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Deep Steep Rosemary Mint Bubble Bath – 17.5 ounces – Liquid

deep steep has found the perfect natural recipe for a bubbly fragrant escape. Its creamy texture and pure ingredients will leave skin feeling moisturized while rosemary

Key features

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Honest reviews


Soft skin and terrific scent

If you’ve ever used Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo or conditioner, you’re very familiar with its enchantingly neutral Rosemary Mint scent. This bubble bath has the exact same scent, and it’s wonderful. It’s not overly strong or girly, and the rosemary is subtle so that you don’t end up smelling like a boiled chicken in broth.Additionally, as promised, this bubble bath leaves your skin quite soft. Some bubble baths can be drying, but this does not have that effect. Even with my house’s horribly hard water, this bubble bath created generous bubbles and foam from just a few squirts. You will likely be able to get at least 15 baths from the bottle. I’ve used it around four times now, and it’s perhaps 1/4 empty. (Note that, as mentioned, I have really hard water so it takes more than most people’s water will require.)

Alyssa Forestville, PA

Lovely scent, good bubbles

This was given to a friend who is a bubble bath aficionado.He’s enthusiastic about the calming scent and the thickness of the bubbles.He’s happy, I’m happy.

Lilian Chaffee, ND

Just OK for Me

Nothing to e-mail or text home about. Has a good smell but you need to use a lot to get a lot of bubbles.

Gwen Aragon, NM

Smells Wonderful & Lots Of Bubbles!

This Rosemary Mint Bubble Bath is great for a nice, long relaxing bath. The smell of the Rosemary mint is wonderful. The price of Deep Steep Bubble Bath is excellent for the quality of the product.The bubbles and scent are long lasting and wonderful!! Be Queen for a Day and try Deep Steep!

Bonnie Ball Ground, GA

Thick bubbles

The Rosemary Mint makes nice thick bubbles, smells crisp and herbal – a nice way to start the day. I have found it to be non drying and a very pleasant product.

Marguerite Coxs Creek, KY

Smells great but goes quickly

I loved bathing in these bubbles but it was hardly worth the cost with the amount of liquid actually offered. I prefer tons of bubbles and this bottle only lasted 7-10 baths.

Eula Black Hawk, SD

Great for guys, too!

I was wanting a nice bubble bath but didn’t want something too…florid.The rosemary mint has an awesome smell, isn’t overpowering, bubbles well, and makes my skin feel nice and smooth.Looking forward to buying again!

Rosa Disputanta, VA

Very light smell, not a lot of bubbles

The smell is nice, but very understated.Also, this product seems to make less bubbles than other bubble baths, even if you put a lot of it in the bath.EO Renew Bubble Bath, Rose and Chamomile is much better and similar price.

Helene Chatsworth, CA

Smelled good, not enough bubble for me

I got this carefully packed, it smells good but I didn’t find any more bubbles than normal bath? I will not order again bc of the price & I personally like mr bubble better! But the review reflects the fast service careful paging and pretty bottle

Valerie Wallops Island, VA

Soothing and relaxing – use before bed!

This bubble bath is fantastic. The Rosemary Mint has just a hint of rosemary and a little more mint so you don’t feel like you’re a part of a pot roast. I have a nice deep tub and I squeezed a generous amount into my bath. Then I ran my jets for a bit so the lather became even more dense – it was fantastic. I sat in the bath and read for an hour! It left my bedroom (my jetted tub is in my bedroom,not in my bathroom, I know, kinda weird) smelling and feeling warm and minty.One surprise was that the dense lather stayed for quite a while. As I mentioned, I was in the bath for an hour, and every once in a while I’d run some hot water in to keep me toasty. The dense foam stayed and I never added more. As a matter of fact, it was tough to get the foam off of me when I rinsed before I got out.This is my favorite bath gel so far and I’m definitely going to order more, or see if there is a larger size.

Reyna Elysian, MN

Awesome–A must have

If you are a bath lover, this bubble bath is a must have item. It smells so good (very calming), is all natural, and leaves your skin so soft! I absolutely love this!

Ann Ranger, WV


This smells so wonderful! The bubbles are so abundant and the smell is so nice in the hot water. I can relax in a nice hot bubble bath with such a nice and relaxing smell. I cannot remember the last time I had such a nice bubble bath.

Eloise Haynes, AR

wonderful bubbles

Lovely scent! As a previous reviewer said, not too girly and smells like stay at a spa. The bubbles are amazing! Huge and long lasting and the best part, it only takes a bit of it to make all those glorious bubbles. I’ve already used it four times and haven’t even used 1/2 of it yet. Makes my skin feel soft and smooth as well. Highly reccommended.

Jolene Farmington, IA