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Delon 100% Cotton Rounds, New and Improved Premium Quality Softer Edges, 9×100 Count

Delon 100% Cotton Rounds With Aloe & Provitamin B5 – 9 x 100 Count

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic, used by cosmeticians.
  • Soft, lint-free, retains its shape, more absorbent, less shredding.
  • Aloe vera & provitamin B5.
  • New & improved softer edges.

Honest reviews



I use this to apply milk of magnesia as primer. Milk of magnesia usually tears cotton rounds up and leaves residues on your face. This doesn’t. I would need 3 cotton rounds to apply the primer. With this cotton rounds you only need one.Very well made and high quality. Love!!!

Katherine Itasca, IL

So Soft — Best deal I’ve found

I’m used to much thinner cotton rounds, but I decided on this package because the price is so much better than a lot of other options on Amazon. 9 packets of 100 rounds for $30 means 3 a round. Even better, because they are thicker, I can use both sides of each round (giving me x2 the value).The packaging is convenient. The large box fits easily under the sink, the individual packages of rounds are easy to store on the counter, in the mirror-cupboard, or on the sink top. They are also easy to pack, though they are long.I use the cotton rounds every morning and night, primarily for wiping my face with witch hazel. They are very soft on my face, and each time I pluck one out of the package it’s like stroking a feather for a brief moment.It’s the little things that can make your day!

Annette Novato, CA


I bought a set like this from Costco before, so i know this is really good to use. Remove nail polish, remove eye make up. It’s really good. It has 2 sided to the rounds. So it’s easy to use.

Willie Hanna, WY

Not So Soft

This cotton round is just OK. I use them to remove makeup and find them to be a bit too abrasive. The Berkley brand is close to the same cost after factoring in shipping but in my opinion well worth it. They are much softer & hold together a little bit better.

Stacy Deer, AR

Don’t fall apart

These don’t fall apart when used with a liquid and the edges aren’t rough or sharp. They stand up to removing polish without tearing or shredding.

Ashley Garland, KS

Soft cotton rounds, premium quality

I find it difficult to find cotton rounds that do not break apart as I am using them, or do not deposit lint everywhere.Well, these are an excellent choice of rounds that will not break apart as you use them.If you want an even higher quality (no lint at all) then check out Delon Pure Performance.I am totally happy with both these brands and will nit have to look any further. I use them to out toner on my face so I need the good quality.

Iva Mcnary, AZ

Best I’ve Ever Tried

These are the best cotton rounds I’ve ever used. Period. Soft, absorbent. They don’t disintegrate when moistened. They do not irritate the delicate tissue around my eyes. More cost effective than those in the store. I’ll never go without them again.

Charmaine Vernon, IL

Love these!!!

These are the BEST cotton rounds in the world!!!!! Better than any brand they sell in the drugstore and beauty supply stores… trust me! I’ve tried them all, and these are the best! Except for the ones by Dhc Skincare… but those are too expensive.

Thelma Proctor, MT