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Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation SPF 20, Suede, 1 Ounce

Provides twice the coverage of classic foundations without the heavy feel. Evens complexion and won’t enhance the appearance of fine lines or surface imperfections. Lightweight, blendable texture for a flawless matte finish. Delivers all day hydration and 12 hours of wear.

Key features

  • Provides twice the coverage of a classic foundation^Evens complexion and won’t enhance the appearance of lines^Gives you a flawless matte finish

Honest reviews



This will get the redness of the face but it will leave your face feels icky plastered and tight as if you have a clay mask on.I had this on when we were taking photos and my face looked all white like a clown!

Cassie Center Junction, IA

excellent coverage

Fast delivery and excellent packaging. Item as described and pictured. I purchased this product for my daughter to help cover her acne/rosacea. I was trying to find her a foundation that was 100% organic and had good coverage that didn’t irritate her sensitive skin. I could not find an organic foundation that covered her acne/rosacea. I don’t know of any 100% organic foundation that covers well. The only negative about this foundation is that there are a couple of parabens in it. My daughter likes this foundation and it is the only foundation that covers her acne/rosacea without irritating her sensitive skin or feeling dry or cakey. I highly recommend and I will be purchasing this item again.

Christie Falls Church, VA


If I know shopping I know make-up. I am a foundation expert and don’t leave my home without it. This is great coverage cause no breakouts/sensitivity etc. Very limited shades available but it blends away to your shade eventually. I am light to medium with yellowish skin and honey beige looks very natural in daylight. At nightout I use the natural beige.

Effie Leroy, IN

Not worth the price

I expected this product to go on smoother than it does. It works quite well, but I have to use a little regular face cream to apply.

Candy Chester, GA

Works as a concealer, too

I bought this foundation to cover some red marks on my cheeks from previous breakouts. A friend at work recommended it, because she uses it to cover acne and it looks great on her. On me, I feel like it covers pretty well, but the result isn’t flawless. It works best to conceal the redness around my nose and covers some of the lighter red marks on my cheeks pretty well. On the darker red marks, the coverage is not as good. I’m kind of using it as a cross between a concealer and a foundation. It dries very quickly, so you have to work fast to blend it in. I use a concealer brush and just apply it to my cheeks. You definitely do not need a lot of this foundation. If you use too much, it will look cakey and heavy. I set it with loose powder. I bought the Dermablend setting powder, but it was too drying. So I use a Clinique loose powder and that helps this foundation to stay put. I have even used it on my chest when wearing a v-neck top, and it stayed put. It has not made me break out, so they are right about it being non-comedogenic, which is a big deal to me. I got it in Natural Beige, which is a pretty good color match, but I feel like it’s not my exact skin tone. The other shades that I tried (I checked them out at Ulta) didn’t seem like a better match. So, while there are a lot of things I like about it, it’s not perfect. So I don’t know if I would buy it again. I use so little, that I probably won’t run out of it anytime soon.

Nora Clarkston, GA

Color Stays Consistant

Some comapanies change their colors slightly from batch to batch – Dermablend has not done so since I started using it about ten years ago. I know that when I order Natural Beige, that is exactly what I am going to get.Since we all are buying this make-up because we have imperfections that we want to hide -I must say that this is one of the best foundations you can get for this price. You can go withRevlon ColorStay Makeup, Combination/Oily Skin, Fresh Beige, 1 Ounceif you want to save money, but while it is is a good substitute it can not beat using Dermablend. The tube of Dermablend will last, with daily use, *about* three months.It takes a bit of practice to get this product on correctly, but once you do it gives a flawless appearance to the skin -(It does not do anything for fine lines and wrinkles, it is not a miracle worker!) Go to the Dermablend web-site for instructions but you can simply do this. After cleansing use a sponge to smooth on the foundation then use a dabbing motion to really hide the flaws…it won’t be 100 percent though. When you have finished and have blended your jaw-line using a smoothing motion THEN use the Dermablend concealer and brush to finish covering any stubborn imperfections. Complete by using the Dermablend setting powder.You will have a very matte almost chalky, perfect finish to your skin. It will stay on through heavy work-outs, sweating and the high heat of summer. Crying will not ruin the look but rubbing will. You may want to keep the compact of finishing powder with you if you are prone to rubbing and you may also want to keep a small container of the cover-up handy too.It will come off at night usingPONDS Cold Cream Cleanser, 9.5-oz. Jarsor even using baby wipes (although that is a little trickier and can be rough on the delicate skin under your eyes since you will have to scrub).I love this product and as I’ve said, I’ve used it for years and will continue on using it..

Donna Broadlands, IL

My favorite foundation

I’ve tried 1000 different foundations over the last 15 years. Expensive ones, drugstore brands, etc. and none of them worked in terms of color, texture, etc. I have olive skin, so there is a touch of yellow which is hard to match. Plus I have large pores on my cheeks. This product matches my skin tone perfectly, is just the right amount of coverage, and lasts all day. i can’t stand when makeup gets cakey or melts off. This product does not do that… you even have to work a little quickly to make sure you get it blended before it sets. I apply with a triangle sponge or a foundation brush. Both work well. I even use it as a lid primer for my eyeshadow which helps it stay on all day long. I can’t say enough good things about it. The tube lasts forever as a little goes a long way.

Nanette Montgomery, WV

One of the best foundations for my face so far

My face is less than perfect… I need foundation, and that is a fact! I have tried many foundations, anywhere from Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc… The best one so far in providing coverage is Dermablen Smooth Indulgence Foundation. I apply it with a foundation brush and to finish (matte look), I apply loose powder (I have used any kind).This foundation comes in many different colors. I am usually one color in summer and a different one during winter.I highly recommend this product…

Tamra Lincolnville, ME