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Del Sol – Color Changing Nail Polish – Reckless

Color-changing Nail Polish by Del Sol is the wonder of the sun at your fingertips! Indoors, the nail polish is one fun color. But outside, Del Sol’s exquisite, color change nail polish turns a dramatically different hue. Some styles feature glitter, too. From indoors to outside, and back to indoors, Del Sol Nail Polish gets attention as it changes. HOW DOES IT WORK? Much like a flower that blooms in the sun’s rays, the hidden colors found in Del Sol’s exclusive nail polish twist and unfold into vibrant color upon exposure to sunlight, then return to their original color without sunlight. It’s magic! Seriously, it’s the magic of Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome molecules shift into a range in the electromagnetic spectrum that’s visible to the human eye. This activity is referred to as the molecular excitation transition- try saying that five times fast! The dye does not actually “change” color; rather, it becomes visible to the human eye. NASA invented it for their space program, and Del Sol enhanced it for everyone under the sun! It’s not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is. Del Sol’s panel of chemists from around the world have tested tens of thousands of color-changing product variations, which naturally fuels our ongoing research and development efforts for even more color creations to come!

Key features

  • NEW UPDATED BOTTLE & POLISH -5-Free: No harmful toxins added. Never tested on animals. Square cap, round base.
  • BORED WITH YOUR NAIL POLISH? Del Sol is not your average Nail Polish; it is the wonder in the sun at your fingertips! Every time the sunshine touches your Del Sol Nail Polish, you’ll feel like a million bucks as the party entertainer or the walking conversation piece. You’ll only hear whistles and cheers as you demonstrate the coolest show ‘n tell gift ever! Color Change is so amazing to witness in person, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.
  • COLOR CHANGES IN THE SUN from a dormant color without sun to a vibrant color with sun. Colors adjust back and forth in seconds! Even on a cloudy day, 80% of the sun’s UV rays still pass through the clouds, making your Del Sol Nail Polish change! Color changes for the life of product through normal use.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? – Spectrachrome® Crystals reveal hidden colors when exposed to ultraviolet waves; i.e., sunlight. When a flower blooms, the result is the exposure of the inherent color of the flower. A Spectrachrome® crystal is similar in that an energy-shift occurs causing the color of the dye to become visible to the human eye. The dye does not actually “change” color; rather, it becomes visible to the human eye
  • FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS such as Toluene, Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and Formaldehyde. No animal testing took place in the making. All Color-Change properties are completely safe, and Hypoallergenic. Add Del Sol to your nail art collection today! (100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE)

Honest reviews


The Vacation Nail Polish

I call the Del Sol line of nail polishes the “vacation nail polish”. These nail polishes change color when under direct sunlight. I was first introduced to Del Sol’s color changing nail polishes when I went on my first cruise to Mexico and Central America about seven years ago. They had Del Sol stores on many of the cruise ship’s ports. So, over the years, I’ve bought and tried First Kiss, Electrick, Spike, Super Hero, etc. I even bought some of these nail polishes for my friends. But since I live in the Midwest, my friends and I can’t really take that much advantage of these nail polishes. These nail polishes are great for those who go to the beach a lot or for those going on vacation to places of warm climates. Personally, for me, I like Del Sol’s color-changing t-shirts and tote bags better than their nail polishes. Don’t expect Del Sol nail polishes to be of the same long-lasting quality as OPI, CND’s Shellac, Zoya, Nubar, butter London, Mavala Switzerland, China Glaze, Orly, Revlon, or even Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line. The Del Sol nail polishes did last longer than some of my Essie, Bari Pure Ice, Confetti, Rimmel London, Milani, NYC, Avon, and Wet n’ Wild nail polishes though. I repeat, think of Del Sol nail polish as a “vacation nail polish”. Don’t expect the nail polishes to stay intact after more than a week, especially when these nail polishes are to be seen under direct sunlight, when people are going to be active swimming, gardening, surfing, playing beach volleyball, etc. Really, besides being the vacation nail polish, I consider Del Sol nail polish as the souvenir nail polish. When many women buy this Del Sol nail polish, including me, we tend to buy some more bottles to give as gifts to friends and family to let them know that we did think of them while we were out enjoying the sun at our vacation destinations. I’ve bought these Del Sol nail polishes in Mexico and Florida. In fact, last week, one of my co-workers was wearing the Del Sol nail polish I gave her last year, even though she did comment that she was waiting to leave work to see the color change in the sun. She put OPI Silver Shatter on top of it as well as part of an experiment. Anyways, this is a fun nail polish, but don’t place too much expectations on it as well. When these nail polishes change color, don’t expect some dramatic color change. In my opinion, the color changes are subtle. Anyways, just like the nail Shatters and Crackles that many women are buying from various nail brands, people have different opinions. I’d say try one bottle and see what you think. This nail polish is most ideal for those who are outdoors a lot in regions and climates with lots of sun.

Kellie Sturgis, MI

Great Fun Polish!

Love this polish. Bought this on vacation in the Bahamas years ago and it still works. I have Ruby Slipper and it works as advertised. Love the change of the colors and definitely want to purchase more colors.

Sheena Valentines, VA

Not as dramatic on nails…

The color change isn’t as dramatic on the nails as it is shown to be in pics. But the polish goes on nicely and doesn’t chip off quickly. I would purchase again, it’s just the change in color doesn’t happen as often or as dramatically as I thought it would.

Deann Huson, MT

Waiting for summer

I tested a sample of this on a small clear sample spoon. One coat on the whole spoon, two half way and three coats on the tip. It is a sheer frosted polish with a matte finish. I did not notice streaking in any layer, but feel two to three thin coats work best. I took it outside on an overcast winter day and it did change colors. It changes so slow and subtle I was not sure if I was imagining or not. This is one of the more subtle of the color changing polishes, I look forward to full summer sun for maximum effect.

Katie Prescott, AR

dont waste your money

yes dont waste your money on this experiment ..i did n i regret..its really funny product n dont change colour at all

Lesa Dowell, IL