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DermaGen Anti-Wrinkle Patches with Hydrocolloid Gel

* These new hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Patches are designed to visibly smooth and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. * Active ingredient Hydrocolloid also helps minimize and flatten raised scar areas from cuts or burns. * Effective acne treatment. * Can be used by men and women of all ages. * Soft and comfortable to wear. * Each sheet contains 27 Patches in 5 different shapes. * Each patch can be used 2 to 3 times. * Our Guarantee: The most effective wrinkle patch you’ve ever used or your money back.

Key features

  • Designed to visibly smooth and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Active ingredient Hydrocolloid also helps minimize and flatten raised scar areas from cuts or burns
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Each sheet contains 27 Patches in 5 different shapes
  • Each patch can be used 2 to 3 times

Honest reviews


I love it!

I love this patches . I am 49 years old .I tried frownies before and was very disapponted . Absolutly uncomfortable . I could kept them until half night . dermagem – is different story . I love them , I can sleep through night and almost don’t feel them . . I should made picture or even video before use them and after ,because Result was excellent. After using ONE time , I woke up and don’t recodnize myself . I already recomended this patches to my friends from Russia . And this much cheaper than frownies

Kasey Budd Lake, NJ

Interesting. I Am Liking Them So Far. Updated May2012. Updated August 2012.

* 5/12 – I had to update this review because I think they changed something about these patches. The last 2 batches I got felt a bit different and did not stick as well. I am not trying to knock the product, I still think it is awesome but I am ordering again with hopes I just got a couple of ‘bad eggs’.* 8/12 They changed the pads again, different packaging and everything. These newest pads stick better than the last ones but they do leave my face more ‘tender’ than the others did. I do not see as much positive change with these patches, te first ones I got were by far the best. These have not worked as I am only 2 nights into these patches but I can see where this is going already lol.I am only 31 so my ‘wrinkles’ and ‘fine lines’ are ‘invisible’ to some people but not me, I see the 1 forehead crease coming thru and don’t even get me started on my ‘laugh lines’. My eyes are ok but I see fine lines forming.I am diligent about skin care but was starting to think I was messing up my face in my sleep. I would wake up looking beat, even after a decent nights sleep,Somehow I came across these and figured for $10-15 I may as well try them, I never used anything like it thinking it would be super uncomfortable. These little pads are actually quite comfortable, they sick on well and are easy to remove. I had no issue reusing them a second night and I know I will get at least 1 more use from them.I put them on before bed and woke up to way less lines in my face. My forehead line was smoothed away and my laugh lines were a bit fainter. Last night I did my eyes and it worked very well, I now know how hard I am on my face in my sleep. It’s quite scary.The only downfall to these is that if you have sensitive skin they may leave redness. I know my laugh lines were left a bit red so I didn’t use the pads there again the next night, I switched them to my eyes. I think the delicate skin around the eyes maybe sensitive to these pads every night too. This is defiantly a case by case product, not all skin responds the same to everything and you may have no redness at all.Overall I like this and would order it again, the company had it sent to me super fast too.

Corinne Killduff, IA

Everything You Need To Know To Use Pads Successfully!

