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Dermalogica MediBac Clearning Adult Acne Treatment Kit

Acne is already stressful enough, no need to complicate it any further. Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit is everything you need to reduce hormone and stress related breakouts in one convenient solution. The set contains the Clearing Skin Wash (1.7 fl. oz.), Clearing Mattifier (0.50 fl. oz.), Overnight Clearing Gel (0.50 fl. oz.), Concealing Spot Treatment (0.10 fl. oz.), Sebum Clearing Masque (0.75 fl. oz.), and a sample size of the Oil Control Lotion….

Key features

  • Acne is already stressful enough, no need to complicate it any further
  • Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit is everything you need to reduce hormone and stress related breakouts in one convenient solution
  • The set contains the Clearing Skin Wash (1

Honest reviews


Works great!

I use this kit interchangeably with the UltraCalming kit, and it works great. I use the Overnight Clearing Gel every night, and the Mask every week or so, or when I break out.

Letha Granville, PA

great kit

I love this little kit. I bought it because I didnt want to shell out the money for the big cleanser bottle. This kit is awesome for me because I dont really use the other products that often. I dont use the mask and gel (or others listed) very often–maybe once a week, once every two weeks maybe (??). I feel like because I dont use the little bottles very often, its definately a good bang for my buck. I just buy the big bottle of the cleanser because I use that most often.I use the cleanser daily, some times twice a day. The clay mask and gel are my favorite (second and third to the cleanser). I bought the cleanser years and years ago and I forgot the name of it. I just remembered that it had that minty/tea tree/eucalyptus type smell to it (which I like). I finally figured it out by doing enough research, and review comment readings.I like this cleanser counter to the other ones Dermalogica sells. In my early twenties, I remembered this being a miracle cleanser that hooked up clear skin practically over night. However, as an adult with menstrual acne, I noticed that it didnt work as well as I remembered. I noticed that the first week or so I was breaking out, more than I usually would have…AFTER this first week or so, it cleared up. I dont know if it was just purging gross toxins (I dont wear face [foundations/powders/etc] make up by the way). But I was really pleased with the results after the first week.I noticed that if I get lazy and dont wash my face daily (twice a day on the days I work out), I break out instantly. So I actually keep a regimen of washing my face.Side note: after I wash my face with the cleanser, I use an aloe vera , and then a spf 30 antioxidant lotion on my face/neck (aloe/lotion not dermalogica products). I dont really use any other products in the kit so this review is mainly for the cleanser. The other over night gel is cool but I dont think the name “over night” is a good name. It gives me the feeling that it should clear up your face over night and thats not the case. I guess it just means you wear it over night, but it seems a bit misleading. And the mattifier feels weird. It looks like that weird gel thats in baby diapers once it gets wet. I didnt like the feeling of it on my face so i dont use those products very often. But the clay mask is amazing. I like it because it doesnt dry out your face like those cheap ones you get at the drug store. I use that when I have a problem area. Works like a charm in getting the blemish to go away a lot sooner than it normally would take.

Flossie Ellis, ID

great trial version

Many different products to try before you buy. I haven’t purchased any full sized products yet but that’s only because they are too expensive! I really like the clearing skin wash, clearing mattifier, and the sebum clearing masque. The overnight clearing gel is okay, but the concealing spot treatment didn’t blend well and it has sulfur in it so it smelled really bad and gave me headaches. If I had the money I would purchase 4 of the 5 products.

Ann Ashland, NE

It’s Okay

I have adult acne, and I usually use Mary Kay products. But since they can be hassle to get sometimes, I thought I’d try out something else that’s easier to obtain. It’s okay; it keeps my acne at bay, but Mary Kay not only is a little better, it makes my skin softer and gives it a healthier look than this product. I will just go back to my Mary Kay.

Dona Montalba, TX


I had ok results with the product, some of them worked better than others. I couldn’t’ get the cover-up to apply well, threw it out after trying a few times. The mask, didn’t like it at all and didn’t see any difference. The over night clearing gel, matte, face wash, and the oil control lotion, I did like. I have also just started using the clay wash. I have to say I didn’t’ really notice any difference in the oil control on my face, or much change in acne, but my face "felt" better.

Rosanna Glencliff, NH


Love this. You get A LOT of product…I have had my set for three months now and I still have tons left. I see great results and love that my skin does not get dried out. I would buy this again for sure!

Rachel Walnut Grove, MO

facial care kit

Product was an anticipated. Skin felt clean after use. Didn’t completely eliminate my blemishes but loved the way my skin looked & felt after use.

Georgina Cross River, NY