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Denman Thermo Ceramic Straightening Brush

The fast and gentle way to straighten hair during blowdrying. Vented Thermoceramic plates lets air circulate freely for fast blowdrying performance. Natural boar bristle adds condition and shine for a silky, lustrous finish. Made in China.

Key features

  • Vented Thermoceramic Plates
  • Natural Boar Bristles
  • Soft-Touch Handle for Added Comfort During Use
  • Warning: Hair Dryer Must be Set to Medium Heat
  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches Long by 1.75 inches Wide

Honest reviews


Excellent Dryer Brush

This brush is great! It smooths my hair and takes away the fuzz I used to get with other blow dryer brushes. I did not have the problem of my hair getting pulled or ripped out while using this product. This brush cut my drying time by 10 minutes and makes it a lot easier to straigten with my flat iron. It takes some time and cordination to get use to holding the brush with one hand and the blow dryer in the other; but once you do it’s smooth sailing.

Tabatha Shelter Island Heights, NY


The brush is okay, but I have only used it once so far. It came pretty quickly. It was in a brand new package. It did not yank my hair. I am Black with 4b natural hair. I must say though, I did not brush with it until AFTER I had blow dried my hair. So all those little kinks I have in my normal hair were not present when using this brush.

Margie Stidham, OK

denman brush

getting good results with this brush which is a bit tricky to use since the hair blower needs to stop after every strand of hair is straightned.

Lea Mc Cormick, SC

Great for smoothing my long, wavy hair

The Thermo straightening brush is an excellent tool for straightening hair! My locks are pretty long and moderately kinky. The only times I can ever get my hair straight and smooth is when I pay to have it done.I first used it to dry my hair. I ran the dryer around my head to get it somewhat dry. Nothing fancy. Then I pinned it up and used the tool with my dryer to dry it in sections. It came out much smoother than I had anticipated. Really, if I spent more time on it. I don’t think a flatiron would be necessary.Because I am somewhat lazy, I went to bed with my hair as above. Next morning I used the brush with my straightener to finish it off. Again I pinned up my hair and did it in sections, running the flatiron just behind the brush. What a difference! I have NEVER styled my own head so sleek and smooth! I was blown away.This was just my first experience with it. I am excited to see how well it work after I am accustomed to the brush. It was a little awkward handling two hair tools at once.*Initial review does not cover durability. I will update as appropriate.

Kelly Ryde, CA

Not for me

I have heard so much about Denman Brushes but I don’t know what all the hype is about. I could barely get this thing through my hair. I felt like I was going to pull my hair out. Very disappointed.

Lucy Center Junction, IA