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Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30, Ivory

A lightweight formula with high purity pigments, Dermablend quick fix concealer offers a smooth, blendable texture with long lasting wear. For moderate to major localized skin flaws, Dermablend quick fix concealer provides buildable coverage that won’t enhance the appearance of wrinkles or pores. Delivers all day hydration that leaves skin soft and comfortable.

Key features

  • A lightweight formula with high purity pigments^Offers a smooth, blendable texture with long lasting wear^Won’t enhance the appearance of wrinkles or pores

Honest reviews


The best concealer I’ve found so far!

I’ve tried a number of concealers and Dermablend Quick Fix is by far the best I have ever tried! It goes on smoothly and easily and completely conceals the blue veins I have under my thin skin that make it look like I have dark circles under my eyes. I have fairly light skin, so I use the ivory, but I just think this is great stuff for any skin. One tube has lasted me for over a year, so it’s an affordable product that is a must in my makeup bag.

Ruby Mosherville, MI



Samantha Arcadia, IN

covers my moles great, but one problem

i have some dark brown moles on my face and this stuff covers them very well. you can still see a bit though but only if you’re really close to me. the problem i have with this is that it doesn’t last all day. more like 5 hours. and it looks very cakey. you really need to set it with powder or use a spray on make up setter. but i can live with that problem because i’d rather have that than my moles showing.

Zelma Cedar, MI

Creamy, full, & lasting coverage

This concealer truly does cover, & it feels creamy while staying put – so even indented/keloid scars & rough skin spots can be hidden completely. It also LASTS throughout the entire day, which is my #1 priority. The Ivory color is perfect for my super fair, sensitive skin. I can easily say that this Dermablend product compares to the high end ($30) Bobbi Brown concealers (but at half the price!)

Lou Cambridge, NY

Still the best product on the market

I started using this product over 20 years ago. As I got older, I tried brands like Chanel, Bobby Brown, Dior and others costing much more and none work as well as this product. Hands down it is the best concealer on the market. Now that I’m older, I use a layer of moisturizer first. I highly recommend this product, plus it is a great price.

Alicia Laurens, SC

Looks great

Works great at covering flaws while still looking natural. A little goes a long way so the tube should last a very long time.

Ophelia Fort Yates, ND


I had the flab under my arms removed all the way down to my wrists so ofcourse there are scars. After they healed real well -I still waited then I got dermablend and it works very well. It’s sure worth a try. I’m Happy !

Tammie Morrow, OH

Too sheer

I wanted to use this to cover some dark acne marks. First of all, its texture is too oily/greasy, so it basically slides off the skin, forget trying to put any other type of makeup over it, and it rubs off no matter what you do to try to set it in. Second, the coverage is very minimal and sheer, even if you try to build on it (which you can’t because it’s too oily), so the dark spots shine through and are even more pronounced. I took this back to Macy’s and traded it in for the Dermablend cover cream, which I absolutely LOVE.

Deana Waters, MI

Product didn’t quite meet my expectations.

I bought this to conceal faint spider veins on my legs. It makes them less noticable but does not fully conceal them. Some of the people who have used this product said it would cover tattoos, but if it does, the tattoos must be very, very faded.

Janet Cordova, MD

Works well but wrong color.

The color described isn’t accurate. This turned out to be a more pinkish color and I am tan/yellowish so it did not work well for me. It is really thick though so it works as far as covering blemishes.

Marietta Latonia, KY

Great Coverage!!!

This works GREAT!!! I have Malasma, Hyperpigmentation on my face, it’s almost gone now to to medication, but I used this to cover those really dark areas, or circles under eyes from lack of sleep etc… and it works GREAT!!!! I use a soft eyeshadow brush to apply it and you need very, very little. I used it almost everyday and I still have more than 3/4 of it left. It might seem expensive, but, since you need very little, it will last for MONTHS!!!!

Sandra Maxwell, IN

Best concealer out there!