I experimented with these quite a bit going through lotions and oils with them, taking them off, placement, etc so it is my wish that this review will save you time in figuring them out because these pads are a wrinkle dream once you figure out the art of using them. If only the company had more instructions etc but at least the product itself is amazing.I have fine skin that is getting laugh lines under/side of my eyes and forehead lines from raising my eyebrows as well as diagonal sleep lines when I forget and role to my side at night. I had the thought about how many more years I can go before going under the needle for Botox and I really don’t want Botox in my 30’s but these things saved me at least for now. You have to play with these a little to find what works for you but this is what works for my eyes and forehead:1) Train yourself to sleep on you back, all time best thing you can start doing for your face in general. It took me a month with a little help of Melatonin supplement in the beginning here and there plus meditation before bed but I did it. I can’t even fall asleep on my side anymore it has to be my back. If you don’t sleep on your back with these you will get a diagonal crease under your eyes from where the polyurethane folds plus you won’t be able to use these as long since the stickiness degrades with each use and if you sleep on your side they will start curling up and such.2) I use 100% organic argan oil, quite a few brands available just get one in a dropper bottle as you won’t waste it, it’s easy to apply small amounts on specific areas of your face and it’s less messy. A few hours before bed I wash my face, tone, and moisturize than dab this oil on under and around my eyes as well as across my forehead lines. Then right before bed when this has all had a chance to set in for a few hours I pat the argan oil with my finger tip to make sure it is just a light layer left so the pads will stick.3) Before bed you want to place the pads over your wrinkles, this is where the experimenting will come into play as all of our faces and wrinkles are different. On my forehead I can just rub the long thin pad across and I’m done. For my eyes I don’t go all the way under but start with the tip of the half moon pad about half way from left to right under my eye and a about 2/8ths of an inch below my eye. I press that tip of the pad down then I gently/lightly pull my skin up and out near my temple away from my eye and smooth the rest of the pad down. If you pull your skin too tuant before smoothing the pad down your wrinkles will be less but still noticeable as your skin was set squished beneath the pad or create a new wrinkle on the outside of the pad from where the skin relaxes back over the pad when you release it. Don’t stress as this will disappear throughout the day and you can fix it when you do it again at night. The key is to figure out how to place the pads and smooth them over the surface of your skin so that the wrinkles are relaxed underneath not squished together or held in their current wrinkle state. I found having put the very light layer of argan oil on a few hours before gives me even more dramatic results each night but to much and it won’t stick so remember to use sparingly.4) Don’t pull at your skin when taking them off in the morning. For the eye area you will want to pull from your inner eye outward. Gently hold down the skin towards your inner lower eye, slip your nail under the tip of the pad that’s under your eye and gently peal it off. I like to put a soothing eye gel on while I eat my breakfast and workout in the morning after I removed the pads. My current fave has cucumbers in it. It’s not totally necessary but you did just have something kind of sticky on your under eye area so I like to make sure the skin is taken care of.I hope this all helps and makes sense to you. I love these patches and after using them night after night until I get to what I wanted I now use them a week here and a week there as needed.

Emilia Tumacacori, AZ

Just like frownies!!

I bought into the hype, for $11 I knew it was too good to be true. All these do is act like frownies would…flatten the wrinkle, stretch out your skin and flatten it. Here’s the thing, the next time you smile or make any expression, the wrinkles are back. I thought these would work like fillers or along the same principal no. I threw them away. Pieces of tape work the same.

Karyn Oakdale, IL

Seriously, how do they do this???

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m 65. Do people tell me I look 20 years younger? Don’t I wish. They do say “I look great for my age”. (was that a compliment?) Skeptic that I am, I figured I was wasting my money on these. I put patches on only one side of my face for a test. Forehead, under eye, between the eyes, along mouth. Kept them on overnight. Didn’t feel a thing. (Unlike the frownies). Could hardly believe what I saw in the morning! NO WRINKLES! Inexpensive, and works, how about that. I’m going to try their face tightening gel now, and maybe their mild face peel. This is just, well, amazing. You won’t be disappointed.Update: Summer 2013. I’m still using these regularly and still loving them. The more I use them, the longer the effects last. I can use them every 2 or 3 nights now and keep my wrinkles at bay. I have ditched my former chemical laden moisturizer and now use organic coconut oil.Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce, It is the best moisturizer I have ever found. It soaks in very quickly and helps prolong the effects of these strips.

Sabrina Greenvale, NY

Hopeful, but no visible change

I’m 67 years old and have really good skin. That doesn’t mean the hands of time and gravity haven’t left their marks. I have used these for four nights, leaving them on all night long. Unfortunately, I see absolutely no change in the lines down the sides of my mouth, my biggest concern. I bought two packages. I’ll continue trying until they are all gone. If anything does change, I’ll report back.

