**Fabulous!! This cleanser is amazing!!!

Juliet Lisle, IL

my favorite skin cleanswer

This is the best cleanser for sensitive skin that is prone to redness. This size goes a long way and is worth the money.

Joanna Ace, TX

Very Good I really like this product

I like this product. It cleans very gently. Dont dry my skin and feels comfort. I think I will buy it again

Natasha High Springs, FL


I love this cleanser. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and I’ve tried everything. This gets all the makeup and dirt off in a gently and refreshing way. It’s the best cleanser and I will definitely continue using it!

Cynthia Booneville, MS