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Denman Styling Brush, Heavy Weight, 9-Row

9 row, heavyweight styling brush. Smooth nylon pins in an anti-static, natural rubber pad.

Key features

  • 9 row
  • Heavyweight styling brush
  • Smooth nylon pins in an anti-static, natural rubber pad.
  • Ergonomic, heavyweight handle for extra grip, balance, and comfort
  • Anti-static rubber pad provides maximum control during blow-drying
  • Hygienic and durable with resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Smooth, round-ended pins for gentle, snag-free styling

Honest reviews


Denman rules….

I bought this product because of all of the hype on Youtube. I was not disappointed. I have natural African hair, and the other brushes I had just weren’t cutting it. Either they were to hard or to soft. The Den-man D13 is perfect. I highly recommend this for any naturals out there.

Gabrielle Warsaw, MN

Don’t accept cheap imitations!

I have long hair, sometimes down to my waist, and this is the best brush I have ever used for getting all the tangles out. I’ve tried look alike brushes only to have the handle snap off or have the bristle bed pull out of the handle after a week or two. So don’t waste your money on cheap drugstore brushes (which cost $5.99) when you can get this wonderful brush for only $11. Trust me, the Denman will last for years.

Katherine New Memphis, IL

dont care for this brush

I thought this would have been a good detangling tool for my natural hair but i thought wrong. I modified the brush by taking out every other row of the brush and i still couldn’t get it through my hair. I rather stick to my wide tooth comb. This brush almost ripped my hair out even when i was detangling with loads of conditioner in my hair.

Sally Georgetown, OH

Tried it multiple times but always too rough

As a transitioning natural and natural I wanted so bad for the Denman to become a staple product. I’ve purchased it multiple times hoping each time would be different. But the end result is always breakage. It is worsened by the fact you cannot feel your hair breaking, just see the little hairs falling. In order to use this, your hair must be in a very healthy state, otherwise it will just further rip and break up the already splitting and damaged ends. This is a no no for transitioners!

Katie Lefors, TX

Get THIS Brush

Growing up in England, I always had a Denman or Mason Pearson brush. After moving to America and finally wearing out or losing all of my brushes, I went to Walgreens to find another. I think I’ve tried just about every brand of brush; Conair, Revlon, Vidal Sasson, Goodie, Kent…. the list goes on. At one point I did find one nice Revlon brush, but I lost it and by that time it was discontinued. I went through a hairbrush every two months, it seemed. The nubs on the top of the bristles would catch on a tangle in my hair and sometimes rip my hair out. I would get disgusted because lint would get caught around the bristles and the nub on the top of the bristle wouldn’t allow the lint to be cleaned off. The actual bristle holes would get dirty, and cleaning them was a chore which involved my nail brush and a toothpick. Not to mention, all of these brushes felt cheap and poorly designed. I bought a boar bristle brush from Conair (which I am still very pleased with), but the bristles weren’t enough to get the job done, especially when my hair was wet. Finally, after much aggravation, I asked my mother about the hairbrushes I remembered from England, and then began my search on Amazon. I found this product. I bought two. They are exactly how my mother and I remember them. The bristles aren’t too sharp and feel divine against the scalp. Any lint or stray hairs are easily removed from the bristles (no annoying nub on the top!). If the holes get dirty, the rubber cushion can be removed from the handle, the bristles pulled out, and everything can be given a good washing. Re-assembly is very easy and straightforward. Even so, I don’t find myself having to clean this brush very often. When we first received the brushes, it was a little annoying because the rubber kept sliding out due to the smooth, sealed surface of the rubber. We pulled the rubber out, and cleaned the plastic holder and rubber cushion with some soap and water. It stays in fine now, it just needs to have a little rubber grippy-ness. I wish these brushes were available everywhere. I wish I could give one to everyone. Please, save yourself the money and the time and get yourself a nice Denman brush. If you have the extra money, opt for a Mason Pearson.

