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Denman Large Paddle Cushion Brush Ball-Tip Nylon Pins

Ball-tipped nylon pins in a soft rubber, air-cushioned base. Perfect for all hair types.

Key features

  • Ball-tipped nylon pins in a soft rubber, air-cushioned base
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Large Paddle

Honest reviews



I don’t know what all the raves are for. This is NO different than a cheap plastic brush from any drug store. My hair continues to break. It doesn’t make it look any better. I don’t get it. People say it’s as good as a Mason Pearson Brush. What are they talking about?

Terrie Oneida, KY

effective brush on transiting hair

husband and I use this brush .its soft and easy on the hair strands and scalp. does not pull my hair out like the harder Denman classic brush. great for thin to med hair textures too.

Marietta Waka, TX

Good brush!

Gives me a lot of static but feels so good in my Scalp! Gentle enough that it massages my Scalp and still detangle my hair.

Paulette Hedley, TX

best brush

This is the best brush ever its great for wet hair and sesitive heads I will never go back to using any other brush.

Darcy Seymour, WI

Love it!

Love it. Perfect for using during the blow drying process. I also just love to use this brush in general. My scalp loves it and it just makes dealing with my super curl and thick tresses so much easier.

Phyllis Thida, AR

Love it

I have been using this bran brush for as long as I can remember. This was the second time I have bought this exact brush. Wanted one for my gym bag as well as home. Lasts forever.

Rachael Lowell, NC

love Denman

Good for medium to thick hair. If only I know where this one is. This is why I bought two more Denmans.

Pauline American Fork, UT

Worth it!

The brush has soft bristles that do not snag my fragile hair. The handle is strong and the base was to clean. It shoud last a very long time.

Kristen East Hartford, CT

Ok product

It’s not amazing when it comes to detangling, the tangle teezer does a better job, I just like the fact that it has a handle unlike the tangle teezer but it does come handy when I have to detangle my wigs rather than my real hair.

Charity Morgan, MN

Denman Large Paddle Ball Tip Nylon

This is a great paddle brush and I prefer to use it when my hair is flat ironed. The ball tipped pins are comfortable, dont tangle in my hair, and dont come off either. This is a great brush and yes I would recommend it.

Leann Crawford, OK

Cheap but great

I love this brush, it is lightweight but so easy to use. It untangles my hair really nicely and without pulling.It really easy to clean up and the ball-tip are made of the same material as the bristles so you know they won’t come off!

Queen Pep, NM

My favorite brush ever!

I have very curly hair, and it works great. No frizzy results.My favorite brush ever. You do have to replace it ever year, but its worth it.

Jillian Mentmore, NM