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Dermablend Cover Creme – Chroma 1 – Rose Beige, 1 oz

Lightweight creme formula with high purity pigments and natural skin tones. Cover creme delivers a flawless complexion and 12 hours of consistent color wear. Glides on evenly. Delivers all day hydration. Skin looks fresh, feels soft and velvety smooth.

Key features

  • Delivers a flawless complexion^Gives you 12 hours of consistent wear^Delivers all day hydration

Honest reviews


Love it

This is a good cover cream.It covers all dark spots and makes your face to glow.It is a non oily cream.I will recommend it to a friend.

Germaine Newman, CA

Perfect Coverage!

I bought this to help cover my acne scars after I watched a product review. I’m so glad I decided to get this product! There’s a lot of product in this container and it lasts all day! Not to mention the fact that it does a fabulous job of covering my scars. It’s not heavy on my face like some creams can be. This is definitely a favorite that I will continue to buy!

Corina Soledad, CA

Long lasting complete coverage

Of all the products I’ve used over the years, this one has the most dependable and long lasting coverage. Fortunately, I already knew what color I needed after trying various ones in a department store. Although they had all the samples to try, they didn’t have the color I wanted in stock so was glad to find it here. Since the coverage is quite complete, it is important to have a good matching color. For spot coverage, I’ve found the Everything Pencil is excellentJudith August The Everything Penciland easily portable in my purse, but for coverage of a larger area where you really want to ‘erase’ the discoloration, this stuff is great. It provides flawless coverage and with the suggested dusting powder, it lasts all day. I only use it on problem areas, not all over, and even with the dusting powder the coverage looks natural and blends perfectly. It does not accentuate pores as some products seem to. In fact, it minimizes them. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what products I use, but I have no problem with this product. One extra advantage is that if you’re covering a scar, the SPF 30 increases protection over what most products offer.I’ve laughingly said my skin color is ‘foundation sample beige’ since free samples in gift kits always seem to match, so the fact that I use ‘true beige’ in this product seemed appropriate. The old name, Chroma 2, was pretty hard to remember so I’m glad they’ve switched to more descriptive names. If you’re in doubt about color and don’t have a nearby place to try samples, I’ve found a slightly darker color is easier to blend than a color that’s too light.

Marisa Millsap, TX


I have scars from a surgical procedure. This product covers the scar completely. It has an amazing professional finish. Great product.

Rosalia Ellabell, GA

Love it.

I love Dermablend Cover Creme. It covers wonderfully and is not thick and cakey. I have broken capillaries on my face and I use it after the face lotion, then go over it with Estee Lauder Double Wear powder foundation. People tell me my skin looks great and it’s as if I am not wearing makeup. Beautiful thing! Product lasts months, too.

Misty Blue Mountain, AR

Heres why I’ll never buy a different product again

I LOVE this stuff and here’s why:I’m an acne sufferer with sensitive/oily skin. I DO NOT have deep acne scars anymore since I have gotten laser treatment done on my skin almost a year ago. Therefore I cannot comment on how well the product applies over scarring. But, I occasionally do still break out. The one thing I hate the most is when I buy $50 makeup that looks flawless but then the red dots start to resurface after so many hours of wear. I decided to purchase Dermablend after watching a YouTube tutorial on it. I figured why not. I’ve been using it for roughly a month and it’s been good to me. 1). It doesnt make me break out. 2). When I apply it over a break out it DOESNT make it worse! 3). It doesnt slide off like average makeup (this is definitely all day wear kinda stuff). 4). The coverage is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never in my life been complimented for having pretty skin but I am now! 5). Many foundations are notorious for having that "I can feel my makeup clogging my pores" sensation. I don’t have that issue with dermablend which is good news for me because my oily skin hates everything.Here’s my advice if you’re planning on buying:1. This is pretty heavy duty stuff so I wouldn’t apply it every day. It might irritate your skin because it’s pretty thick2. Only use it as a concealer. I know many of us hate our skin but not letting it breathe isn’t helping anyone3. Blend Blend Blend! This isn’t like your average concealer where you dab twice and done. You really have to blend it nicely or else it will look cakey. Beauty takes time ladies.4. A little goes a very very long way. This stuff might seem sad because it comes in a very small container but trust me. It’s amazing how well it spreads. A tiny tip of the finger amount was enough to cover my whole face! So, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.5. If you are planning on using it as a full face foundation the little spatula thing that comes with it is great. If you’re just planning on using it as a concealer a tiny makeup brush to apply it works better.In the long run, I’d recommend this stuff to anyone. If you’re curious about how it might look over acne scars do some research. I’ve read some reviews that say it accentuates their acne scars but I personally think it may be due to a lack of blending. This is also a possible reason why some people may think it looks cakey. Remember to blend and take your time.

Pam Paxtonville, PA


I have tried several concealers over the years, especially recently (getting older and have more to cover). I have pretty bad under-eye discoloration and have used dermablend for probably 15+ years. It does tend to cake if you don’t use the right powder and a primer, but is BY FAR the best and longest lasting concealer! Other brands do not cover my raccoon eyes at all, or if they do, the effect has warn off after an hour or two. Dermablend lasts, even through sweat (for a reasonable amount of time). But it comes off easy once I wash my face with soap or use a make up removing towelette. You should definitely try this product. To avoid caking, I finish with laura mercier’s translucent setting powder, and use her primer to start. Also, dermablend has great skin-matching colors. I’m pale and somewhat yellow, and their "ivory" comes off as very natural. Can’t even tell it’s there.