Brigitte Charleston, SC

Excellent For Curly Hair

This brush is designed for thick, long or medium length hair. When I was naturally curly I used this brush all the time to smooth and shape my hair into perfect curls. The trick is to put conditioner or gel onto wet/damp hair and to section it off before you use the Denman brush. Since you’re brushing your hair while it’s wet, it’s important to take your time using the brush. Also, the brush does well with straightening your hair while you blow dry. I never had any problems with my hair being tangled in the brush. As for durability, it depends on where and how frequently you use it. If you use it in the shower, the pink rubber will loosen, making the pins appear shorter and therefore less effective. I’ve been using the Denman brush for 6 years and it’s the only brush I’ll use for my hair.

Esther Hubbard, IA

Not your 70’s brush, really hard bristles, funky smell

I bought this because it looked exactly like a classic brush I had as a kid which I loved. It was made to look that way, no doubt. However, it is nothing like those old brushes so if that is what you are looking for, don’t bother. The bristles are hard as a rock, it rips your hair and hurts your scalp. Ir also has a funky smell – agaain not the smell the old ones had, which is a truly particular smell of that orange rubber base-not that I liked it before but I was expecting the old smell, if any smell at all. Instead I got a funky strong chemical smell. YUK.2 stars is solely because it is a solidly made brush, and most of the problem is my subjective dislike of a brush so hard is is bad for my hair and hurts my scalp, and because I was expecting a specific brush that looks just like this one. Other people might like it, if they need rock hard bristles to gdt through super thick pr sup curly hair.

Nannie Spring Gap, MD

Good Down To Earth Brush

I purchased this brush because my hair is half way down my back and I needed a good brush to just give it a good brushing and bring down all the natural oil. It works really nice. It gets completely down into the scalp for a nice kind of massage while brushing. Very satisfied.

Blanche Cumberland, WI

I HATE this brush.

It’s very popular in the natural hair community, but for me it is horrible. If you have very thick hair,especially coil, this can be very damaging. I think this brush is better for a 3c texture. For this reason I love the tangle teaser.

Maryellen Montgomeryville, PA


The best brushes for curly, thick hair. Easy to control and it does not break the hair with a gentle stroke. NICE!

Carmella Orangevale, CA

Just what I needed and wanted!!

I needed to upgrade my 5 brushes to one "great" one and this is it!!! It helps to detangle and style which is just what I needed. What a great price too!!!

Celeste Street, MD

A necessity for everyone, a classic.

I’ve used a Denman Cushion Brush for as long as I can remember. I have a couple of other brushes, but if I were alone on a desert island with only one brush this is the one I would want.This cuts through my thick hair like a hot knife through butter. It massages my scalp and feels wonderful. My other brushes simply don’t do the job of cutting through my dense hair like this does.The nylon bristles are rounded on the ends and give just the right amount of scratch to my scalp, not too much and not too little.The icing on the cake is that it is easier to clean than my other brushes. I can grab the hair this accumlates and pull it out more easily.This is my tried and true brand of hairbrush, the one I will never be without. I’ve paid a lot more for brushes but this is the ultimate.

Georgina Fleming, PA

nice but still static

I like the idea that base can be separated from the brush for cleaning. Nylon is very good (first plastic, my grand-mom’s kinda days) material. It can withstand any chemical abuse. The nylon bristles are sitting in rubber very tight,but they are still flexible. Made in England for over 5 decades!!! You can remove few rows of bristles & reset again later.The only thing that electrostatic still present, a bit.

Mina Baltimore, MD

Awesome brush!

This thing is amazing. I was worried that it wouldn’t be a real Denman but this isn’t a ripoff. I have shied away from these types of brushes in the past because they ripped my hair out, but the Denman is actually better than my wide toothed comb for detangling after I wash my hair. It’s also great for wrapping my hair at night. I’ll never use a regular brush again!

Elena Vernon, VT


Good, durable, decent sized. Very good for detangling curly hair without damaging curls since there are only 5 rows. Recommended.

Christa Osakis, MN

Love Burmax !

I love Burmax line of products . It is an investment well worth the money. These brushes can be used for to detangle hair, smooth hair , as well as blow dry. I have 4 of these brushes and use them on my clients as well.

Tessa Pratt, WV

great comb for healthy hair!

This is not working for me personally . My husband uses it+i likes it. I used when rinsing my hair sometimes. i stopped!! its hardy heavy brush just is not for regular use for my more very fragile transiting to natural hair. although i am gentle with my hair, it still ripped my hair out but that bc my hair is very weak. over all great quality and for normal healthy hair

Marquita Wright, AR

Highly recommend!