Ivy Pierson, MI

I had high hopes

After all the glowing reviews I was excited to try this product. I had used Frownies in the past with great results but they were not very comfortble to wear to bed and getting the right amount of moisture to activate the sticky substance was tricky. I have to admit the DermaGen Patches are far more comfortable, however, I have not even seen a temporary difference on my forehead lines and wrinkles. Conversely, my wrinkles always appeared smoothed out for at least a few hours following removal when I used Frownies. The other issue with DermaGen is as other reviewers have mentioned, one pack does not provide for a full month supply and the lack of choice of size and shape (only available in the variety pack) is wasteful. I did not find the adhesive properties in these patches conducive to multiple use. You can slap them on your face a second time but they did not hold the skin taut for me after one use. If you are considering switching from Frownies, you may be disappointed in this product. Perhaps they work better on fine lines than more mature skin with deeper wrinkles. I will likely just hold out for my Botox in the future.

Georgette Udall, KS

Too Soft

I have been using Frownies between my eyebrows for years, and while they do the job they are kind of ugly. So when I saw these patches, and after reading the reviews, I had high expectations. Well … they may work on the forehead and around the nose, but if you have strong muscles to frown with these are not enough to keep you from doing it. What is worse is that it can happen that a wavy frown gets fixated over night. So I`m back to Frownies.

Corine Gulston, KY

I don’t like it

I tried the product but it don’t help to fix the wrinkles ( I have just few wrinkles). Don’t recomended I waist my money.

Chrystal Maple, WI

Wrinkles be gone

These patches work well. I put them on at night, and in the morning, you can barely see my wrinkles. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last. After an hour or so, those wrinkles are back. Maybe over time, they would make a difference ( or if you could use them day and night). The package says you can re-use the patches, but I find that they don’t stick well a second time. Also, you need to use these on a clean face so you can’t apply lotion underneath.

Whitney Mallard, IA

Just Try It!!!

These patches are unbelieveable! I love these. Just one use and …swear…the fine lines are gone…vanished!!!! I just ordered two more boxes because I’m addicted to my new youthful look. This is the same concept as the chestpad that stop chest wrinkles… but it’s in smaller form. Really does work. I think you probably have to use them at least 1-2 times per week,and I’m sure the fine lines reappear after a while (you can’t beat mother nature) but for 9.95….quite a investment.

Lesley Burnips, MI


I dont have wrinkles near my eyes, just tired eyes from insomnia. But I do have those parenthesis around my mouth. I used these on both my eyes anyway and around the mouth and now I have eye wrinkles and the lines around my mouth are more pronounced. WTFreak! Thankfully they were inexpensive.

Elnora Willow, NY

Frownies are far better

I thought these were going to be like frownies. I think it’s unsanitary to reuse these even if you do rinse them.

Patti Iron Mountain, MI

Lasts for 1 hour

This product does remove wrinkles/lines, and absolutely gives you a more youthful appearance. . .for 1 hour, then you are back to square one. This product is not permanent, and has no indication of providing anti-aging benefits. Also, I’m not sure that adhering sticky pads to your face then stretching your delicate facial skin as you pull/rip these things off can be good for your skin (seems more damaging to me). On the flip side, I was amazed after the first time I used these how wrinkle/fine line free I was and used these before a few big events/parties. . . that dragged back down to reality after they wore off.

Adelaide Bethany, WV


Nuff said…Could only use it once or twice. Was a waste to me, but others may love these. I used to use Hollywood Wings (?) but something changed (glue didn’t hold, paper not as strong??) . So I was looking for a replacement. Didn’t find anything cheap so went ahead, but the bullet and got a Nuface! (which I love)

Edna Earlington, PA

Mixed feelings

I have a fair, combination skin, and I am almost 30. I already have fine lines on my forehead because I frown a lot! So I have several of them, but it’s just on my forehead. I used all the patches and cut some to fit better. They say you can use the same twice so I did that.So, it does improve the lines. However, I agree with other reviews that say that it is more evident in the morning (after you remove them) and fades during the day. You may be fine with that but I don’t like this Cinderella effect.Besides, I’d prefer a big one covering the whole forehead. In the morning you can actually see the place where the patches were.I even think that there was an overall effect of reducing the lines, but I think it is inconvenient to use and aesthetically ugly. So I personally prefer to apply creams instead, but if you are considering more aggressive interventions, than it may be a cheaper, but also less effective, alternative.

