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derma e Anti-Aging Hand Crème, Age Reversal Formula for Youthful Hands, 4-Ounce Tube

With antioxidants and MSM. No animal testing. Softens, smoothes and moisturizes for younger-looking hands. Blended with MSM to soften cuticles and strengthen nails. This rich creme helps reverse the visible signs of aging with powerful antioxidants, such as Green Tea and Olive Oil. This unique therapeutic formula relieves dry skin, and nourishes nails and cuticles in a non-greasy, fast absorbing creme. Leaves hands feeling soft and silky. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Blended with MSM, Green Tea and Olive Oil to relieve dry skin and nourish nails and cuticles for soft, smooth, younger hands

Honest reviews


Terrible. Don’t waste you money.

This lotion, at least for my body chemistry, does not work at all. It is one of the worst lotions I have ever used. In attempts to get results I have slathered huge amounts on, only to have my hands feel tight and dry 30 minutes later. When I wash my hands, a new slathering has to happen with repeats every 30-60 minutes.I was willing to go through those short comings if my skin looked younger, which is the reason I purchased the product. Nope. Nothing.It has a fragrance that is strong enough for those in the general area to smell, but not overpowering. No fragrance is best, but the way this one was described I thought it might be worth a little fragrance for younger looking, smooth hands.Almost everything I’ve tried has worked better in the moisturizing department – Cetaphil, Eucerin, Netutrogena, any of those brands have no fragrance, leave the hands smooth.Hopefully it is just my body chemistry and others get the results that I did not.At this point I cannot recommend.

Elisa Catherine, AL

good lotion, too sweet

I like this lotion, and all derma-e products, but I have to say the scent of this one is not appealing to me. Not the usual light fruity scent of derma-e products. This one has a strong, overly sweet smell that sort of ruins it for me. The smell does not last long, so this may not be a problem for anyone else. I am very scent sensitive, so a big part of the enjoyment of using a good lotion is compromised for me with this one. Otherwise, good texture, good moisturizing, fair deal. I won’t be ordering this again however.I’ve used this lotion for several weeks now, and I have to say the scent has really grown on me. Once it sinks in, it’s a pleasant smell, not overly sweet. If I could, I’d change my 3-star rating to a 4 or 5. This cream is thick, but absorbent. I have come to like it a lot.

Kaitlin Troy, AL

About the same as most other body cream.

Can’t say this is any better than any other body cream. Does have good ingredients. Might buy it only for that reason.

Ila Lawrenceville, IL

I hate lotions – I love this one.

I seriously hate putting lotion on my hands… actually anywhere because inevitably I’m left useless with sticky or greasy hands. This has changed everything for me. I can put this lotion on and within about 30 seconds, the lotion is completely absorbed, leaving my skin soft and sweet smelling without feeling like I’ll leave greasy fingerprints on everything I touch. I wish this came in a giant jug so I could slather it all over my body because it works well on my feet… arms… legs… let’s be honest… I just use it on everything. My hands are moisturized and smooth now! The only thing that would make it better for me is if it had an SPF built in. When I drive, my hands sit in direct sunlight, and I’d love something with an SPF option to keep my hands from the sun.

Marla Deer, AR

derma e ant-aging hand cream

I would have given it 5 stars but I’m not a fan of the smell. I love the way it makes my hands look and feel so I will put up with the stink. I think the people that don’t mind the smell must not have a good sense of smell. It is very strong. But as I said it makes my hands feel and look amazing so I will continue to use it.(Edited 11/2013) I want to add some more information since it’s been over a year of using this cream. I still love this product. My hands still look and feel amazing. It does lighten the age spots and my hands do look younger. The product still doesn’t smell great, but it’s worth putting up with.I also need to say, the title I gave this more than a year ago says ant-aging cream. So ants, beware!! 😀

Lily West Hyannisport, MA

Fantastic Hand Creme

This hand creme is the best I’ve tried in some time. It absorbs very quickly and has a wonderful light scent. During the winter my hands become so dry and chapped, even between my fingers and under my wedding ring, and nothing seemed to clear it up, only soothe it temporarily. I tried the Derma-e and my hands healed up in a matter of days! I only wish it came in larger tubes since I am using it so often. I highly reccommend the Anti-Aging Hand Creme, it leaves my hands feeling very soft but not greasy or sticky.

Sue Deale, MD

Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Great stuff. Costs less than the department stores including Walmart and Target. By the way I am not bashing Walmart! With today’s economy have to shop with some sense.

Ina Rosston, OK

Love this hand cream

Love this hand cream! It smells wonderful and it seems to be helping the look and feel of my hands, will definitely buy again!

Effie Parnell, IA

lovely scented non greasy hand cream

I’m normally not very good at using hand cream (even though I need it) because I hate the greasy after feel that comes with it. But this cream melts right into the skin with no slick feeling after it’s worked in. And the big bonus for me was the wonderful scent. It smells so good that people ask me what I’m wearing.To be honest I find myself reapplying all the time mainly for the smell, I just love it, and it makes my hands look great.

Holly Knox City, MO

Sinks right in and not tacky at all

I love the DermaE products I’ve used in the past, so when I needed some new hand cream, I decided to give this a try and I really, really like it. It makes my hands feel so soft after using it.I’m a hand lotion junkie, and I love hand creams that smell good and sink right in, all while providing a protective barrier that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky to the touch. I also like my hand lotions to have good ingredients in them, including no parabens or questionable items. This lotion fits the bill on all accounts, and the only thing that would make it better is some SPF. Since I’m on the computer a lot, I especially like that I can use it and almost immediately after type away, without worrying about it getting on my keyboard.While others complained that the smell is a bit strong, I don’t find it to be so at all. If you’ve used Bath and Body lotions before, you’ll find that the scent on this is much more subtle.My two tubes came in a different package that the photo currently being shown, but each tube was sealed with foil on the bottom and is fresh.

Jannie Middleport, OH

I think it’s working

I mentioned in another derma-e product review, I’ve bought several of their products and this and the vanilla bean cleanser are my favorites so far. This is a lovely rich moisturizer that takes a few years off my hands when I use it, not to mention it smells really nice, a very very soft clean fruit/floral. I’ve looked around for products that I can feel good about using and I’ve been happy with derma-e so far.

Alba Palo Alto, CA

So far, so good…

I just started using this cream and so far it works great. Light, silky lotion that makes your hands feel soft and not greasy. Light scent. I keep it next to my bathroom sink and use it after every hand washing.

Jessie Zebulon, NC