Completely satisfied. Didn’t even realize I was ordering the ‘heavy weight’ model, but I’m so glad I did because that was the exact reason I was ordering another denman; because the handle on my previous one had broken off. Although this model is a little heavier than the regular 9-row denman it is well worth it if you have really thick, curly, Afro textured hair. I often use my denman on wet hair which clumps my curls together, putting significant more strain on the brush. This brush is holding up well. Highly recommend.

Beverley Moultrie, GA

Travel bag size Denman

I love my regular size Denman hair brush and was excited to see one in a smaller size. This size fits into my travel bag perfectly. I use my regular size brush for both myself and my daughter when we travel to brush our wet natural hair. I look forward to our next out of town trip so that we won’t have to pack the big Denman. Great buy!!!

Alisha Bridgeville, CA

Lots of strong bristles

This is a well constructed brush that gives the sensation of a head massage with every stroke. Seems like it will last for forever.

Guadalupe Leola, SD

Cannot Recommend This Brush Enough!

I read about this brush in a magazine – a dermatologist was saying that she used this on her hair every night. When I received it, I was stunned at its weight…that handle is solid metal. The bristles are very stiff BUT, I have never had a brush make my scalp feel the way this one does. I am someone who likes the feel of pressure on my scalp and after running this brush all over it (over the sides, underneath, over the top) my scalp has never felt so good! If your scalp is tender, this may not be the brush for you, if you like scalp massages, etc, this is the brush for you. You also can’t beat the price. I might even be giving this to all my friends for Christmas. I don’t think I would use this to style my hair as I’m blow drying, but it works beautifully when I’m brushing hair oil through as an overnight conditioner. Totally worth it!

Monica Irwin, OH

ladies if you have 4C hair……

If you have 4C hair get the brush with 4 rows. Trust me. Cause I brought the 6 rows and it almost pulled my hair out I had to remove 2 rows.

Debra Addieville, IL

Love it !!

I have long, curly hair and use this brush to detangle / brush my hair when wet. It’s a good quality brush.

Sharron Evans City, PA

great brush

I just had to buy a new one after over a decade. The brush is better than most I’ve tried. It makes my hair feel good and the product is of high quality.

Myrtle Ebony, VA

Not a friend of my hair!

Yikes! I had heard such good things about this brush and was excited to try one out. Even after removing several rows of bristles it still wanted to rip my hair out. The brush is made extremely well and has a weight to it unlike any other brush I’ve owned before. I’ve been afraid to try using it again since I don’t want to risk hair breakage, but I think this would probably be a wonderful brush for someone with straight hair (my hair is wavy).

Maria Bedrock, CO


I am a natural girl and i LOVEEE using this on my wet hair to detangle and smooth out my ends. I would of course never use it on dry or even lightly dampened curly curly hair. But it does wonders and really allows each curl to be defined and curled. it’s sturdy and feels like it will never break ever…CONS: the denman gold lettering has began to smudge off 🙁 i liked that little added decoration. haha

Lorraine Corunna, IN

love it

love this brush. it’s just the right size to carry in my purse. it’s perfect for my twa. the bristles feel great on my scalp, firm but not too hard. it defines my little curls. when my hair grows out, i will be ordering the larger size for my dressing table.

Tami Cossayuna, NY

These are the best

I for one, is loyal to the Denman brand as I have used their brushes for years and years. The only problem is, my family kept losing them so I had to keep getting new ones. Other than that, this brand is the best as they last forever and they the only ones able to withstand our thick, natural hair. We also have them different kinds and colors but the 9-row ones are the best.

Mallory Royal, IA

Pretty Good

Overall it is a nice brush. I like that there’s not little ball ends on the bristles that will fall off over time… that was my problem in the past… It seems that i will hold up pretty well too, which I’m really happy about. I have pretty thick, long hair to mid back and it goes through just fine with it’s dry, but a little harder when it’s wet. Maybe I don’t have enough conditioner in my hair for it to go through smoothly idk! I would recommend this brush if you want a quality brush.

Evangelina Tamworth, NH

For curly hair!

This is a good brush. I only use this brush with my hair wet and with lots of conditioner. I don’t brush my hair when it’s dry. Great for my curly hair!

Juliet Denver, NY