Robin Foley, AL

like these alot

i like these i notice that my smile lines are disappearing i cant even see them anymore a great product 🙂 will buy again 😀 😀 😀 deff worth buying wasnt expensive or nothing 😀

Regina Humeston, IA

Great concept…

I bought these for my aging skin and really hoped these would help my under eye wrinkles. I have a few from side sleeping. I sleep with these on and it smoothes out the skin where they are applied but the surrounding skin wrinkles a little. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and it really helps to prevent the wrinkiling but these are better used if cut up smaller and put on my breakouts. They are similar to hydrocolloid bandages and not really like silicone which I think would smooth the skin much better than this. Also, tearing these off in the morning feels a little like waxing.

Nora Meyersville, TX

Still waiting to see results

This is the second time I buy these patches for my hubby to use them on his 11 lines, this was in September, so far I haven’t seen any improvement at all,

Elva Rowland Heights, CA

Not Even Close

SERIOUSLY i love reading reviews before buying products and 3/4 of these reviews have been positive. okay this is how this product worked for me whn i got up in the morning it ws like omg all wrinkles GONE but the minute i got out of the shower and looked in the mirror they ws right back. i think the glue in these patches gets in the wrinkles and fills them but as soon as u wash u face bye bye results. im not knocking the other reviewers but these definatly did not work for me will not be purchasing this item again

Margret Meta, MO

Did nothing

I used the whole package with no results. This product did not work for me and what a hassle to use.

Jerry Island City, KY

Just so so

I was not very impressed with these Derma Gen Anti-Wrinkle Patches. They are just paper. Frownies makes a better product.

Sondra Carson City, NV

I was disappointed.

Did not work for me, they feel nice and soft on the face and you can hardly see them on but the frownies work best for me at least. I really wanted to like these as the quality is so much better, but I guess its the ruggidness of the frownies that tame the muscle so these were a disappointment.

Kim Kirby, WY

I tried these consistently every night for 8 weeks, with no noticeable results whatsoever.

I was looking forward to the prospect of an inexpensive product that would help slow signs of aging… I have a few visible creases (on my forehead and smile lines and between my eyebrows) when my face is relaxed and wanted to see if this would make any difference. Sadly, it did not. I slept with them on (8-10hrs per night) and they always stayed in place, there was no issue with their construction or adhesive properties, I followed all the directions and prepped my face accordingly prior to applying them. I am only 27 so my creases are really not that noticeable so I thought I would be pleased if there was even the slightest improvement. When I peeled them off each morning, the skin underneath looked the same as when you remove a bandaid from your skin that had been on for a while, slightly lighter and puffier than the surrounding skin. Then, like skin after a bandaid is removed, say an hour later it was back to looking exactly as before the patch was applied. To summarize: great concept, bad product.

