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Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, Original, 1 Ounce

Ensures smudge-resistance. Enhances wearability. Transparent on application. Fragrance free. For use with all skin tones.

Key features

  • Great for all skin tones^Ensures smudge-resistance^Enhances wearability and transparent on application

Honest reviews


Better than BareMinerals Mineral Veil; sets and gives luminous glow

I love this powder. I use the derma blend cover creme in a beige shade, and I use the original (white) powder, which is supposed to be used on all colors as a translucent powder. It does work like that!I love it, because it gives a “glow” like I am lit up on the inside of my flawless face (a.k.a. imperceptible cover creme mask). Even if I wasn’t using cover creme, I’d use this powder.Keeps it matte and aglow all day for 16 hours, and prevents rub off and wear off.You gotta dust off the excess powder with a brush after 2 minutes or it will be noticeable in some areas.Won’t break you out; won’t dry you out; absorbs oil; you look just as good at the end of the day as you did when just applied it.Great price for quality product & amount – lasts a few months.I used to use the BareMinerals line before I broke out with a severe case of cystic acne (due to a hormonal imbalance, not the makeup). Now I have high contrast hyper pigmentation and scars, so I switched to the Dermablend line for serious coverage. People used to say my skin “glowed” with BareMinerals Mineral Veil, but with the Dermablend setting powder the glow is better, more luminous, more long lasting – fabulous (when applied properly).1 drawback – I love the puff that it comes with, and want a new puff, but I can’t find the same powder puff. Wish they’d offer that in their derma blend makeup applicator line.

Christian Athens, AL

I use it with my M.A.C.

I purchased this powder to use with my M.A.C. foundation. I use at as a finishing powder. It works perfectly! It blends easily and does not cake on my face. I just buff it all over and it give me that air brushed look… simply beautiful. It’s a bonus that this comes in different shades. This jar is sure to last 6 months or more. Great value!

Olga Evergreen, NC

Fairly heavy

I was looking for a micro-fine powder to use to set my makeup. This looked cakey on my dry skin. I much prefer the Laura Mercier setting powder or even the $5 Elf HD powder.

Christina Beardstown, IL

Doesn’t help

It doesn’t set my dermablend foundation at all. I’m a dermablend lover but this is a definite dud. I wouldn’t buy again. The only thing it really does is temporarily matte my face.

Hollie Green Bay, WI

Love it

Smooth you make up.Reduces oil on oily faces when used with the cover cream.I will recommend it a friend.

Melissa Peach Springs, AZ

Doesn’t work for me

I have been using derma blend since 2003. I bought the setting powder but it never works. When I apply my concealer, I dab on a generous amount of setting powder and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before I dust it off but the concelaer still remains moist/wet and rubs off if I touch it or brush up against clothing etc. Perhaps I got a bad batch but it makes absolutely no difference to me.

Sandy Benoit, WI

Finally, great powder for oily and sweaty face issues!

I love this power!!! I am 32, have had adult acne on and off for about 12 years now ad have tried a LOT of skincare and makeup brands for it. I came across this product because the divine and ever talented Lisa Eldridge used it on one of her videos ( […] ). I live in Costa Rica so the weather is often hot and humid, and products can look well for a little while but start melting and moving around as the day goes by. Not this one! This is a very good and almost invisible setting powder, I really like the fat that it is colorless, so as log as you have a good match on your foundation tone, you needn’t worry the the powder will change the color. I could go on and on the size is great for the price, specially compared to Tarte amazonian clay that doesn’t perform as well and is half the size for almost the same amount. Very recommended.

Meagan Kayenta, AZ

Its not real dermablend – just my opinion

I bought this product. I thought that it was a good deal. I had to throw it out this morning. It made my skin burn, whenever I use it. The dermablend powder from the mall had a different consistency and never made me burn. I threw it out , because I am not sure if it is really dermablend and I was concerned for my skin health. I have been using the real dermablend for years. I guess, I wanted a deal. Burning skin is not worth it.

Rosalie Freehold, NY

Excellent Setting Powder

This is one of my few constants in life —that this product will ALWAYS work, it never changes, no matter how many years has gone by!I have been using this for years and am amazed at how well this setting powder works—as long as you follow the directions!!!Frankly – I do go a little outside the box at times and use this with other foundations and cover products. It still it works a treat! Of course I feel a tad guilty by not always using the Derma-Blend foundation and quickly go right back to it.Follow the directions and you will quickly find that this is not cakey, not overly drying (you must remember just why you are using this product) and will help cover nearly every kind of mark, veins, scar, tattoo etc.It will keep everything water-proof so if you cry with it being used on your face or get your legs wet while using this to cover spider veins or whatever – while it will not bear up to a harsh and hot shower, it will be no problem for quick dashes in the rain or a dip in the pool.I have dry eye -which means it constantly looks as if I am having a good cry -all my tears all day long, does nothing to dislodge my Derma-Blend until I takeit off just before bed!

Young Goodrich, TX

Super Velvety Finish

I love setting powders or finishing powders as I think they give a more professional edge to a look. They also help it last a lot longer, which is essential if you work 16 hour days and don’t have time to do touchups. The Derma Blend setting powder is completely white meaning it doesn’t compromise the color palette you’ve already created. Trust me on your skin it doesn’t look white. The container is the standard shaker container, where you tap it out into the cap. But what is nice about this one is that you don’t get too much in the cap, which makes it a lot less messy to close as you don’t need to use a lot. It does have a slight matting effect, but this can be countered with a very light hand and/or the use of a setting spray. I have a tendency to use this not just for foundation, but also for cream eyeshadow or to create lip stain out of lipstick. I love the texture that it leaves your face with, I catch myself touching my cheeks because it feels some nice.

Josefa Columbia Falls, ME


I needed white powder for shadowing below eyebrows, eyelids and under eyes…Althought this color is translucent it still leaves a faint white color which is what I was going for…So this will work for my needs…Powder is very light weight, no smell and goes on nicely…I was hoping for more white than clear but this will due…

Louella West Bethel, ME

Awsome Powder

I have used this powder for years. It works so well with the dermablend quick fix concealer I use. It goes on light and lasts for hours. Well worth the money.

Sonia Nazareth, TX

Cakey and doesn’t set makeup

I got this to ‘set’ my liquid makeup, but this just doesn’t work. It cakes up quickly and it doesn’t set my face at all

Tammie Tonawanda, NY