Suzette Post Mills, VT

Dermablend Cover Creme

I bought dermablend cover creme to cover my acne scars & dark under eye circles. This product is hard to use but can do a great job once you figure out how to apply it. You have to make sure that your skin is fully hydrated & you need to warm it up so that it goes on smoothly. I am using a Mary Kay primer before I apply this makeup & it seems to help. I purchased the colorless setting powder but I wish I would have bought one with some color to it instead. Matching your color is very difficult when using the website so I would advise everyone to go to a nearby Macy’s or Ulta to find the proper match. Good luck!

Rebecca Holly Ridge, MS

Maximum coverage

Have been using t his produce for over 25 years. Believe it was use to cover u p birthmarks on the face. It lasts almost forever. Use it under my eyes and on my nose which is red from rosacea. When blended with liquid makeup on your face it covers up dark circles.The products on the market do not totally cover up dark circles. This does.My only complaint is that , like many other things, it has gotton smaller and the price has gone way up. But it’s worth it .

Marietta Home, KS

Flawless face if you use it right. Great price. Score.

My Skin: dry/sensitive/dark spots I’m trying to cover.My Past Makeup Attempts: BareMinerals line (which I love(d) but couldn’t cover these dark spots, which are very deep and dark. Clinique concealers.I looked like a clown, when I first started using this, until I got this routine down. Learn from the clown, as the clown has now received comments on my skin as “flawless,” “perfect,” and “what did you do?!” I did this:LESSON 1: COLOR MATCH it at a local retailer (Macy’s, Ulta, Sephora – but call first to make sure they carry the line)LESSON 2: USE A PRIMER, REALLY. I usePhilosophy The Present Clear Makeup, 2 Ounce. The Present is great for skin health. I even use it under my eyes for those little lines.LESSON 3: WARM THE STUFF. Take it out of the tub as a solid, slap it down on the back side of your (likely left) hand, and rub it in a circle with your right hand finger, until it is a liquid, creamy consistency.LESSON 4: USE A BASE LAYER (of this or another foundation, I still use BareMinerals) for all over face color blendingLESSON 5: USE A MAKEUP SPONGE, REALLY. Cover Creme should be most in the center of the face and on problem areas, blended outward. God bless the makeup sponge.LESSON 6: USE BLUSH so you’re face isn’t 1 solid color. Brush lightly since the cover creme at this point is sticky and shiny.LESSON 7: USE SETTING POWDER so the cover creme doesn’t shine so much. It will mattify into a serious “glow from within.”Dermablend Dermablend Loose Setting Powder – Original, 1 ozVOILA: Flawless face.LESSON 8: Wipe off with makeup remover towelletes at night (no need for dermablend’s expensive special makeup remover), and then wash face regularly.Highlights: Flawless face, no breakouts, dryness or other side effects, SPF 30, tub lasts about 6 months at the most.

Sheri Lake Wilson, MN

It should be called derma glue… can’t blend this

I bought this to cover a scar on my face. It worked well for that purpose. The reason I am giving it only three stars is that it is so thick that it feels like I have a foreign object glued to my face whenever I use it. I realize that to completely cover a blemish of any type ther needs to be substance I just was hoping for something less pasty.

Margie Jamestown, IN

Really works well!

The dermablend cover creme works really well for any type of coverup needed. It really works well for deep scars and blemishes. The creme stays on forever. I would suggest to anyone who has had burnt skin with scarring to use this product. This creme is also waterproof. You can go swimming or take a shower and the creme doesnt wash off. Great product for those who needs a reliable concealer…..

Mildred Pacific Beach, WA

Good coverage but wipes of easily.

Good coverage but wipes of easily. Waiting for the setting powders in original & saffron to see if it still gets on my hands and clothes.

Kelly Martinsville, IN

It’s Okay

Very hard to match to your skin tone on line. It covers alright, but not completely. Looks like you are covering up something.

Tara Valley City, OH

Hard to Really Know Shade

It works ok, but it’s hard to determine your shade when you haven’t actually seen it. I use a lot of other products described as rose beige so I thought it would be the same, but it was a lot lighter. And it is rather expensive.

Ethel Redondo Beach, CA

Great coverage

Although i have very good skin, I have a birthmark on my face that I like to cover. I’ve been using Revlon Colorstay foundation for a decade and like it. Upon recommendation, I tried this and find that it covers better than any other products I’ve used. It’s on the greasy side, so I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin type. It’s definitely not a "light" make-up, so unless you really need the coverage, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you need a good coverage, I can’t think of a better coverage than this.

Gussie Kaneohe, HI

Using it for the past 6 years.

I’m 48 with a history (thankful it’s in my past now 🙂 of hormonal chin acne and I have fair amount of dark circles under my eyes. I have an olive completion. I went looking for a hard core concealer and found this. Been using it ever since. I use Sand Beige mixed with some Carmel color quick fix. It covers VERY well. I will say that the quick fix is not as thick and is applied alot easier than the cover creme though the coverage is not as good. I would suggest that you first moisturize well before applying under the eyes for a smoother spread. I use mine under mineral powder and it works great. It’s waterproof and has as your “other” make up wears off this stuff stays on so a good color match is a must. I highly recommend this product.

Katherine Point, TX

Formula Has Changed

They have changed the packaging….. and the formula. I used to love this stuff. If ordering this product, you will receive the new product in it’s new packaging. Amazon needs to update the photo. This new formula includes a wide spectrum sunscreen. That sounds really good, but this new formula is so oily. I mean it’s just downright greasy on the face. I wouldn’t even recommend for someone with dry skin. Dry skin needs moisture not grease.Further, it doesn’t cover imperfections and dark circles as well as the old formula. I used to use this one product as a foundation and under eye concealer. It did a great job. If wanting to cover darkness from scars and really dark circles, this formula won’t do it. It will lighten, but not cover. It also transfers very easily. What a waste of my 31 bucks. A disappointment too, because now I have to find a new foundation…and concealer.

Lesa Yale, IL