This is the best concealer out there! I have been using it for about 4 years. It works great for concealing under eye circles. I am in my early 30’s and have always had them. It is a combination of my partial Mediterranean heritage and allergies. This product works great at covering them up. I also use it to cover a small scar I got from an accident with good results. The packaging has changed, since I initially started using it. I liked the old packaging better, but I believe the product is the same. Some reviewers said they thought is was not as thick. I believe that it is the exact same. If you keep it awhile the product does thicken, because it loses moisture over time. It still works well and it times for it do that. I highly recommend for under eye circles and minor scar coverage.

Alissa Land O Lakes, FL

Definitely THE BEST, forget about Dior, BB or Mac.

love beauty products, and always tend to go for the high end ones, not the cheaper walmart stuff. Every possible concealer, you name it, i have tried it. i am not wrinkled, i am in my early 30s, so it is not that i have some major wrinkle issue that is making it hard for me to find a product that does last. i used to use mac for a long time (in the little container, not the liquid ones), i liked it as it was dry and the shades were nice. But when i discovered Dermablend at a CVS, i was impressed by how much coverage it offered, how dry and lasting it was. i never liked liquid concealers, they are the worst. they cause creases when you laugh, even when you apply a setting powder which is terribly drying for yr eyes. i tried Dior’s stick, it was just okay, however it was so small, it lasted hardly a few months. and when you think about the price, it is definitely not worth it. i tried chanel, lancome photogenic, clinique, mary Cohr, nars, bobbi brown, estee lauder, helena rubinstein, origins, even went to covergirl and maybelline in my search for THE ultimate me, concealer is THE most important part of my makeup because the best beautifier for the face is increased light around the eyes and on the T zone, before anything else. Dermablend is the only one that had all the following benefits:1/ dry, not shiny (which is horrible under the eyes, and terribly aging) 2/ easy to apply 3/ HUGE (believe it or not, i bought my tube TWO YEARS AGO! and i apply it everyday!!!) 4/ you can add it over your makeup on the T zone during the day if you want to enhance your makeup, it blends perfectly 5/ does NOT need touch ups, and i laugh every 3 minutes which usually causes creases 6/ non drying at all.most importantly, THANK GOD AND THE HEAVENS, i NO LONGER HAVE TO HEAR MY MOTHER TELLING ME I HAVE TOO MUCH CONCEALER!!!!!!! i so hate dark circles that i always tended to apply too much concealer. with this one, i just need a little bit and it looks perfect!tip >>> on a special day, use Mary Kay’s ($4!!!) concealing base (i use the yellow after i got one for free) under my dermablend, and apply dermablend mostly on the eye bone under your eyes, then spray some Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray all over. you will look as good as the minute you applied them, whether you are 20 or 60. Take it from an expert!!

Reyna Edmondson, AR

Average coverage – a bit greasy

I have oily skin, so this concealer does not stay on well. The coverage is only average, not great on really dark circles. I find the liquid-type concealers to work better.

Cherie Elmdale, KS

Fast delivery and very nice product (great for burn survivors)

I use this product for under my eyes where I was burned it is very easy to apply and use and matches my skin tone nicely.I have purplish and deep red discoloration under both my eyes due to house fire, and this does do a great job in matching my other facial skin tones.Thank you…

Shanna Cason, TX


it was too light for me so i gave it to my daughter, she just loves it she wears it all the time, it really works on her dark circles i will probably buy this for her again

Shauna Ruskin, NE

Best concealer

Excellent coverage for hiding scars and blemishes. One of the best I have tried ever. The medium matches my olive complexion perfectly. I highly recommend for covering dark circles, blemishes etc.

Marguerite Palomar Mountain, CA

I usually love Dermablend

I usually love Dermablend for it’s coverage and staying power. But, I felt this "quick fix" felt short. It looks caked on and does not last. Not too happy.

Savannah Laurel, NE