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Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman 100ml 3.3oz EDT Spray

Launched by the design house of Gale Hayman.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Blech… too much musk!

This perfume doesn’t really smell so bad, but it’s got so much musk in it that it literally chokes me to death! My husband likes it, but I hate it so much that I can’t even wear it for him. I’ve never purchased a perfume in my life that I couldn’t wear. Usually I can take them or leave them, but this one is just nasty. If you love musk, you’ll love it and if you hate musk you’ll hate it. I’ve tried Pink Sugar too and it was way better but still not what I was looking for. There’s an odd smell to it that I don’t care for either (like a hint of a burnt smell or something), but it’s ok and I can wear it. My favorite is Fancy by Jessica Simpson. I know, I wish someone else made it… anyone else lol, but it has a light, not too sweet/candy/girlish scent of cotton candy and vanilla. It’s by far my favorite perfume along with a few others I’ll list below. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t last as long as I think it should, but I get a ton of compliments on it every time I wear it! Especially when I use Victoria’s Secret Candy Baby body spray underneath. Other scents I like are: VS Candy Baby, Lucky You, Versace Red Jeans, Candies (yellow and orange), Gap Dream, Halle Berry (purple, pure orchid I think, but it doesn’t smell flowery… it has a little bit of a fresh fruity smell), Euphoria CK, Intimately Beckham.Euphoria and IB are my least faves of the whole list… and the list pretty much goes in order from fave to least fave, though I might flip Halle and Gap Dream. I got IB bc it was supposed to have a cotton candy/vanilla smell. It smells good, but it’s got this note in it somewhere that reminds of me of horrid old women’s perfume and I can’t shake it. I can wear it and it really does smell good and last a long time, but that one note turns me off just enough that I won’t buy it anymore. Euphoria was given to me and it like it pretty ok. Smells better in the air than on the skin for me, but still a keeper.CB, LY, RJ smell kind of sweet and candyish. LY and RJ smell a little more like an adult woman’s perfume, but not old. Just right. Candies is a sweetish citrus that I love, Gap Dream has kind of a grape/fruity smell as does Halle Berry but Halle Berry is better quality and smells less teenager-y. As you can tell, I like citrus, sweet/vanilla and fruit smells. I HATE musk and flowery smells. Hope this helps someone! 🙂 HeatherHeather UpChurchArt & Design Studios[…][…]

Sophie Rockville, RI

Sweet, musky, soft, warm.

Everyone has their own tastes for perfume, so reviews for scent are exceptionally subjective. I like this perfume because I like soft, sultry, musky, warm, delicately sweet scents. I dislike floral and scents that are overly sweet.Delicious Cotton Candy does smell like cotton candy, but that is only the first note. After that, you detect warm vanilla and musk. I would say this is musky like Euphoria or Princess (Vera Wang), but sweeter. However, the cotton candy scent is NOT as sweet as Pink Sugar.If you prefer cool fruity or floral, you may not like this. I love it. It is a sexy, sweet, soft, and warm smell.(Minus one star – it does not last long. I get about four hours of scent.)

Marva Mccleary, WA

Comparable to Pink Sugar

This one is for all the gourmand lovers! Its vanillic, and creamy! And yes….it reminds me of cotton candy for sure. Now, I dunno what it is (perhaps I am not spraying enough) but it doesnt last long on me at all. I apply AFTER applying body lotion, AND body oil….so I thought that would be enough of a foundation to keep the scent around a bit longer but it sticks around for about 2 hours (Perfume fanatics may say the “sillage”…is weak) But I am just gonna stick to…its a light wisp of a memory after 120 minutes have passed. 🙂

Fern Somerville, MA

Poor responsibility, execution , and respect of property of their customers.

gave 2 stars cause of the packing process. the box was soaked, the packing air was soaked, the slip statement was soaked and the product itself all smelled just like POT! Not joking in any way. It just blew in my face when I opened it. I smelled a little of it when I got near the box, then when I opened it, it was like a plume of stale pot air in my face. I am still trying to de-scent the bottle now and it has been 4 days. It is not the scent of the perfume, it is from whoever was packing the product. I will never order from these people again if this is how they take care of their customers. I was at odds to figure out if I should request a refund, send it back or try to keep it. I have yet to go near it. I have such a sensitive nose, asthma and I can’t stand the smell! They should know better!