Latisha South Carrollton, KY

WOrks GREAT! Do this before Botox

I got these last week and thought it was going to take awhile to see a difference but I was wrong. I noticed after one night of sleeping that the next morning my skin was smoother, the deep lines at least 80% lifted and my muscles in these areas were relaxed and not reactive. I hold much tension in my forehead and you also make faces during sleep which compounded the situation. The gels are easy to wear, can be used at least 3 times and best of all they work!! You still have your face but it is smoother, lines are gone (yes, I mean just about gone, at least for me) the affect lasts for days in my case! This is the BEST, cost effective alternative to botox. A great gift for your over 40 friends who are trying to stave off the clock. If you want to maintain any work you’ve had done this is the key. I highly recommend these and I will purchase again and again and again….. i’m on my third order. I also highly suggest doing facial massage along with these patches/ & accupressure tapping which you can learn from YOUTUBE videosUPDATE: I’ve been using these strips pretty religiously and I’ve noticed several things. First, the deep forehead lines are greatly(75-80% in my case) reduced, second, my tension headaches which start in the front of my forehead, (due to tight forehead muscles) have stopped. I don’t have that worried look anymore in my face. I look more relaxed and at ease. Also, due to consistent use, the over reactive muscles in my face have been somewhat re-trained to not constrict but not to the point where I have no facial expression, it’s just less reactive & more subtle. I can still make faces but not over-exaggeratedly so. I also noticed that there is something in this pad that has made some deep lines and scars almost unnoticeable. For me the affects of these strips last all day and with consistent use, continuously. I highly recommend this product if you are trying to re-train facial muscles to avoid future wrinkling & want a more calm, smooth and rested look. FYI: You also make lots of faces in your sleep so it’s a huge benefit to stopping the wrinkling process while sleeping as well.

Carla Bob White, WV

I am not satisfied with this product and I will tell you Y!

I ordered this product on November 2012 and I am still using it but it doesn’t have the effect I expected by reading the recommendations and good reviews here on Amazon. I use the stickers for my front head before going to bed every night and every morning when I dettach them from my skin the lines on my front head skin are not there and of course because of the pressure of the stickers they are suppressed some how but after a few minutes they come back and I don’t see them even get any better.

Mae Kayenta, AZ

They Feel Great–One Time Use–Too Expensive to Use Regularly

MY FEELING THE MORNING AFTER USING THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME:The patches are very easy to put on and painless to take off. I liked the feeling of the areas where I have lines being taut while the patches were on. I actually felt better with them on. They are so nice I could wear them all day if I never left the apartment! When I pulled them off in the morning my skin was smooth and pores were smaller but of course the lines reappear as the day goes on. I am not sure if they have an effect long term.A WEEK OR SO LATER:Unfortunately, I only got one use out of strips. I tried washing them like some other reviewers said but that did not work for me. Therefore, it is completely impractical to use these strips on a regular basis. You get 6 long strips which I used for my forehead lines. Unfortunately, I have 3 forehead lines I wanted to attack which meant I was only able to use the forehead strips twice. They give you four small ones that are like dots which I used at the corner of my eyes so again I only got two days use out of that.The amount of money I would have to spend a month to use these strips every night would make getting botox (not planning to do that anytime soon) the more economical choice.VERDICT:Nice idea. Way too expensive to be practical.

Milagros Kosciusko, MS


I was really hopingthese would do the job.They don’t. Not worth the money. Not the sellers fault ,that part was fine.

Lorene Lindsay, CA

Priority Purchase patches

They work ladies, and gentlemen!!!!! Do not hesitate to purchase these wonderful wrinkle patches. My only complaint is their aren’t enough of them especially for under the eye. Also I was not able to reuse them, so it was a one time use for me!!!

Lavonne Riddle, OR

They Do Work!

I was skeptical at first, but I’ve been using this product for 3 nights in a row and I’m starting to see a difference. The package does not come with the picture, so the first night I placed the patches in the wrong places and upside down. Lesson learned – print the diagram or sketch it out and leave it with the product in your drawer somewhere. They do stay on during the night. I place the half moon patches under my eyes and WOW, the next morning – no puffy eyes! Great to use before bed if you’d had a night of drinking or staying up too late for whatever reason – your eyes will look relaxed the next day with NO PUFFINESS! I’m not getting very good results between the eyebrows and was hoping I wouldn’t have to pay the bucks for Botox. The other area that I tried on my own was taking a half moon patch and place it upside down on the upper lip to help with those little fine lines. It’s really working. It has diminished the fine lines to over 50%. So to close this review, you just have to experiement with them to see where they are most effective. Knowing my skin is soaking in this ingredient for 8 hours undisturbed seems to make sense and I have seen proof on areas of my face that it’s working. They patches do last through 2-3 uses and continue to stick well. Would recommend this product.

Bertie Montpelier, ND