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Delon Body Butter Variety Set with Lip Moisturizer

This Delon Body Butter is specially formulated to create immediate and long lasting softness to dry skin. This moisturizer contains essential oils that help nourish and hydrate the skin.

Key features

  • Body Butter (6.9 0z x 4) – Vanilla, Coconut, Mango, Olive / Lip Moisturizer (0.3 Oz x 2)- Vanilla, Mango
  • Melts into your skin for all day moisturizing
  • Try a XL Variety Set to find your favorites with Lip Moisturizer

Honest reviews


Incredible product, great value.

I’m fantastically happy I purchased this. These are full size body butters made with ingredients that you are NOT scared to google search. The scents are not overwhelming and come in mature scents such as coconut and olive (olive surprised me by smelling so good!). At this price, the value is absolutely unheard of for such a solid product.

Ericka South Plymouth, NY

Love, love, love these products

I first purchased these body butters at Costco, and was impressed with how well they moisturized my dry skin. Since then I have been buying them on Amazon, which has even better deals, and I still LOVE the product! The lip gloss that comes with them is wonderful too!

Dolly Sidell, IL

The lotion is great, the lip balm, not so much.

The lotion is excellent at moisturizing. It does have a greasy afterfeel but I actually like that. The lotion also keeps for a good long time if you do not open it. Not so the lip balm. Today I just opened one of the lip balms that I actually purchased over six months ago and it was rancid. That is a good thing in a way. It means it was made with natural ingredients and did not have preservatives in it. But if you do not plan on using the lip balm right when you get the product you should be warned that it does not shelve well at all.

Lorie Harwood, MD

Wonderful skin again!

I have tried many skin moisturizers over the years but the Delcon Body Butter has been the best. I first found it at Costco bought the multi pack and loved it but when it ran out Costco didn’t carry it anymore. Lo and behold I found it on Amazon! I put it on head to toe after my shower every day. During the dry winter months my skin would get dry and itchy and irritated. Delcon has ended this for me. I use it year round and my skin has never looked better. The little lip balms that come with the multi pack are great to carry in your purse for dry lips better than any other product I’ve tried. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting great skin. It comes in various scents all are pleasant and not over powering. Fabulous product!!

Alexandra Chadwick, MO

Ohhhhh — it’s like ice cream for my skin

What a nice treat for ME! I have had some eczema problems for the last 2 years and it has been under control lately. One of the things I do to keep it under control is to try to keep my skin moist (and pray). This product (twice a day–once before work in the morning and once in the evening before bed) does a great job at keeping my skin moist.It is a rich body butter, like a Ghirardelli chocolate bar. It is yummy, with such a nice gentle smell and a rich, creamy feel. I just rubbed some on while I was talking to you. This 4 pack contains 4 nice size containers of body butter(6.9 fl oz each)(vanilla, coconut, olive, and mango). It looks like the same size container that you pay much more for in the store in the malls. It also contains 2 small lip butters in mango and vanilla, which are a nice extra, especially with winter right around the corner.Ingredients of the back of my coconut container say that it is dermatologist tested, quick absorbing and non greasy (yes, it is), long-lasting moisture (yes, it is), and not tested on animals.BTW, my favorites are mango and coconut. They are all nice, and for this price, you can keep your favorite(s) and use the others for gifts. (A little gift bag, a sheet of tissue paper, voila!) Only, please, NOT the toilet tissue (grin — 🙂

Clarissa Alton, IA

The Most Moisturizing, Non-Greasy Body Butters!

I’ve tried handfuls of body moisturizers and ditched each one because I hate that “greasy” feeling you get from them. You know, that feeling when it just sits on your skin and doesn’t absorb? I’ve tried everything from Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body, The Body Shop, and even the pricier Hempz lotions, but none of them were satisfactory to me. I saw this Delon body butter variety pack at Costco; it was the same package but only $10. I decided to give it a try and needless to say, I love these body butters! They are, hands down, the best body butters I’ve ever used. The scents are light and not overwhelming but still smell great. They are also super moisturizing, absorb quickly into your skin, and don’t leave you with that greasy feeling. I gave one of the body butters away and still have three left. Each one is 6.9 fl. oz, so they last a while, even with frequent use.It’s too bad Costco only brings these around during Christmastime but I am grateful that I can still find them on Amazon at an affordable price.Buy these! Your skin will love you for it.

Yolanda Grand Cane, LA