Ursula Benge, WA

One of my favorites

The first time I bought this was at Ross but when I ran out I was bummed, until I found it for the same price here on Amazon! I love this perfume, even after hours of wear you can still lightly smell it on your skin. It is a sweet but mild smell and I get complimented on it all the time!

Rosemary Hamlin, KY

Better than Bvlgari…

My husband loves this fragrance so much. We relocated due to work and could not find it. Amazon has the best price and the perfume is the real thing. It is addictive. It is sophisticated and very playful at the same time. It is a high quality fragrance and you do not have to reapply it. It reminds me of my BVL 2 but it is so much better and lasts for days. BVL doesn’t. When you wear this men are crazy about this fragrance. It has chocolate and then vanilla and then the middle notes are like pink jasmine maybe a little ylang ylang and the base smells of sandalwood but what I love is during the dry down you never lose any of the top or middle notes. Your clothes and bed linens pick up the scent because of the oils even thought this is an EDT it is like a perfume. This isn’t a little girls scent nor an old lady’s scent but like I said men love it and women ask what it is. I won’t tell though. I have BVL 2 but it has nothing on Cotton Candy so yes I recommend it.

Latoya Collegeville, MN

delicious cotton candy

love this. also love the bottle it is just wonderful. I have a collection of perfume and this just added to it

Donna North Waltham, MA

I dont think so…

I purchased this perfume in high hopes that it smells like cotton candy based on customer reviews.But it doesn’t smell like cotton candy to me at all. But my daughter likes it so I gave it to her.I like Body Fantasy Cotton candy, now that smells just like Cotton candy and its way cheaper than this.Sorry…

Concepcion White Heath, IL

I fell in love

I love this perfume. I have bought so many brands of perfume, and for the price ;this has to be the best. It smells like candy- but how a women would want to smells , not a child. Every time I wear this perfume, everyone asks me; what I have on?( I just love it! )If you love Prada or Hard candy you will love this…I love you Gale Hayman…. Yummy! that is all I can say. 10 stars !!!!!

Becky Garden City, NY

Just like my favorite Sugar scents but with cooler packaging

I love this scent. I have every cotton candy pink sugar scent and was so excited to see the Goddess of beauty still rolling out products! Gale Hayman is one of the original beauty queens of Beverly Hills so I knew it was going to be good. I have never seen this item anywhere. It smells fantastic and the bottle looks tres chic on my perfume stand. If you like pink sugar, you will love this

Rebecca Stephen, MN


No other way to leave this comment for others to know so I’m leaving it here. Did you know that, if you purchase a perfume/cologne from Amazon… even under "Prime", that if it leaks, is broken, etc… you can NOT return it because it is considered hazardous/flamable????? Wish I had known this before as this arrived leaking all over the box, and now I’m just going to have to toss it in the trash and be out the money I spent for it.

Jody Talihina, OK

Toss the Cap!

The yucky scent is coming from the cap, not the perfume. Throw the cap away and the problem is solved. That being said, the perfume itself is just so-so. It’s a sweet, mild scent… pretty, but no staying power. If you want something simple and light (maybe for a kid) this will do the job. If you want something more complex and with better staying powder go for Pink Sugar instead.

Delia Youngsville, LA

Perfume smells amazing

I luv the smell of cotton candy so I purchased this perfume. The smell is amazing but it doesn’t last long at all. I give this perfume three stars out of 5 because of that reason

Marilyn Bandy, VA

Delicious Cotton Candy Cologne by Gale Hayman

product is excellent smells sweet and beautiful would recommend to others to purchase if you like a sweet smelling fragrance

Rhea Rock, MI